‘Doctor Who’ Filming in NYC Open Thread!

Not since Glee spent a week filming in NYC last spring have we been so bombarded with requests for information.

This week Doctor Who, which is primarily filming in the UK, is expected to begin filming scenes for the fifth episode of their upcoming season in New York City.

Originally it was thought the show would shoot scenes for the episode later this month, but last week we learned they were already shooting part of the fifth episode in the U.K., which means it is expected they will finish up filming the episode in NYC in the next couple of weeks.

Here’s the latest round of rumors about the shoot via our readers:

– Two of the show’s stars, Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill, were spotted in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan on April 8.

– There have been no casting calls posted as of yet (Monday, April 9) for extras for Dr. Who on any of the local casing bulletin boards.

– The No Parking Signs (posted on the streets of NYC when there is going to be a project filming) will reportedly be listed as Golden Bay under project name. FYI: There is also a TV pilot filming in NYC under the name Golden Boy, so be careful if you spot one.

– There is a rumor there are signs for Dr. Who around Washington Square Park in NYC for filming this week, but we have not been able to confirm.

– We also heard they may be filming at the Statue of Liberty at some point, but we have not been able to confirm this info either.

Since we are currently receiving tips and (LOTS of) requests for filming location information via Twitter, email, comments, and Facebook right now (most of which other readers can’t see) we’re hoping we can use this post as an OPEN THREAD for the duration of the Dr. Who shoot in NYC where readers and fans can post whatever information or questions they have. We also add any updates we receive to the comments of this post.This is also the best way for fans to help each other find them filming in NYC.

Please post any tips, rumors, filming location information, or questions you have for the Dr. Who NYC Shoot this week in the comments below.Β  If you have photos of the shoot you would like to share or have information you would like to keep anonymous, please email us at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

We hope to make this post the one stop for anyone tracking the NYC shoot and we look forward to your help!


  1. I guess I’ll kick things off– just to clarify, I believe it is Person of Interest (the CBS TV show) filming at Washington Square Park today…we only heard there were signs in that area for filming, not that they were actually filming…can anyone go to Washington Square Park and verify all of this for us? thanks!

    • Yes. I’ve navigated the whole park and there are absolutely no signs of Doctor Who, only POI. I’ll be keeping an eye on the park for the rest of the week πŸ™‚

  2. One of our Twitter followers just scoped out the Washington Square Park area and couldn’t find any signs for Dr. Who — thanks to all who have been trying track down these signs! πŸ˜‰

  3. I think that the dr who shoot would likely be around large nyc landmarks. They’ll want it to be clear they’re in nyc since they are coming all this way… just my opinion but if anyone is around the empire state building, times sq, statue of liberty, etc. check for sinage!

  4. I get coffee by there, and I saw Michael Emerson walking around while I was on line, so POI IS definitely shooting around there. Did’t see any evidence of Doctor Who though.

  5. I’ve been trying to follow all of this, and it seems to me that Matt Smith & Arthur Darvill are definitely IN NYC; however shooting has not begun yet. Steven Moffat (Exec Producer and Head Writer as I’m sure you all know) posted to twitter “To New York!! What could possibly go wrong??” roughly four hours ago; if he’s coming from London, he should arrive in another seven hours (eleven hour flight). I doubt they’d start filming without him! So, my best guess, is that shooting will begin tomorrow (maybe) and Wednesday seems pretty likely (in case Moffat want’s some downtime to adjust post-flight). No word on Karen Gillan in NYC yet either. So you can try to find Arthur and Matt wandering around the city in the time being, but filming probably wont start for a few days.

  6. Just found a photo of Matt and Karen with a Broadway actor apparently taken last night (Matt wearing same garb as seen in other picture with Arthur from yesterday, serves to seemingly confirm that they’re all here now). So with that it seems Moffat is the last one to arrive; I stand by my guesstimate of shooting beginning sometime tomorrow but more likely Wednesday.

    • Ah, thanks for clearing that one up! Hard to tell because even Arthur’s twitter doesn’t have the validation marking.

  7. I have confirmation of one filming location. No idea as to when they will be filming there but, they went in to the Morgan a few weeks ago to ask about using the Morgan House as a location. They just wanted to use the door and the steps and shoot someone exiting. That’s all i know i’ll post more as soon as i hear anything.

    • i can confirm that is not true because i visited the morgan house today and the doorman said they scouted there and decided in the end to NOT use it

  8. Just to note that mattsmith_dw is a fake, as I noticed several seemed to think otherwise. As Joy observed, only Arthur’s is real (@rattyburvil). That goes for new girl Jenna-Louise Coleman, too!

  9. It’s probably worth noting that there is an event at the Paley center Tuesday night that focuses on the originator of the Doctor Who and they are show the first episode from the 1960’s. The idea of teh new cast dropping by isn’t entirely far fetched

      • I’m gonna go, on the event sight it mentions: Who York is delighted to be able to bring Waris to New York City, for what we plan to be another fun event. We’ll be hosting a Q&A panel session, and there will be an autograph session (see details below) and hopefully a surprise or two – as I hope you have come to expect from our previous SOLD OUT Who York events!!!


        • Just so you all know… the Paley Center event is sold out and the tickets that they are selling now are to sit in a different area/room and watch the event on a screen…

            • Arthur just confirmed on Twitter that he is going to be there in a conversation with @samuelroukin Roukin specifically cites this event. I think it likely that Matt Smith and Karen would be there as well

              • Roukin talked about going to a show One man, Two Guvnors (which happens to be starring Craig!) not to the Paley center Dr. Who event that I can see.

  10. Being that filming took place at night for the recent Cardiff scenes, the spot by @strokefest of a sign indicating work taking place at/near 9th and 14th at 10pm is quite possibly Doctor Who (aka Golden Bay).

  11. Can someone please tell me by tomorrow where they’re filming and if they’re filming! I live 8 hours away from NYC and I’m very obsessed with Doctor Who!

  12. Fingers crossed for a lot going on Thursday – 6 hours from NYC and that’s the only day I can make the trip… :\

  13. I can name a few of the buildings from Arthur’s twitter picture if this helps. Some of the most popular from left to right is the bank of america tower, met life building, the empire state building, and the port authority building. I hope someone can do more with this information than I can!

    • From the angle of the photo, it looks like he’s staying in Soho. The Trump Soho, maybe? Lots of Celebs stay there, but don’t know if the Beeb would fork out that expensive of digs.

        • How do you figure Cathy? 1 Penn Station is to the left of the Empire State Building in the photo, which can only mean that the photo was taken from downtown looking uptown. From the distance, it has to be SoHo or further down.

          • You’re in the ballpark, Scott, but a little off base. If you look at the angle of the view of the Empire State Building, and take clues from nearby buildings also, you can figure out the exact location πŸ˜‰

              • Exactly the point of my NOT saying where it is… I worked out where it was for my own interest, because I was bored; I think it’s one thing to hang around a filming location and take a couple of photos, but it steps over the line into creepiness to hang around outside a hotel stalking someone πŸ˜‰

    • I wouldn’t be so sure about the filming itself. But I’m sure set up would take at least a couple of hours. Sometimes the actors just hang around the set at setup time

    • I live in Ozone Park, Queens (<30 min from NYC). I'm already going to the city, Wed. for Hunter College transfer orientation. I'll be checking here often!

  14. A girl in the NYC just said she may have seen “golden bay” sign on Greenwich Ave. she’s not sure but its something. Can some one go check?

    • I posted that on Twitter because I asked people in my class if they had seen anything. I went to check it out after class and couldn’t find anything. I think she might have seen something from “Golden Boy” that shot over the weekend or something because I couldn’t find any signs. I swear Moffat did the “Golden Boy”/”Golden Bay” thing on purpose to troll us.

        • i can also say that golden boy on greenwich ave is positively not dr.who because i asked one of the guys in the vans and he said it was for a pilot of golden boy, but doctor who is filming in that area because a photo of smith and darvill was taken there

  15. Tried Empire State Bldg – 2 security guards new nothing, but man selling the tickets said “there was supposed to be someone famous here today” according to his lunchbreak conversation.
    Mad Sq Park had a Time Machine. Unfortunately only Nokia’s new phone presentation.
    Movie shoot near the park.
    This is needle in the haystack. We’re going to obvious places. What about obscure but linked somehow to the Dr?

  16. Do we know if Point of Interest is filming in WSP all night? This person (https://twitter.com/#!/eclecticmuses) says that something that is unmarked is filming there tonight, starting at 10pm. I just really want them to film in WSP because I am right next to it studying right now and it would just be so convenient. Plus, Point of Interest has been filming there ALL DAY and constantly redirecting me.

    This is really just a goose chase.

    • Person of Interest has trailers on University and Waverly. Also signs up that say they are filming at 10. This is definitely a goose chase.

      • πŸ™ I don’t remember I wish I took a photo of it, they were bright magenta, I didn’t see any crew only trailers

        • I think those were for Golden Boy, not Golden Bay. Filming was due to start tonight, which seems unlikely considering Moffat just got in to the city. They were setting up craft service and there were crew around at about 8pm. But if it is actually DW, the filming was for tonight and tomorrow at 10pm both days.

          • ohh alright yeah they weren’t filming or anything from what i saw, it looked like they finished or didn’t start (according to karen gillan’s twitter they finished the episode though)

  17. I’m 99.9% positive that “Golden Bay” is NOT the codename for this shoot. I think someone was just confused about the CBS Golden Boy Pilot signs. sorry i know that’s not super helpful πŸ™ hopefully we’ll find something positive soon!

    • I agree. We haven’t gotten very far with the “Golden Bay” signs, and I don’t think NYC would allow for two names to be so similar, especially since one is a codename and can be easily changed. I think we should widen our options for the signs we look for.

    • We know how they love anagrams, and one anagram of “Golden Bay” is “angel body,” so I wouldn’t discount it completely.

  18. If anyone at all finds out how long they’re are staying (specifically if they’ll be there throughout the weekend) the info would be much appreciated! I live about 4 hours away and would love to make a weekend trip there, but obviously should make sure they’re actually there!

    You guys are so awesome at keeping on top of this all. Happy ‘Who’ hunting πŸ™‚

  19. For those who aren’t’ familiar with the site- this is Christine the site’s admin– OK, I agree it seems really weird that there would be a Golden Bay and Golden Boy around at the same time, but…
    per @spellingwitch there some reports that Who was on Greenwich Ave earlier under working title “Golden Bay”.. and I don’t think Golden BOY was in that area so that makes me wonder..

    There are also signs for Golden Bay on 9th and 14th for tomorrow– but ‘m pretty sure it is for Golden BOY since they were in that are yesterday

    Another thing I wanted everyone to keep in mind is to be careful about what’s going around on Twitter — I posted that they MIGHT be filming at Washington Square Park and asked for someone to check it out and within minutes at least 2 so called reliable NYC twitter accounts tweeted they were for sure filming in MSP – which of course they weren’t…I’m hoping we can kind of weed out the bad info int his thread…hopefully.

    If I hear any more I’ll post asap…and thanks to everyone who’s helping out finding them, thanks!

    • just an fyi, I wouldn’t advise calling the film office or the numbers on the signs posted around the city — they probably won’t have much more info and really don’t field calls from ppl looking for filming details

  20. Hopefully, they will be around 34th/Park Ave where I work. If I spot anything tomorrow, I’ll be sure to let you guys know.

  21. FYI: Confirmed the signs people are seeing around 14th/15th and 9th are for Golden BOY (the CBS pilot)
    not Dr. Who for tomorrow.

  22. I’m reading these links a friend forwarded to me about some cult brittish show.
    All I can say after readng these obsessive rants is that you guys should stop stalking stars and like get a LIFE!!!!!!!

  23. Since it’s Moffatt, I think it would be as obvious as the Statue of Liberty.

    But knowing he must’ve visited Central Park at some point, I’d bet they’d shoot by Bethesda Fountain. There’s that lovely stone statue that resembles a Weeping Angel, and Central Park IS very New York. Not only that, but, strategically speaking, I’m pretty sure they’d be able to park the trailers within the park.

    Again, this is a wild stab in the dark, but when I heard they were shooting in NYC my thoughts went there. I’m also quite a fan of that area of the park as well.

  24. Somebody might want to keep an eye on the High Line for shooting this week. For reasons of privacy, I will not say why.

  25. The majority of female sculptures, many of them Angels, around the city, we’re modeled after Audrey Munson. She later developed schizophrenia and depression and died at the age of 105. An interesting topic, meaning that Moffatt most likely won’t explore it. But, all of her statues are listed on her Wikipedia, some of them might be worth checking out(Municipal Building, Entrance to Central Park at Columbus Circle, Grand Army Plaza in front of the Plaza Hotel, The Met. Etc.).

  26. I also don’t think they’re filming today either, seeing as Arthur is going to be at a Broadway Play tonight. So maybe tomorrow…

    • Well, Arthur seems to be staying at The Standard in East Villiage [https://eastvillage.standardhotels.com/] according to an exchange between him and a friend on Twitter. [https://twitter.com/#!/MatTomBlam/status/189695188707450880]

      For whatever that information is worth.

    no clue as to where or when yet, and this does not mean they are ONLY filming on that day, but the call for photo doubles has gone out and it is for this Thursday
    will update as soon as I have more info πŸ˜€

      • sorry it’s not an open call, it’s through my casting agency so I really can’t give out their info (and you must be registered with the agency to apply), but I’ve posted what I received below, and
        Ms. Kingston (River Song!!) will be on set!

        Casting Notice:
        SAG AFTRA PHOTO DOUBLE FOR ALEX KINGSTON-PLS READ DESCRIPTION / Union/Non-Union / Photo double / Female / Caucasian / 18-60
        Must be able to drive stick shift car. Ms. Kingston has red hair and is approx 5’7
        Shoot Date: 4/12/2012

    • If they are indeed filming on Thursday, “no parking” signs should be going up sometime today right? Anyone happen to see one?

  28. I know what hotel they’re staying at as well as several specific locations where people have met or seen them (I live in NYC), but I think sharing that info widely officially qualifies as “super creepy” and I don’t want to cross that line.

  29. As someone who lives in NYC, I know for sure where their hotel is as well as specific places people have seen them or met them, but I think widely sharing that information officially qualifies as “super creepy” and invasive and I don’t intend to cross that line.

    • That’s a fair point. I’m not trying to track down the people for a “chance encounter”, I’m just hoping to see the shoot. I figure any information on where they are stationed may lead to finding where they are shooting.

    • As others have said, if they were to film in Central Park, would they have to put up signs this early? Because, if not, that sounds like the perfect opportunity for them to get things done unnoticed if they don’t need to forewarn folks.

      Hmm, there’s also the Alex Kingston double detail of “must drive stick shift”. Filming a scene involving a car actually driving would be a nightmare in high traffic areas- especially if its during rush hour which is allegedly when they plan to film.

      Unless maybe they drive in the park? Whatever the case is, I think the fact that the double needs to be able to actually drive is quite important in terms of narrowing down where they would film.

      …Shame it’s not like Spiderman, because they literally shot around the same places in Queens for that one (and the borough is easier to canvas)

  30. NYC resident and Doctor Who fan here. I write a blog about nerdiness in NYC and I also write about Doctor Who for Comicbooked.com.

    If you have any fan sighting (publicly tweeted pics of any cast member with fans) or location info, I’d love a tweet out @GetExiled. and I’ll be glad to return the favor.


    (I am an old school fan of Who, back in 1982 when the only place you could see it was on Saturday nights on WNJM so to catch sight of them while they are here in town would be fantastic!

  31. Just found this posted elsewhere –

    Casting Notice:
    SAG AFTRA PHOTO DOUBLE FOR ALEX KINGSTON-PLS READ DESCRIPTION / Union/Non-Union / Photo double / Female / Caucasian / 18-60
    Must be able to drive stick shift car. Ms. Kingston has red hair and is approx 5’7
    Shoot Date: 4/12/2012

  32. So far, we have this:

    – The Standard on the West Side

    – Signs on 22nd st for no parking Weds

    – A casting call for River photo doubles for Thursday

    – Every statue in NYC might be a Weeping Angel, the Statue of Liberty inparticular

    … Right

    • where on 22nd are the signs?

      just as an fyi- I got a tip that there are signs around the Guggenheim but the person didn’t know what the project name and I don’t have anything else filming in that area this week so that might be another spot to check….

      thanks guys for hanging in there and keeping us posted…I’ve been running this site for five years and this is the first time we haven’t found a production…its crazy, hopefully better luck tomorrow, thanks!

  33. My friends and I went to scope out the highline today and were able to match landmarks from the photo Arthur posted from his hotel room, with ones seen from the Standard. Based off of that I would say I’m 95% sure thats where he’s staying.

  34. New casting call was posted for WEDNESDAY!:

    Doctor Who/Film & TV/AFTRA/New post for 5 yr old
    SAG AFTRA OR NON UNION 5 YR OLD CAUCASIAN BOY FOR WED / Union/Non-Union / Background / Male or Female / Caucasian / 18-199
    Shoot Date: 4/11/2012

    still don’t know where, sorry guys, but i’ll keep looking (follow @danioutloud in case i don’t get back to this thread )

  35. I feel like we should create some sort of network or something for Thursday….spread out around the city and find them, trade twitter handles, create a closed fb page or something lol
    Actually theres a lot of info here that most people don’t know about

    • sorry if you don’t like the thread, if you guys want to tweet me your info I can retweet, (I’m @olv) I’m checking my twitter mentions constantly if that’s easier, since they will on;y be in town for a few days, this seemed easiest, sorry if it isn’t working out.

  36. I’ve heard Central Park today from a friend, but haven’t seen any concrete confirmation. Would love to know where in the Park they might be!

    • Just sent this tweet too:

      Doctor Who is filming near the duck pond in Central Park! Don’t forget to send us your pics πŸ™‚ (Thanks @Ruther2)

  37. They are definitely in Central Park now, someone forwarded me this tweet an hour ago w/ a pic:
    “they’re filming dr who in central park #staycalm #dontblink https://instagr.am/p/JR6ohmlyDO/

    can anyone tell from the pic where they are in the park?
    the person’s previous tweet was from the East Green, but not sure if that’s where they are

  38. Shooting days are often 12-16 hours… It seems like they haven’t even started yet. I’m sure they will be there later.

    • that’s true but sometimes when a show like this is only filming in the city for a few days they do multiple locations in one day trying to cram in as much in as possible…hopefully if they move, someone will follow them! lol

      • Mm yes, good point! Do we get the sense that it’s only a few days? I have no concept of how long it takes for them to film an episode… In any case, I will certainly be keeping an eye on this all day and will hope to head where they are after work.

  39. I just overheard the crew saying they’re heading to set at Bow Bridge. The cast is still eating lunch. Just a heads up!

  40. Does anybody know where they’ll be filming tomorrow? That’s the only time I can get into the city to see them!

  41. Perhaps someone should look into that House Manor Thingy lead- even if they passed on it, that means they’re shooting an exterior shot of a residence for sure in the city. Perhaps they’ll do it tomorrow?

  42. Does anyone know if they’ll still be filming in NYC this Saturday/Sunday? Those are the only days I can get to the city, but I’m not going to waste the 3-hour bus ride if there’s no chance I can see them.

  43. Morgan House- that’s what I meant. Perhaps that’s where they are headed next (dunno if tonight or tomorrow, but that’s the next kind of location they’re shooting at)

  44. Hey guys! Ill be heading into the city friday to go hunting for them x3 can anyone tell me or give an idea where they will be ? BTW FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! @NYCNolita

  45. Right now, at 234pm they are filming at Bow bridge in central park. Afterwards, they will film at an underpass in central park. From my impression, that will be the end of today’s filming.

  46. I left around 45 mins ago. As I was leaving, they seemed to be finishing up at the fountain and were planning how to shoot in the walkway south of that area (and perhaps beyond that as well). Just thought I’d forward that along in case others are planning to find them post-work.

    • thanks dia. i was thinking of going after work but if they are done i didn’t want to head there for nothing. hmm they may not be there much longer tho. debating… sigh.

  47. Does anyone know if they’re going to be filming on Friday? I want to try and go into the city then if they’re still going to be there.

  48. Someone in the crowd asked the PA if the cast would be signing or taking pictures, which they weren’t (at least at that point) due to time constraints. It seemed as though they would only be filming “for a few days” according to the PA. Tomorrow is guaranteed due to the casting call for the Alex Kingston double, but I don’t think locations are known. I also make no claim that any of this is official or reliable information, mostly because a different assistant near the rink had initially told people that filming had finished for the day (aka, the cast was… at lunch?). So, in short, I have no new information!

  49. If anyone knows if they’re filming on friday please let me know. It’s the only day I can make it and I really don’t want to miss them.

    • i think its likely they’ll go to central park again because they were there today and they probably have a lot to do there

  50. Someone on twitter said Brooklyn Heights around 8pm tomorrow and then Grand Central at night, but I have no idea how reliable it is.
    Please, if anyone knows anything about Friday, that would be really awesome, because that’s the only time I’ll be there.

  51. Someone I was talking to down at the filming who said that he saw the call sheet for the PAs and that they are shooting Washington Square Park and Tudor City for tomorrow but I don’t know if that’s true.

  52. theywill be filming at the statue of liberty unless they are going to cgi it not sure but so far it looks good i wish i was there

  53. I’ve heard rumors of filming at Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty but they were purely hearsay
    I saw them at Central Park today πŸ™‚

  54. According to the Teamster schedule on one of the cars, tomorrow they are going to be at Tudor City & Brooklyn Bridge Park. Didn’t see times though.

  55. i talked to someone on the film crew and he gave me some info for tomorrow (4/12/12). He said they’ll be shooting at Tudor City and a night shoot at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. i also overheard someone saying that they’ll be shooting at Brooklyn Bridge Park, but that was just a random dude. he wasn’t part of the crew.

    • Today (4/11/12) at shoot at the benches near Bethesda Fountain, I overheard a crew member mentioning “two shoots during the day, and one night shoot, all through the night.” I don’t which day was meant, though. Since the ferry terminal is a night shoot, it could mean that tomorrow is what they meant, and that would make Brooklyn Bridge Park more credible.

      • I was told by crew the overnight shoot was at Grand Central (43rd St.), after a night shoot (8:00pm call time) at Brooklyn Heights (Brooklyn Bridge Park).

        • So it seems, thanks! If the Grand Central shoot is inside, I wonder if it might be a closed set… Well, it’s not as if they could just shut down the main concourse, but I can’t imagine it will accommodate a crowd of onlookers as well as Central Park did.

  56. I asked a grip/PA while I was on the Bow Bridge how long they would be shooting for. He said just today and tomorrow (around the city). He wouldn’t tell me where and I didn’t want to pry; they were being so nice about all of us being there already.

  57. I’m getting up pretty early just to consult the internet. But depending on that I might in the city pretty early too

  58. So are they not gnna be in the city on friday? :C Because thats really the only time i can go. :C Can someone tell me where they might be or something? πŸ™‚

    • No idea right now >.< That's the only time I'll be able to go, too. Maybe if someone is going tomorrow they can ask? I don't know.

  59. Everyone please post what they learn! I posted on twitter (@christinedavitt w/ #drsw hashtag) what I found out today. I showed up to Central Park right when they wrapped the shoot. A PA told me to go to 61st and 5th (on the DL). I went there and an equipment truck was there but I soon realized they were just packing up and no longer shooting.

    I talked to another member of the crew there who told me they’re done tonight but are shooting tomorrow at Brooklyn Heights (don’t know where but this coincides with rumors of shooting near Brooklyn Bridge Park) at 8:00 PM call time. After that, they are shooting in Grand Central Station which will be an OVERNIGHT shoot. I heard crew telling each other they’d see each other tomorrow evening at 43rd (and 5th Ave. I assume). That is all I know and have had confirmed to me.

    Shooting at Tudor City during the day might make sense since the call time for Brooklyn isn’t until 8:00 PM. I also had a crew member mention shooting downtown at the ferry terminal tomorrow but no idea what time.

  60. Anyone have a time estimate on Grand Central? I’m out of class in the Bronx at noon and am up for a Who Hunt- would love a companion, pun intended!

    • Not until late at night. Midnight or later I’d guess. I was told by crew they are shooting in Brooklyn Heights (Brooklyn Bridge Park possibly) with a call time of 8:00pm. After that, they are doing an overnight shoot at Grand Central.

    • Grand Central is closed from 2-5:30am, thus they can film without the public durning those hours (and they can do stuff that requires the station is shut down), if they are claiming it’s an overnight shoot thats when they are doing it and you won’t be able to get in to see it.

  61. So are they shooting at Brooklyn Heights or Tudor Street or Grand Central Station or Time Square or The staten island ferry?

    • It sounds they’ll almost-definitely be at Brooklyn Heights (probably Brooklyn Bridge Park) at 8:00 PM tomorrow, and then Grand Central Terminal at midnight. Hopefully they Tudor City day rumors are trueβ€”I’d rather not be out so late tomorrow.

      • Alright thank you hope they they are at brooklyn heights at 8 and I might be there if they film at midghtnight. I just want a picture with one of them.

  62. Thanks to everyone for keeping the updates coming! I don’t think I have too much to add, it looks like everyone is doing a good job adding their info- thanks!!- someone did tweet the following info and I don’t see it here yet:
    ‏ @Leah617 @olv heard a rumour that Doctor Who might be at Williamsburg Bridge tomorrow around 4pm. Just a rumor though. #dwsr

    I’ll try to start including the hashtag #dwsr in my tweets from @olv too

    Oh, and posted a few pics today in case you guys missed them:

    More pics to come too…thanks again to everyone who has been pitching in!

    • They were in multiple places around Central Park today. As for tomorrow? I’m not sure if anything is confirmed. I think Grand Central and Brooklyn Bridge are what most people are saying is happening today.

  63. Can anyone give easy directions from Penn Station to Tudor City? I’m from Long Island, I don’t usually go in that direction when I go to Manhattan.

  64. We can all say there will be Intense hunting and running tomorrow [04-12]—everyone put their best trainers on and don’t blink or turn your back.

  65. After a few non-Who sigs as well, one of them at Today Show, so I’m already in the Rockefeller Plaza area… @scottimusprime1 as far as Twitter goes πŸ˜‰

  66. Does anybody know if they will be filming Sunday. That’s the only day I can go and I need to know. Thank you so much if you can tell me.

  67. Ugh, last bus out that gets me home in time for work tomorrow leaves at 10:45pm, so Grand Central’s a definite no-go…no way to/from Brooklyn, either… πŸ™

  68. If anyone goes to the shoot during the day, they should ask if the crew knows if they’ll be filming Friday. This way it gives people enough time to decide if they want to make the venture out to the city tonight if this is their last day.

  69. im leaving my home now for tudor city. if anyone knows where at tudor city or if they are anywhere else plese let me know. i will post if they show up here or not

    • Tudor City is a 3-block radius. It should be easy to spot if they are there. Look for the white “Haddad’s” truck and equipment and such.

      • The street signs at Tudor City indicate production for a BBC show from 6PM-12am, with 1930s vehicles and prop firearms at the of 43rd and Tudor City place.

        • Well there you go. That is where they are parking the equiptment trucks for Grand Central shooting that will end by 12am. πŸ™‚

            • Unless they are not filming in GSC at all. Maybe just exteriors.

              Brad April 12, 2012 at 9:06 am
              I work for Metro-North Railroad at GCT. I have not heard any notice of them filming inside GCT at any time. They could just be shooting exterior.

  70. Ahhh I was so sad I missed out on this yesterday. I’ll be hitting up Brooklyn Bridge Park after work today. Hit up on twittah @jenngrief

  71. I would love to go to Grand Central for tonights shooting but the last bus back to Albany leaves at 10:45pm so that’s out. Let’s hope something is going on Saturday because I’ll be able to go down for the day. If anyone wants to meet up to Who Hunt just let me know. My twitter is @Bishop54.

  72. I was told by @LinemorEquation that she saw on a set list Brooklyn 4-6PM and Grand Central after. I was told Brooklyn at 8PM. I just want to put it out there! I can’t confirm which is accurate.

  73. I doubt they’d film in Grand Central before midnight, it’d be far too crowded, even after rush hour, to do anything. I assume that Brooklyn is still 8pm, mostly because the lighting between 4-6 will change drastically making it difficult to film because it’ll look like a 5 minute scene happened over 2 hours. After 8pm it’ll be consistently dark, perfect for a night scene, and then once they’re finished they could go to Grand Central or the Staten Island Ferry Terminal which will be emptying out.

    • That’s a good point about the light. I didn’t even think about that. Makes sense since the sun sets around 7:30pm.

  74. I saw a picture of a sign in Tudor city and it’ll be closed for filming at 6pm to 12am with antique prop firearms. Just FYI

    • I really hope they do not film as late as 6pm. I ts is passover and us jews wont eb able to make it in the evening. That’s why im on my way to tudor city now. Maybe they’ll still be filming earlier too

  75. I work for Metro-North Railroad at GCT. I have not heard any notice of them filming inside GCT at any time. They could just be shooting exterior.

  76. Is it possible that all the talks of Brooklyn Heights/The Ferry/Grand Central are decoys? Considering all of those were supposed to be during this 6pm-12am call time in Tudor City.

    Or it’s also possible that only River/Alex is filming at Tudor City, since her stunt double casting call requested someone to drive a stick and there are 2 1930s cars being used at that set? There could be 2 simultaneous filming locations.

    • I was thinking the latter situation, with River/Alex. I thought of that too, with the car. The shooting window might be so wide because of the car thing. It might be JUST the photo double in Tudor City for all we know.

      I don’t think there are decoys, but I do think the shooting is going very fast and they may only be in a certain location for less than a few hours. Crew yesterday told me they’re shooting really quickly and going to a lot of locations.

  77. I would love to see them all on set. I’m new to the city, though, so if anyone has any updates, I would appreciate a tweet! @sophiaathina

  78. I just added everyone here on twitter (I’m @dah54 btw). I only know NY moderately well, so any meetups would be great! I will likely leave work and be in the city around 12:30 / 1pm If people want to meet up!

  79. @KomalS30 if anyone has any information regarding whether or not they are filming on Saturday please please please let me know. Thank You

  80. So I am at tudor city now. I see the signs ppl are atalking about which say approximattely 6pm to 12am tonight. And right now no sign of them. Anyone have better luck finding them?

  81. Me & my friend are going to be on the hunt today, we’ll probably be in Tudor city in about an hr and a half. Follow us @randomkatieness and @mrclucks

    • Hey im at tudor city now. Wanna meet up here and we can nunt for them together. Im with someone else already. We wud love to find some fellow ppl to hunt with..

    • damn. i guess we did. that was last night… and yep, times square. guess after they left central park they prob went for dinner and then shot there. those are the costumes they were in at central park. and they don’t have their puffy jackets on, which indicates shooting at that moment.

  82. Someone just said “They are on the Williamsburg bridge walkway right now till dusk” on here. I can’t find the post though. Anyone have pics to prove this?

    • no pics either but i just saw on twitter as well — from this user: “Lindsay Sarah ‏ @thelindsaybee

      • Hmmm well if someone wants to head over there, and check it out? ‘Cause I’m sure most of us either aren’t there yet, or don’t want to travel that far for something that hasn’t been confirmed. I get in the city at 1:30.

        • exactly. i live right nearby but unfortunately i’m uptown at work and can’t check for confirmation otherwise i totally would… sigh.

          • I am leaving the city to JFK to go home today at about two., so I’ll be driving over Williamsburg Bridge. I’ll try to let you guys know if I see anything. I hope they are, because I would be pretty bummed if I happened to be in New York at the same time they happened to be in New York but I missed them.

      • He was posting “pegging” (clothes pin attacking) pix yesterday. So it could be from yesterday. However it may have been in his “puffy jacket” from yesterday. LOL!

        (could be a theater in times square?)

  83. Will be hunting with two friends later today (Round 4 pm since the earliest known filming location is sadly 6 PM) @Grobelight on twitter to get in touch!

    • people are trying to figure that out. someone said “walkway” which would mean on the bridge since top of bridge is walkway and bottom/middle is subway and bottom/sides are roadways.

      no real confirmation tho.

      but also, for what it’s worth, the manhattan side is the one with the williamsburg bridge sign that’s recognizable… shrug.

  84. haven’t been able to confirm if they are on bridge — but here is the sign for filming in Tudor City tonight:

    @ewenchao If this is Who at Tudor City, it’s not until the evening (6pm) @olv #dwsr https://pic.twitter.com/wOrEo6g3

    filming on E 43rd and Tudor City Plaza, 6- midnight, details in link above

    it also says they will have 2 1930s cars in the shoot which makes me think Alex Kingston will be there since the casting call for her stand-in said you needed to be able to drive a stick shift…

  85. I’m getting ready to go to the Williamsburg Bridge. Not sure if I still want to go, but someone has to check. I live in the very upper west. sigh… is anyone there? can anyone confirm?

    • i wish. if i wasn’t at work today, i woulda been able to confirm or deny within minutes. i live down there. but this sux as i’m at work on the upper east side… sigh. this is killing me if they are near my home and i’m stuck uptown at work! grrr!

        • lol actually unlimited but you’re taught not to use many. lol plus i took half day this week already for letterman. so i can’t really just call out today. tempted, trust me i was tempted. but i can’t. i can take a long lunch break tho. but the bridge is roughly 40 min from my job via the subway so not sure it’s worth it until i have a confirmation…

  86. Any word yet on filming tomorrow, or the weekend? If anybody knows please clue us in, I’m trying to decide if I should run back home from uni.. and 4 hours is a considerable trip!

  87. damn, I need to switch train lines twice, still worth checking. I just don’t want to go all the way down there in vain.

    • if there’s anything going on there, the bridge is downtown — it’s on delancy street and clinton street. on the manhattan side. best subways, JM to Essex (Z doesn’t run after 9am) and F at Delancy (same stops actually just one is upstairs from the other) or BD at Grand street, just a lot more walking to get to delancy/clinton. but doable.

  88. I’ll be there on Friday, probably from about 1pm to 7pm. Anyone know if they’ll still be filming? Also, I’m @rainbowsandcats on twitter.

  89. Alex Kingston will likely not be on set. The IMDB does not have her listed for any Doctor Who eps this season (so far), plus the casting call was for a photo double, not a stand-in.

  90. It’s from yesterday, he had that ‘peg’ all day long. Still laughing at the fact he ‘underpegged’ Matt under the underpass! LOL he’s hillarious

  91. A photo popped up on Twitter yesterday of Alex Kingston on the tube in London. I really, really, really was getting my hopes up thinking she was going to be in this episode, but I’m starting to think it’s highly unlikely.

    • nothing on the bridge itself? its a big bridge and has two sides to walk on… just want to make sure someone’s confirmed/denied any/all reports lol (i work in a newsroom i can’t help it, sorry)

  92. Going back to tudor then? I’m going to be at tudor around 2 pm I think. I’ll keep this page open all day long tho, so just in case someone wants to meet up πŸ™‚

  93. Thanks, Ariel πŸ™‚ Disappointed nothing there, but good in that it gives my phone time to charge πŸ˜‰ Guess I’ll just stay in this general area until 4, then head back to Tudor… (I looked around 1st ave between 40th/43rd, but didn’t see a single sign… o_O )

    • GCT was confirmed for filming, but the timeframe is not 100% confirmed. It’s also not confirmed whether or not it will be interior (the station is closed to the public from 2-5:30 AM) or exterior. But in either case, it will be likely late tonight in the AM. I don’t think anyone has really looked for signs around the area.

        • Park yourself at a 24-hour diner or the 8th floor lobby of the Marriott Marquis. It’s going to be freezing cold. Marriott has wi-fi and doesn’t mind non-guests! πŸ™‚

          • i think the wifi is only if you’re a guest. but the place is def open to people sitting there. just dont sit in the bar area because they will want you to buy food or drinks.

            i meet up with people at the marriott all the time (i live downtown but its a nice central location) with comfy chairs and some are near the walls that have outlets if you need ’em. and decent bathrooms too. always a plus.

            • not really. grand central is on lexington ave and 42nd street area. marriott marquis is on 44th-ish and broadway. which is about 5-6 avenues over. if you havent walked an avenue before then its a long walk. you can take the S (shuttle) train from GCT to times square which would put you only a couple street blocks away (on 42nd and broadway or 7th aves where they converge) and then you just walk up a few streets to the marriott.

              if u are coming in via bus from the port authority bus terminal and you are going back to the bus station by 7am, there are movie theatres right on 42nd street there. so you could always see if a movie is playing that early (tho unlikely). there are also diners nearby to GCT and to port authority 9th ave area to go to if needed.

  94. Are they still going to be shooting in the weekend, cause if they are I’m calling in sick for work, and hunting them down from dawn to dusk!! Please someone tell me, I can’t believe it I should’ve gone to the city yesterday with my aunt! We always go near central park!!

  95. Hey all

    Looks like the earliest confirmed filming we’ve got is 6pmish at Tudor City / GCS. But I am in the city right now, and I’d love to get together with some fellow Whovians, even just to pass the time! My twitter is maki_to13. Right now I’m at the Starbucks in Trump Tower but I have the means to meet people elsewhere!

      • They might be doing some late-night interior of GCS, but I’m getting the impression there’s a crapton of exterior shots in Tudor City and the general area around GCS from 6 to midnight. There are now signs on the road, apparently, I just haven’t seen them for myself.

    • I’m going into the city around 3:30. Planning on hanging around Tudor City, may send some friends to the other rumored sites to check. my twitter is tumblypoo, tumblr is allthekidshavealwaysknown, I will try an post on both of those if I see anything.

  96. I can’t get in until tomorrow after class but if anyone has any info on weekend shooting pleasepleaseplease let me know!! @kait1inmarie

  97. HEY MEL! I don’t have twitter but i would definitely meet up!, I just need to go to radio shack and buy a memory stick for my cam. But i can get there quickly, I live in the upper west. πŸ™‚ I’ll be checking this page, so just let me know πŸ™‚

  98. Hearing rumors that they are back at Central Park today, same location. Would explain why Arthur posted a picture from there this morning. Can anyone check/confirm?

  99. Think I’ll stick to the Tudor/Library/Times Square area, to avoid getting lost πŸ˜‰

    Ugh, hate not being able to stay for GCS… πŸ™ (MUST be at Port Authority Bus Terminal BY 10 πŸ™ )

  100. So my first plan for now is to be at tudor city around 3-4 pm. Let me know for meet ups, I have no twitter but I can email and text

  101. Just walked the Williamsburg. Nothing there. Let me know if anyone finds anything anywhere else! (twitter is @rebeccahoff7)

  102. so according to benjamin cook’s twitter, they are in central park today:

    scroll down to when he says its 9:30am …. so people are taking this to mean they were/are there from this morning. and others have added to say they are back near bethesda fountain… but no one’s confirmed yet.

  103. Do we know how long they’re going to be in the city? I might be heading in this weekend….but I kind of don’t want to run around hunting for them if they’re already back in England…

  104. I keep checking this thing compulsivly! I was at tudor city an hour ago and there are signs EVERYWHERE also road cones and whatnot blocking off the streets. I went also to GCT and I did see a sign posted outside that said “no parking” for today by the nyc police department, but I have no idea if its Dr. Who related or not

  105. Alrighty!
    Another Whovian named Dustin and I are going to head to the GoodBurger near Tudor City, next to the Dunkin Donuts, and will remain there for as long as need be/perhaps until shooting, unless we decide to camp out on the sidewalk. If you would like to meet us there, awesome!
    I’ll be the one with the fake red hair, trench coat, green jeans, and rainbow socks (if you can see em). It may take us about 1/2 an hour to get there, possibly less. Shoot me an email at ohgoditsmel@gmail.com if you have any questions!


    • My daughter (14) and I are in the city as tourists and she’s begging me to head to tudor city! We are headed to the book of Mormon ticket lottery at 4:30 and may head to Tudor city afterwards. I don’t use twitter often, but will be posting if I get any info. My twitter acct is @angie_mann

  106. I live just down the block, going to check it out now. πŸ™‚ Not yet a Whovian, but I know as soon as I see an episode I’ll be hooked.
    @w3needl0v3 on twitter <3

  107. so i’m taking that a bunch of people are gonna meet at Tudor City.
    is anyone meeting or checking Brooklyn Bridge Park, or has that already been knocked out as an option?

  108. i have a show to see tonight down in union square. trying to decide if after i get out if i want to head up to tudor city. i’ll check this site and the #dwsr page before i head up. it won’t be til after 10pm that i get up there tho.
    i’m @pooh05bear on twitter

  109. I was going to force myself to come in the city today but im just way to sick..damn crohns..i woukd suggest to keep a eye on the weather…i live in nj and it is raining buckets here.

  110. Headed into the city now, will make for Tudor City. twitter is @tumblypoo, Tumblr is allthekidshavealwaysknown. Will try and post on those accounts any updates. I’ll be wearing red and black plaid leggings, shorts, a red sweatshirt (the one Amy wore in ‘Time of the Angels’/’Flesh and Stone’ and I have red hair (as in dyed red).
    Drop me a line on one of my accounts if you find any information or something.

  111. Food for thought. They may be filming at two diff locations at once. Only conf. “river” for Tudor city. Keep your eyes peeled elsewhere too!

  112. I am heading into tudor city now, be there aroun 5, 5:30. I live in staten island so if I see anything on my way Ill let you all know.

  113. My boyfriend works at the Statue of Liberty, and said he saw No Parking signs for tomorrow down there around Broad Street and Beaver. No confirmation if Who-related yet. I’m about to head to Tudor City as well, twitter handle @biskutt

  114. I was at the Brooklyn Bridge park and Dumbo today, after I heard a rumor about filming. I walked throughout the whole area (its not that big, couple of miles), looking for signs, vans, kraft carts, cameras, etc. I didn’t see anything.

  115. Can anyone confirm Statue of Liberty?! we’re head up there tomorrow, I’m surprising my hubby for his birthday! he has NO CLUE they’re filming here! I will be checking this thread every hour! SO PLEASE update of you spot a WHO!

  116. Done with work, heading to Tudor City. Should be there around 6…what’s the situation like? Also on Twitter @jenngrief

  117. Hey guys! im headin into the city tmmrw at around 10:30 , any news or confirmed dates where they might be? Tweet me! @NYCnolita <3333

  118. Does anyone know anything about where/if they’ll be filming tomorrow/next week? Also, has anything around Washington Square Park been noticed or confirmed?
    (If anyone hears anything about the lower west side can they email me at goodgolly97@mac.com? It’d be really appreciated)

  119. At Tudor city now, said they’re filming in multiple locations tonight and don’t know when they’ll be here

  120. If anyone’s headed in tomorrow, you should tweet me @rainbowsandcats or message me on tumblr (reavery).
    Anyone know anything about tomorrow yet? I’ll be going either way, but it’d be awesome if someone could confirm filming.

    • A picture of Karen supposedly posting her first tweet (5:00ish PM) was posted by Arthur. It shows her in the same location they were yesterday, underpass area near Bethesda Fountain. It might be an inaccurate photo from yesterday but I think if you can you should check it out and report back!

  121. Hey does anyone know times for 4/13??? I’m coming back from the Philippines around 9 at night so I might go straight from JFK

  122. So I was in tudor city earlier and it’s obvious they’re filming there, but I spoke to one of the crew members and he said they’re just taking locations shots and none of the actual cast will be there. I’m not sure if he was lying though.
    It’s a pity I didn’t get to see them but I still think it was great getting to meet so many amazing Whovians today, so the day wasn’t wasted I think.

  123. Has anyone heard anything else pertaining to the rumors that they’re filming at the statue of liberty tomorrow? I was trying to go in today but wasn’t able to, it’d be great if I could go tomorrow!

  124. Could anyone tell me the most up to date info about where they are filming right not and for the rest of tonight and also tomorrow??? Thanks! @hayleyhuge

  125. From @eclecticmuses re: Brooklyn Bridge Park:
    “Friend of mine was at BBP from about 5-6:30, said Matt/Karen showed, presumably filmed TARDIS landing, then left. But an employee of the park DID say they were “on hold” until 8pm. “

    • I… I live across the street from Brooklyn Bridge Park. I went to check at 7, and again at 8. Are you telling me… I missed the Doctor and the goddamn TARDIS by an *hour*?

      Murder. Murder everything.

  126. I just talked to the directors assistant:
    Tonight is the last night of shooting. I repeat, there will not be any more shooting after tonight.
    The magical 3 WILL show up on location at 43rd and 1st ave. They have not yet, and it’s 930pm but they will show.

  127. So is tonight definitely the last night? Are Matt, Karen, and Arthur leaving tonight? I see that someone said they talked to the director’s assistant and that it is. I was going to come to NYC for the weekend but specifically for this so if they’ll be gone I’m trying to find out. Any updates would be appreciated.

  128. is it crazy to think that they’re lying about it being the last night? The big rumor, even hinted at my moffat was that the statue of liberty would be included. they haven’t shot there yet. They’ve only been in NY for 48 hours. On twitter it seems people are posting simultaneous photos of the cast as different locations at the same time. Some people saying they are one place, some saying they are somewhere else! I think we’ll go anyway!

    • Laura Moffat lies. What really gets me about the whole Statue of Liberty guesses is simple. What are the Angels made of? STONE. What is the Statue of Liberty? COPPER!!!!

      • even if the statue of liberty ends up being a weeping angel, they could easily get a separate film crew to film shots of the statue of liberty without actually having the three go there. so long as they statue of liberty is just being looked at, they can just easily edit it to make it look like they’re looking at it when they’re not. it depends on how/if they want to use statue of liberty.

  129. I left Tudor 15 minutes before they arrived because for 4 hours we’d been standing there watching nothing happen…15 minutes. Anyway spoke to the station master at Grand Central, he genuinely seemed to know nothing about it but said he’d had to have received a memo if it was happening. So nothing there.

  130. They said filming ended in new york, but i doubt that they will leave as soon as they finish at 5am tomorrow morning, so any ideas on how to see them or meet them?

  131. sitting at gc, still hoping…

    a friend said they’ve been known to hit the way station when in town, so that’s my next stop!

  132. I got to BBPark around 6:40 to see Matt Smith blown away by the cool little beach and its view of Manhattan. Karen joined momentarily and after some joking around and talk with the director, they filmed about 2 takes of a very brief scene with them walking down the beach briskly towards the steps (where Stephen Moffat was sitting). By 7:10 or so, Matt, Karen and Stephen had left the beach and piled into a van that I overheard crew saying was headed for Tudor City.

    Not that many fans there when I was–maybe 20 tops?

    Note that there are at least 3 different areas currently under the “Brooklyn Bridge Park” name, stretching all the way from the water to Atlantic Avenue, this may have caused some confusion?

  133. do you have pictures to prove that they are at tudor, ugh? So close yet so far, no way to get there right now for me!! They should come to long island !! Why the city!!?

  134. Lucy,

    Just got back from NYC. Yes, they were there in Tudor City (43rd BTW 1st and 2nd). Big crowd. But all fans, and everyone was so great. Couldn’t stay long because I had my kids with me, but they were psyched to even catch fleeting glances of The Doctor.

  135. Hi Guys! Do we know for sure they are done tonight? I’ve had a couple tweet me and say they’ve heard they are filming til Sat…just want to double check before I get back to anyone -thanks Christine (admin)

    • OOH if you could let me know more about filming on Saturday, please, i’m kind of begging here. Let me know. @KomalS30 me and a friend are coming up to the city, and I didnt tell him why, its supposed to be a surprise, and he needs something like this (happy fun time) in his life right now, so please let me know.

  136. Seeing the shoot at Tudor City was very cool; too bad people got rowdy and obnoxious. Karen Gillan seems like the sweetest person in the world.

    • Rowdy? Hmm…must have happened before or after I was there — other than some cheers when the trio appeared, I thought the crowd was pretty decent.

      And cheers to the girls who were very sweet and talked with my overly enthusiastic boys, and let them sit next to them on the curb. They talked about you on the way home, until they both fell asleep LOL.

        • Hi Deb,

          Aww, thank you so much! They were very happy indeed and are looking forward to watching the episode so we can point out the scenes that were filmed last night!

          Take care

  137. I got to see them filming at the brooklyn bridge park and it was amazing although about 15 minutes of filming tops. I got a few pictures but at tudor city it was absolutely crowded and the crowd just simply wouldnt listen. I would imagine they have seen worse. The filming lasted a long time and I wonder if this was due to the fact that the crowd refused to stay out of the street (and thus get into the shot). At the very least they were kind enough to not use flash photography and ruin the production.There were also a lot of small children running amok. Glad they weren’t hit by cars as the area was not barricaded.

    • Serenity, someone said earlier that the BBP scene was of the Tardis landing, can you confirm whether or not the Tardis was there? After seeing the three leads filming at Central Park and Tudor City, I certainly can’t complain at all, but I would still utterly eat my heart out if I missed seeing the Tardis.

      (Sorry to double-post, I messed up and didn’t put that last comment in the right reply thread.)

      • The tardis was not there but the scene filmed was of Karen and Matt talking about where they had landed. And the park they were at WAS NOT brooklyn bridge park. It was a park called “Between the bridges” park because the park lies between the brooklyn AND manhattan bridge. I live in the area, caught onto peoples confusion and checked BOTH parks. Steven Moffat was also on set and they filmed for about 15 minutes.

      • No tardis there, I assume it will be CGI’d in there or it will just be assumed that it is there but not on screen. I would imagine taking the tardis all the way to the states may have been risky and something they may not have wanted to do.

    • Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. My daughter and I were in Central Park at the Bethesda Fountain shoot.It was so nice to have Matt, Karen, Arthur, Mr. Moffatt and crew so close… I’m going to miss them

      • It’s so true. It’s really funning seeing everything happen and how they are between takes. Such fun! I loved Moffatt running around like a little teenager snapping photos with his iPhone, haha.

        • Lovely pics. Mine were all blurry. Haha! I got some video of the car scenes and of Arthur. Will upload them this weekend, even if my videos are not great, at least its something right? Fun night. πŸ™‚

  138. Serenity, someone said earlier that the BBP scene was of the Tardis landing, can you confirm whether or not the Tardis was there? After seeing the three leads filming at Central Park and Tudor City, I certainly can’t complain at all, but I would still utterly eat my heart out if I missed seeing the Tardis.

    • I was there and I heard one of the production crew tell a man and his kids that was what they were filming there. The TARDIS will be CGI and put in later.

  139. Heading over with my dad just to see off anything is going on at Grand Central. I anyone wants to join or is already ther tweet me @artynerd147

  140. Heading over with my dad just to see off anything is going on at Grand Central. If anyone wants to join or is already ther tweet me @artynerd147

  141. Heading over with my dad just to see off anything is going on at Grand Central. If anyone wants to join or is already there tweet me @artynerd147

  142. I was there tonight and talked to one of the crew, who claimed that tonight is their last night of filming here. He also told me about Brooklyn and Grand Central Station, so it didn’t seem like he was deceiving me in the name of trying to keep the production a secret. However I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s still filming going on. We’ll see whether they’re spotted checking out of their hotel tomorrow. Either way, I was lucky enough to meet the entire cast (except for Matt Smith, but I met him yesterday in Central Park).

  143. Gaaaah! I’m really sorry guys, but um…Karen and Matt WERE at Brooklyn today. Briefly, though. We found them by gut instinct really. I swear I’m not being a troll either:


    I was going to tweet, but by the time I was about to, they said they were leaving. They were there about twenty minutes tops. D: I’m sorry! They were there I want to say around five or so.

  144. Also, this dude on my train ride home apparently works for the TV productions in the city. He worked on Doctor Who today, I asked if he knew if they were filming today(Friday) he said “I don’t know, I haven’t gotten a schedule yet. Look on onlocationvacations.” And after my sis and I said we’ve been looking on there, he said the crew had no idea how we knew where they’d be HAHA. Get it OLVers. πŸ˜›

  145. So just for clarification are they filming today and where? And if not where do you think theyd be? IM heading in and ill be there around 1:30 If u wanna tweet me to meet up @ NYCnolita , ill be alone on account that basically none of my friends are whovians :c <3 So hit me up πŸ™‚

  146. Thanks guys for all of the help, I think of all the open threads I’ve done this one has been the friendliest and most helpful!

    If anyone has any pics form last night they want to share, send me an email at olv@onlocationvacations.com, I still have one more set pics to post from the other day…

    I’ve had a few other people email me saying they are wrapped last night too …but if anyone does happen to hear differently, let us know, thanks!

    • Do you know where they’re hanging out today? Lovely weather…they’re probably not in thir hotel in the meatpacking district all day. They were already at Times Square…where else do tourists like to go?

      I feel like such a stalker right now.

      • Well to be fair, Ben Cook isn’t a crew member, he’s a journalist. But yeah, they were in Times Square around 8 am, probably the first post-filming sighting of them. They should be remaining in NYC for the remainder of today and tomorrow though.

  147. Two things: One, they did indeed film somewhere after Tudor. Namely, they went to Grand Central Station, which was shut down in order to allow them to film there overnight. Filming in the US is wrapped (we’ve already seen photo evidence that a lot of filming has been taking place on a closed set in the UK for this episode, so I’m guessing they just came here to film at outdoor locations and iconic places that can be definitely identified as New York). That being said, Arthur Darvill has tweeted that they’ll be flying back to Wales on Sunday, meaning they’ll still be around today and tomorrow. Their hotel is in the meatpacking district, I’d give the address out but they probably won’t be there most of the day and realistically that’d only lead to people crossing the line and hanging out in their hotel trying to figure out exactly which room they’re staying in. Chances are they’ll be spending a lot of time in the meatpacking district, since their hotel is there.

    • Well I was at grand central for about an hour an there was nothing but the cope inside had said that they might be filming on 43rd and Lex. Man I can’t believe that they pulled an all nighter and yet my father and I couldn’t find them. This sucks I missed some of my favorite actors even though I knew where they were on Thursday, I just didn’t have a way to get there.

      • All nighter filming was from 2:30 to 5 am. You should’ve come to Tudor City, it’s only a few blocks away from Grand Central!

          • They were around 2nd Avenue & 42nd, 43rd Street area till they wrapped at around 11pm. I stayed a few mins longer, but then went home b/c I know Grand Central Station is closed from 2-5 so if they did film there, I wouldn’t have seen anything anyway.

  148. Am I the only one who hasn’t gotten to see them yet? At all…?

    If anyone knows where they are today pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase tell me(:

  149. Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know I have videos of the cast coming out and saying hi as we’ll of videos of them actually shooting. I will upload them later on tonight and tweet the YouTube URL for anyone interested. It’s the least I can do. This thread helped me find them and make some awesome new friends! Follow me @twilightgarb

  150. if anyone hears anything-filming, hanging or anything could you please tell me? or write here? i really want to meet them!

  151. So Arthur Darvills twitter says that he’ll be home Sunday, so today is pretty much their last day. Someone argued with me and said, he might have just been staying a few extra days, which doesn’t make sense because he’s literally staying an extra ONE day. So pretty sure Karen Gillan and Matt Smith are with him. So I’m going to go to the city in the next few hours and walk around the meatpacking district, maybe I’ll get lucky, if anyone bumps into them, TWEET #DWSR (but you all obviously know that) My twitter is @Jewwwwy if you’d like to work together to run into them!

      • they might be around tomorrow but usually if you are going to london from nyc, you will be on a redeye. which means sat night they will probably be a flight back to london. so technically you’re both half right. full day today but tomorrow won’t be a full day since they’d more than likely have to get to the airport in the evening.

  152. Anyone seen anything in meat packing? Headed over there now with a friend – I’ll tell you guys if we see any of the cast.

    • OH good luck! I want to go to NYC (I live 40 minutes away in lame NJ) but I don’tknow if I will, if someone spots them then i’ll go but if theyre like sleeping or staying in their hotel for the rest of the trip idk

    • I’m pretty sure they weren’t around the meatpacking district tonight. I walked around from about six till ten, no sign of the cast or any fellow Whovians, sadly.

  153. Ive been looking into a trip to Cardiff Uk at somepoint in the next year…there is the so many who things to do…after reading all the threads im wondering if anybody would have interest in a group tour…it would be cool to set it up around the convention..any thoughts?

  154. I seriously have the worst timing! I happen to be in NYC on holiday from Australia and I only just got in from Chicago last night. If I’d even known they were filming here I would have combed the city, big fan of the current trio. Looking forward to next season but not the heartbreaking goodbye.


  155. Hey, Does anyone know where they might be filming tomorrow or when they are leaving NYC? Cause i really, really want to see them!


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