Is the Untitled Star Trek Sequel planning to shoot in San Francisco?

One of readers, Paul, sent us few photos from the studio in Marina Del Rey, CA where they have been filming the majority of the new Untitled Star Trek Sequel.

Though the photos only show a few props (red trees) that were being used for a big storm scene taking place on a red planet, they came with a bit of scoop about where the shoot may be headed next.

According to a crew member, Star Trek will wrap filming in Los Angeles this week before moving to the San Francisco area next week for one final week of filming.

This is interesting timing too considering one of our readers in San Francisco recently told us there was a casting call announced on the radio for a major motion picture filming in the are on May 1, but they wouldn’t give the name of the production in the announcement.

The production has certainly been keeping busy in L.A. as filming comes to an end. Over the weekend they shot a big scene on Grand St in downtown L.A. which closed down an entire city block. There has also been lots of buzz this week over these photos of Zachary Quinto being lowered on a wire wearing a ‘volcano suit’.

Though the next movie is sure to be a hit, some Star Trek fans are a bit bent out of shape over the production after hearing director J.J. Abrams said no to a TV re-boot, at least until he’s done bringing Star Trek to the big screen.

If you have any scoop about Star Trek filming in San Francisco, let us know about it at! And thanks again to Paul for the scoop!


  1. It would be great to have J.J. Abrams in town shooting “Star Trek” for a few days! Hope it happens! Nice to have high-profile projects in town, I was really happy to hear Woody Allen will be in SF later this year (or possibly early next year) shooting his next film!


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