Movie about the famous NYC club CBGB will mostly be filmed in Savannah

Director Randall Miller is currently prepping CBGB, a biopic about the infamous NYC club of the same name. The film will revolve around Hilly Kristal, played Alan Rickman, who was the club’s founder. The film will most likely focus on the late-’70s era of the club when bands like the Ramones, Talking Heads, Television, and Blondie played there.

Filming on the CBGB is expected to begin on June 25 in a Savannah, GA studio where the club’s graffiti-covered interior will be recreated. Though most of the shoot will take place in Savannah, some exteriors will be shot in New York City this summer.

As for the bar’s legacy, a group of investors have bought the assets of the former club and are starting a new music festival in New York City under CBGB. They will also open a club with many of the original fixtures and memorabilia in downtown Manhattan.

Sources; NYT, AVClub, PW



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