Filming in Pittsburgh Open Thread: ‘Out of the Furnace’ & ‘Promised Land’ begin filming in PA

After a slow winter, the film industry in Pittsburgh, PA is once again heating up as two high profile projects begin filming in the area.

Last week, Out of the Furnace, which was also known as Dust to Dust but now seems to be Out of the Furnace once again, has just started filming in Braddock, PA.

Out of the Furnace stars Christian Bale as an ex-convict attempting to return to society. Casey Affleck, Woody Harrelson, Robert Duvall and Zoe Saldana also star.

Mosser Casting is handling extras casting, check out their Facebook Page for more info.

On Monday, April 23, another A-List project, Promised Land, also begins filming near Pittsburgh through June 4.

The Gus Van Sant- directed project stars Matt Damon as a sales executive who arrives in a small town only to have his whole life called into question. John Krasinski, Frances McDormand, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Hal Holbrook are also set to appear in the film.

One confirmed location for Promised Land is the West Mifflin Middle School on Camp Hollow Road in West Mifflin, PA. They will shoot several scenes at the vacant school at some point during filming.

Extras casting information can be found on the Promised Land Casting Facebook page.

Though it can sometimes be difficult to find exactly where a movie is filming, the Pittsburgh Film Office does sometimes list road closures for filming on their website.

In the past, Pittsburgh fans have shared tips to help track the movies One Shot, The Dark Knight Rises, Abduction and The Perks of Being A Wallflower via our Open Threads so we’re hoping we can duplicate that success with Promised Land and Out of the Furnace! Be on the lookout for more filming locations around Pittsburgh in the coming weeks and discuss the latest sightings with other fans in the comments below!

If you have photos to share or want to remain anonymous, you can also contact us via email at!


  1. OK, guys I’ll kick thing off, thanks to @FollowPghFilms, we know Out of the Furnace is filming at at 9th and Talbot in Braddock, PA today…

  2. I heard a rumor that “Out of the Furnace”/Dust to Dust is filming in Raccoon Creek State Park today. I don’t see anything mentioned on the “park events” section of their website…but a majority of the park is “unavailable” for camping today when I play around with the site “Search Criteria” page for camping. Sections A, B, C, & D are unavailable. Only section E has spots available for camping today. Some of those sections (A-D) support trailers.

  3. Does anyone know of any locations this week in Pittsburgh for filming. Im attending my class reunion and would love to see Matt Damon or Christian Bail while Im in town.

  4. Promised Land is scheduled to start filming tomorrow, probably in the Apollo area. Out of the Furnace will probably continue to film in Braddock. However, I feel like this snowstorm coming into town may delay filming. When will you be in town?

  5. There was something going on with Promised Land at Station Square today. Maybe they filmed the piano scene there or that’s where they have an office? Which restaurants in Station Square have a piano? Via @PattyBellMakeup on Twitter.

  6. Hey Jamie-
    Wow. That’s weird. I’m sorry for the wild goose chase. Thanks for checking for us. I might go and check on Station Square later today, if the weather is OK.

      • I did go down and there were a ton of tractor trailers and flat bed trucks. They also had a sign at the firehall for catering. There were a few crew members down there packing up pick up trucks. I lingered around and a man in a SUV came flying in and started telling everyone that they needed to get going that the site is 10 miles down the road. Which is the Apollo location they were filming at that night. There was also a road closed sign at the Walter’s farm where they are using that house and farm for filming. Yesterday all those trucks were set up on route 66 in Washington Township at the firehall. I’m not sure if that area is considered Apollo or not. Yesterday evening they were shooting at a small restaurant in Apollo. A girl I work with drove past and said the restaurant has a sign that it will be closed all week and that there big set lights all over and lots of people.I dont think they are done in Slickville yet…last night there were still some trucks over at the Saint Johns church. I will keep my eye for more siteings!

  7. I think the production office for Promised Land is at Station Square. Some interns I follow on Twitter have done some tweets with geotags. Haven’t checked it out myself, yet.

  8. will be filming bar and town hall scenes in a couple weeks for Promised land according to the facebook casting page, anyone know of any town halls around that would fit the scene?

    Casting alert! We need to submit pictures for our BAR and TOWN HALL scenes – if you are available to submit (our director is choosing the faces), please send photos and stats ASAP! Please when submitting include your photograph (again) and phone number.

    Who is available for our fabulous BAR scene? If you are available to work four days in a row, May 15, 16, 17, and 18, we would like you to send us a picture with all your stats: Height, weight, clothing sizes, age and phone to and put “Bar” in the subject line.

    If you are also available for our very fun Town Hall scene (five days!), Monday May 21 through Friday May 25th, please shoot us an e-mail and put “Town Hall” scene in the subject line. Please include your height, weight, clothing sizes, age and phone.

    If you can do both the BAR and the TOWN HALL scene put “Bar and Town Hall” scene in the subject line.

  9. Latest location info from @FollowPghFilms (twitter) is that Promised Land is filming on Slate Lick Road in Worthington, Pennsylvania. Very low secuirty there, you can supposedly walk on set.

    Latest cast update from Out of the Furnace: They added Willem DaFoe to the cast. That means that he will be coming BACK to the Pittsburgh area to film a movie, after The Clearing (2004) co-starring Robert Redford and Helen Mirren! 🙂

  10. I believe Out of the Furnace will be filming in Koppel, Pa on Tuesday because of this casting call I found on the Nancy Mosser Casting Facebook page:

    We are looking for Men to play Steelworkers on Tuesday. It will be an early calltime and last for 12-14 hours. We would also need your trucks, vans, or cars parked in this scene. NO RED OR WHITE VEHICLES.

    If you are interested in being booked, please send an email to that includes a recent picture, your name, age and all contact info. Please also include the color, year, make and model of your vehicle. Write “STEELWORKER” in the subject line. If we are able to use you, we will respond to your email.

  11. Promised Land base camp is at Worthington fire hall on Slate Lick road. Out of the Furnace base camp is at Braddock fire hall. Via @FollowPghFilms on Twitter.

  12. Anybody know the hotels for the actors? better to get them there instead of the sets. I’m coming down this weekend for something else and am hoping to catch a star or two.

  13. Out of the Furnace base camp is definitely the Braddock fire dept. I am at it now. Lots of Haddad trailers in parking lot. I tried to follow signs up the hill earlier, but came to a dead end. So, didn’t find the set today.

    • Spotted the FF signs on Purdy Rd. in Burgettstown. Ton of Hadadds trailers & trucks next to the road. Definitely setting up for filming in the woods. Took some photos while they were bringing in the trailers. Will post to my site soon!

  14. looks like Promised Land is back in Slickville. Signs everywhere and looks like they will be filming at the farm and garage…there are wires and set lights everywhere…gonna check it out tonight to see if they are filming.. 🙂

    • Just found out – They are filming for the next week in Slickville. Tomorrow morning at Walters Farm right off of 819. They will be doing the baseball scene up at the legion on Friday. It is right beside the Walters farm. Lots of trailers and set up. The town hall and bar scene will be from May 15th – May 25th.

        • They were filming this morning in Slickville. There are cones with signs on them all “down town”. They are also at laufer mine road which is past the beaver run dam. I hate that I am at work while all this awesome stuff is going on right down the road from where I live! darn job!!! haha

  15. Just want to mention – Producer Chris Moore will be speaking at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont after a viewing of The People Speak at 7 p.m. tonight. The People Speak is a documentary film that includes many actors (including Matt Damon ) read portions of historical documents, including the U.S. Constitution. Also, Dormont happens to be one of the locations where scenes from the movie Dogma were filmed.

  16. Reposted this from above…not sure if everyone could see it. This refers to Out of the Furnace (from @cccarrieee on twitter):

    @cccarrieee May 1, 2012 at 11:54 pm
    Spotted the FF signs on Purdy Rd. in Burgettstown. Ton of Hadadds trailers & trucks next to the road. Definitely setting up for filming in the woods. Took some photos while they were bringing in the trailers. Will post to my site soon!

  17. I live very close to Lauffer Mine Rd. in Salem Township. I drive the road everyday. Saw them unloading trucks yesterday and today drove passed and they have a mini festival set up….tents, picnic tables, food vendor, etc. I did some digging on the internet (which is how I made my way here) but I can’t find a date for shooting. It must be within the next day or two, though.

  18. Vicky did leave a response that for some reason didn’t show up here but here it is:

    “Yes it is Promised Land. They are filming today. I tried to drive by this morning but they closed the road. I talked to the traffic control guy. He said they would be there until about 2. Matt Damon was there earlier but wasn’t there as of 9 am when I was there.”

  19. Here’s some additional info a tipster sent us via email:

    “promised land film location- Old farm on 2020 Pleasant Valley Road, Murrysvile, PA
    Barn was constructed by Amish. House is orginal 1930.”

    but there was no indication when or exactly how long they will be filming there …

  20. Via Mosser Casting & 31st street studios on Facebook:

    An Evening with the Producers of “Out of the Furnace”
    Jeff Waxman & Julie Hartley, Producers on “Out of the Furnace”
    … Date
    Sunday, May 20, 2012

    6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

    Sheraton Station Square Hotel
    300 W. Station Square Drive
    Pittsburgh, PA

    Additional details, including registration, will soon follow.

  21. Promised Land will be filming in Avonmore and Apollo until beginning of June and then they go back to Cali. to finish filming. This week is the bar scene and next week is the town hall meeting scene. I will be an extra May 23-25 for the town hall scene. Never been one before so I am so nervous!

      • Bar Scene – I heard it was either Guys Tavern or My Buddys Place. I’m not sure which one it was.

        The Town hall scene – when casting called me they said they werent 100% on the location yet.

        All I know for sure is that its in Avonmore and Apollo.

        Sorry I cant be more help. I will dig around some more and find out for sure the places.

            • Hey! They have the extras parking at Apollo Ridge Football field. They will be shuttling them to the location. I have 2 friends that are extras starting tomorrow…I dont start till Wed.
              I am going to ask them where the filming is. Rumor has it though, its at the Tiger Gym…it use to be an old school and has a gymnasium. I’ll find out for sure tomorrow!

  22. I haven’t been paying attention to the filming of these two movies. Does anyone know whether either might be doing scenes in Downtown Pittsburgh? Also, whatever happened to “Frank or Francis”? Has it been delayed or canceled?

  23. I doubt either movie will be doing scenes downtown. If they do, there will be some traffic announcements on the news. Frank or Francis has been delayed. Steve Carrell is supposed to film Foxcatcher in Pittsburgh in October.

  24. Hey Niki- did I tell about the update I saw in Production Weekly? They said Frank Or Francis had changed locations and was going to film in German now 🙁

  25. According to casting call they are filming the bar scene through Friday and according to this video (thanks Niki) the bar is located in Avonmore (looks like it won’t be hard to spot) Can anyone go check it out, would love to more info or pics, thanks!

  26. For Promised Land – They already did some scenes in Pittsburgh. It was an upscale restaurant scene. Yes the bar scene is in Avonmore at Buddys bar. They changed a whole street to make it look different…the store fronts are different. I know the salon is now a bakery.

  27. Unrelated to these 2 movies, but some other Pittsburgh movie news:

    PPG article about Foxcatcher:

    Article & trailer for “Won’t back Down” a.k.a. “Still I Rise” w/ Maggie Gyllenhall & Viola Davis:

    AND-Emma Watson just announced on twitter that the first trailer for “Perks of Being a Wallflower” (Logan Lerman, Paul Rudd, Ezra Miller, Mae Whitman, and, of course, Emma Watson) will be revealed at the MTV Movie Awards pre-show on June 3rd!

  28. Spotted tons of FF signs! No sign of trailers yet, but I was there yesterday too, so I know these are new signs. Pretty sure they are setting up for tomorrow– Hopefully I can make it out there tomorrow afternoon & try to snap a few photos! 🙂
    Via my twitter @cccarrieee “Out of the Furnace” #Filming: Check out Raccoon Creek State Park (3000 State Route 18, Hookstown) #ChristianBale

  29. According to @scottady on Twitter-they are filming Out of the Furnace in Independence township tonight (overnight shoot). Independence township includes some of Raccoon creek state park. I guess it will be 1 (or 2) nights there, then probably back to Braddock. They tend to bounce around between locations with this movie!

  30. Via @pghfilms on twitter: ‎’Out of the Furnace’ is looking for extras next Tuesday,May 22- Friday, May 25 in Imperial,PA by the airport. YOU CAN DO EITHER 2 or 4 DAYS. YOU WOULD NEED TO DO EITHER TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY TOGETHER OR THURSDAY/FRIDAY TOGETHER OR IF YOU WANT YOU CAN DO ALL FOUR DAYS. This is an important and intense scene in the movie and the Director is very excited to film it. All days will start in the early morning and last 12-14 hours. Pay is minimum wage for the first 8 hours and time and a half after that.


  31. Here is an update from Mel above, just wanted to make sure everyone saw it:
    “Hey! They have the extras parking at Apollo Ridge Football field. They will be shuttling them to the location. I have 2 friends that are extras starting tomorrow…I dont start till Wed.
    I am going to ask them where the filming is. Rumor has it though, its at the Tiger Gym…it use to be an old school and has a gymnasium. I’ll find out for sure tomorrow!”

    (Thanks Mel!)

  32. You’re Welcome! And I just got a confirmation on the location – it is Tiger Gym in Apollo. The street is closed. Call time for today was 7am. My friend who is an extra there said they didnt start filming until about 10:45am


    • Oh and my friend who is an extra just told me they were cutting alot of people today. I guess they had too many there for today and tomorrow. Most of them were told to return wed. she was told to return tomorrow. She said Matt Damon was on set.

      • Hey Mel, are they still filming there tomorrow? I heard some reports they may have finished there today. Any word on that either way

      • Hey Mel, are they still filming there tomorrow? I heard some reports they may have finished there today. Any word on that either way?

  33. Promiesd Land extras 2012 facebook page:
    Casting alert! We are searching for 5 year olds and kids for a Fifth grade classroom scene. If you have children this age and are available to work on or around May 31st, June 1st or June 4th, please send in pictures ASAP!

    Send photos with clothing sizes, height and weight, with phone number to and in the subject line put either “5 year old” or “fifth grader”.

  34. Thanks Mel & Niki! And don’t forget per the casting call Niki posted – Out of the Furnace is filming near the airport in Imperial, PA tomorrow too

    • FYI… the filming of all of Christian Bale’s scenes have been completed and the final day of all filming of out of the furnace is next friday June 1st

  35. Matt Damon has did meet & take pics with fans yesterday on the sidewalk across the street from the Tiger Gym in Apollo. That’s at 400 North 2nd Street , Apollo, Pa 15613. It used to be a school.

  36. Yes they finished up shooting today. They only called back about 50 people for tomorrow to finish a scene an actor wasnt able to make it today. I was supposed to be an extra but got a call at midnight saying that they screwed up my call number and I will be in a scene next week. Their phone lines are down…I have no idea where they are going to be next week. Does anyone know or heard any rumors?

  37. It looks like they will be shooting (again) more for “Promised Land” on Lauffer Mine Rd., in Salem Township. I’m guessing tomorrow by the looks of things. I took a picture. Will try to post.

    • Yes Lauffer Mine Road…I believe it is considered Export address. I did have to be there early in the morning but there has been a call time change and I have to call back at midnight. From what they said filming will take place in the morning and most of the day. They warned us it could be a 12 hour day or longer since this is a one day shoot.

  38. Via @sixfivetwo on twitter:Hadad’s truck for furnace films on Smithfield st bridge

    I think that Promised Land is/will be shooting at the West Mifflin Middle School:
    371 Camp Hollow RoadWest Mifflin, PA 15122

    Also, here is a link to a new promo pic for “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”:

    …and here is a link for a teaser trailer for Perks via MTV:

  39. Open casting call this Thursday, June 5th at the Pittsburgh CLO Academy downtown:

    PITTSBURGH — The Nickelodeon TV show “Supah Ninjas” seeks local martial arts experts, dancers, gymnasts and parkour enthusiasts.

    An open call for qualified people ages 18 to 40 will take place Thursday at the Pittsburgh CLO Academy, between Penn Avenue and Fort Duquesne Boulevard in downtown Pittsburgh. Hours are noon to 3 p.m. and 4 to 6 p.m. Once inside, take the elevator to the eighth floor.

    Those who are trying out should wear clothes that they can move around in easily to show off their gymnastic or martial arts talents. No blue jeans. They also should bring a headshot and resume or recent picture of themselves, with a pen and photo ID.

    Those unable to attend can create a free online profile at

  40. Did Out of the Furnace wrap too? Cant find any more casting call info or info in general and CB is back in L.A. filming Knight of Cups this week…I think I’m going to remove this thread from the daily filming locations post tomorrow so make sure you book mark it in case there is more info to add.

    Also, thanks to Niki, I posted some info on Supah Ninjas here so you can use that post as a thread too if you want to talk about that one, though it sounds like they are mostly filming in studio:

    thanks to all for the help with locations!!

  41. Does anyone here know where the actual site of the car crash took place in the movie OUT OF THE FURNACE. I am not able to find any mention about where they actually filmed that scene. It looks like some rural road outside of town, single yellow lane road with two entrances backing out onto it. Thanks a bunch


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