‘Leverage’ returns to Portland to begin filming Season 5

The hit TNT series Leverage recently began filming its 5th season in Portland, OR.

Though the previous four seasons of the show were also filmed in Portland, they were set in Boston, but this season the series is actually based in Portland.

Showrunner John Rogers has been tweeting pictures from various locations around the city including the photo above taken last night at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Cary Elwes is also in town filming a guest spot for the first episode. “The Princess Bride star is set to guest-star in the premiere, playing Scott Roemer, a modern-day Howard Hughes who is the owner of Global Transit Airlines. The team cons the unscrupulous Roemer into thinking he has a chance to steal Hughes’ famous Spruce Goose mega-plane, but after he seemingly takes the bait, he comes to realize all is not as it seems.”

If you spot Leverage filming in Portland, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. 5/18/12
    They were filming in Tualatin off Tualatin Road all day today. There was a full cast n crew of more than 80 people from 2pm until 5pm filming a detailed car scene. It was lots of fun to watch, everyone involved seemed super nice. ….we will have the skid marks they left until the next time it rains… which in Portland may be any second..Can’t wait to see our neighborhood when it airs. .

  2. saw them filming around the Max station at Portland zoo yesterday. the stop was made Upton look like a Washington Dc subway stop!


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