Is Owen Wilson hiding from fans in Winston-Salem, N.C.?

It seems like we’ve heard about a different Owen Wilson sighting every day since the actor arrived in Winston-Salem, N.C. last week to begin filming the comedy You Are Here.

Over the weekend Owen was seen dining out in downtown Winston-Salem and yesterday he was spotted again, but this time he made it clear he didn’t want to be bothered.

One of our readers, Douglas, sent us the above photo and told us when he spotted Owen it seemed like he was in no mood to pose for fans.

Just saw [Owen Wilson] on 4th Street in downtown Winston-Salem. He yelled at me really loudly, calling me [derogatory names when I tried to take a photo]. He was wearing the same shirt he had on in the picture in your article (grey with pink sleeves) and he hid behind a tree. He [appeared to be] arguing with someone on the phone.

Of course we weren’t there so we can’t say for sure if Owen was being rude or if he was just trying to keep a heated conversation private.

Owen will be in North Carolina for the next four or five weeks filming You Are Here, along with Zach Galifianakis and Amy Poehler.

If you spot the movie filming or have your own encounter with Owen, you can share your scoop with us too at!


    • Owen was filming a scene Monday, may 21 in Walkertown NC with Zach. They where filming directly behind Bohlen heating and air. The scene included the two of them driving away in a red Chrysler convertible. In the scene Zach is sitting the car in a brown suit, Owen runs up and places two white items on a nearby dumpster, jumps in the car, then races off. Owen was wearing a dark blue suit and tie.

  1. My daughter passed him biking through Wake Forest’s campus the other day, she waved and said hi and got no response.

  2. Can tell you that not much going on in Winston right now, Wednesday outdoors. It has been a monsoon downpour for the past hour!

  3. Shared a flight with Owen coming back from NYC on Sunday, May 13th. Didn’t see him until after flight ended in Greensboro. He headed out quickly and did not see him leave airport. Looked right at my wife and I but didnt say a word.

  4. Zack and Owen were filming a drive by scene in front of my house on May 22nd…I think they may have been shooting here to get a scene with our big red barn in the background. My stepdad actually walked tot he end of our driveway to ask the film crew what was going on when Zack and and Owen turned the car around in my driveway. Then, Zack asked my stepdad if we had any honeybees. He is hilarious!

  5. Good Lord, leave them alone. Actors aren’t there for your amusement. The movies they do are, but don’t get confused. You pay to see a movie and that’s all you’re entitled to get – the movie, not the person. I don’t understand this ridiculous sense of entitlement. Wouldn’t it be nice to fill your free time helping other people instead of being a pest?

  6. Yes, I see. I’m sure you own that street that is public property, what was I thinking? You are entitled Beth! Go after him and get that photo, even if he’s hiding behind a tree! Or – clear the wax out of your ears and realize you are…

    A. being a Massengill, plain and simple.

    B. truly, truly a person with entitlement issues if they are snapping photos of someone who isn’t voluntarily standing in front of their camera.

    I will go get over myself now. Please do the same. I’m sure (I mean I hope) you are a decent person. P.S. Your family is thinking the same thing, they just won’t say it, sweetie.

    • John,

      I haven’t taken any pictures of any celebs and haven’t been looking for any. If you read my post you will see they came onto my private property and turned around in my PRIVATE non state mantained road! They clearly came onto my property…also, if I am being a “Massengill” you are being the “douche bag”!

      So, next time you respond to a post…try knowing what the He## you are talking about first! P.S…that would consist of READING the posts first…oops…maybe you did, but are too stupid to comprehend them!

    • John,
      You said you weren’t talking to her, but you clearly said BETH. So, Yes, you were talking to her.
      “Yes, I see. I’m sure you own that street that is public property, what was I thinking? You are entitled Beth! Go after him and get that photo, even if he’s hiding behind a tree!”

  7. John,

    If you weren’t talking to me…why didn’t you address the person you were talking to instead of making some random “attacking” comment to everyone?

  8. I’m out…I don’t have time for this b.s. in my life…got friends and family to go hang out with…so if you respond to my previous post you wasted your time because I won’t be checking back to see your response…ever! I really hope you learn to be a better person, John!

  9. Beth, you told me to get over myself. What you failed to realize is that because a poster makes a comment, that doesn’t mean it revolves around you – just like the world does not revolve around you. Perhaps, just maybe, the comment revolves around the article.

    I’m sorry you think I’m stupid. I hope that OTHER PEOPLE, not you Beth because I don’t want you to perceive I’m talking to you now, learn that if someone is hiding behind a tree (see article above) you should have enough dignity to put the effing camera away.

    Back to Beth… You are reading this right now, when you are right, you should be having fun with your family. Have a good weekend.


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