James Franco begins filming ‘Child of God’ in Hillsboro, West Virginia

Last week James Franco began filming Child of God at various locations around Hillsboro, WV , including Pretty Penny Cafe and My Daughter’s Attic.

Child of God is based on the book of the same name by Cormac McCarthy, and is about a young man, ostracized from society, who slips into a life of crime and sexual depravity while living in a cave in Tennessee.

Franco told the local paper that the old-time feel of Hillsboro’s architecture and roads are what attracted them to the area. “The story takes place in Sevier County, Tennessee, but when one of the producers went and scouted that area, she found that it had been too developed since the 50s, when this story takes place,” said Franco. “We wanted a place that had both rural and urban environments, that looked like they were from that period.”

He also said that he is enjoying his time in the area. “I love it. Great food, very nice people…horrible internet,” joked Franco. “It’s been great though. I love it here.”

According to various Facebook and Twitter posts, Franco has also been spotted in nearby Greenbrier County.

Franco is directing the Child of God, and starring in the film along with Tim Blake Nelson.

Later this month Franco will head to Florida to begin filming Spring Breakers.

If you spot Child of God filming in Hillsboro, let us know about it in a comment below or via email at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

[Photo: Pocahantas Times]


  1. My friend Jeremy Ambler from White Sulfur Springs WV, got a small part in the film. You can also see Jeremy in episode 8 and 13 of this season’s WALKING DEAD. Jeremy was the Walker in Rick’s sights in the mid-season final and commercal.


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