Harrison Ford spotted in New Orleans for ‘Ender’s Game’

It’s true what they say, stars really are just like us.

One of our readers, Scott, “caught Harrison Ford going to CVS in NOLA” yesterday. Scott sent us this photo of the actor leaving the store, carrying a casual backpack and wearing what look like slippers.

As we reported earlier this week, Ford is in New Orleans to shoot Ender’s Game. The movie, which also stars Ben Kingsley, Viola Davis and Abigail Breslin, is currently filming at the old Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans East.

Thanks to Scott for sharing his photo! If you spot the cast of Ender’s Game in NOLA, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. i dont know about the east side.but the west side has got trailers with the words hollywood trucks written on them with a white tent set up and a big trailer that says gps on it along with a green chopper. all on the other side of the fence where i live at in algiers on the back side of olympia circle on the west side. I even took a couple of snap shots of the chopper while it was flying around. one of the personell did not seem too happy about that. it looked as if he was giving me the bird while it was flyilng by.jjwicker.

    • Yeh, they been filming behind the Algiers base, next to the Mississippi River…I’m tired of all the noise and frankly pissed because they knocked out the power on the military base! There goes my refrigerated groceries and missing the Lakers game right now!!! Huge annoyance.

  2. I saw him in new orleans trying to hid his face after I had dinner at a resturant. It was funny to see him trying to look casual as possible. This was around may 21st. i knew something had to be going on at the time.


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