‘Iron Man 3’ Extras Casting page officially launched on Facebook

Iron Man 3 is obviously the project to get for casting companies in and around Wilmington, NC, where the movie will begin filming in a few weeks.

And in the end – despite a few misleading posts by Premier Casting and false reports that Fincannon & Associates would handle extras –  Tona B. Dahlquist Casting has officially landed the coveted job.

The South Carolina-based casting company recently launched a Caged Heat Casting page on Facebook and, as we know, Caged Heat is the working title for Iron Man 3.

The latest post states there will be an Open Casting Call announced soon:

“Casting call to be announced soon for those interested in being an extra. First call will take place in Wilmington. Details will be posted soon.”

Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming casting call and, in the meantime, if you have any scoop about Iron Man 3, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. […] superhero sequel.  Oh right, need to mention: Caged Heat is the working title for Iron Man 3.  OLV pointed us to a Facebook page seeking extras to shoot Caged Heat in Wilmington, right where Iron […]

  2. To set the record straight, Premier Casting never gave misleading information EVER! The misleading information was posted by Alan Baltes who posts a lot of misleading information about various projects. We were in constant contact with Marvel since October of last year and answered each and every email and there were hundreds a day coming into our inbox. We told everyone that emailed us that we were NOT casting IM3 and that no one had been officially named as casting.
    Congratulations to Tona for scoring IM3 right after being a part of the #1 movie in America, Hunger Games.

  3. When exactly are they going to be shooting in NC? I heard in the summer and I registered myself and my girlfriend for the extras casting through Tona and NC film but still havent heard anything.


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