Will ‘Catching Fire’ be filmed in Georgia?

Our friends over at TheHob.org recently posted a few interesting tweets by North Carolina newsman Russ Bowen, who closely followed the filming of The Hunger Games, in which he speculates the next movie in The Hunger Games series, Catching Fire might be filming in Georgia.

“Looks #catchingfire filming in NC could be very limited. Soundstage used for #hungergames may move out of Charlotte #avlnews #cltnews“

“Just asking the question. Is NC fighting to keep #catchingfire?”

“Pre-production for #catchingfire starts in mid-june and looks likely soundstage leaving Charlotte and headed to Atlanta #avlnews #cltnews“

It’s not unusual for a film franchise to shoot different movies in different locations. There are a few recent examples. The Twilight Saga films were shot in Oregon, Vancouver, and New Orleans, and the latest Scream movie was shot in Michigan while the others were all  filmed in California.

Decisions about where to film a movie are usually purely financial and depend on what state will give them the best tax breaks.

Guess we’ll find out in a few weeks if Russ’ theory proves to be true.


  1. Interesting news for us in Georgia film production.

    Mr. Bowen’s saying the “soundstage leaving” Charlotte is a huge misnomer. Sound stages don’t move, but the people who work there and the contents therein do.

    • right, the wording is weird but I don’t think its that farfetched for the movie to move to Atlanta since they are having such a boom in filming right now mostly due to GA’s tax breaks, plus ATL already has a great infrastructure in place…it will be interesting to see what happens.

  2. I have a great property that would be good for filming. Close to I-75 in Henry County, a field with creek and a section recently harvested that could look great for damaged forests. It is easy to access, yet still secluded and easy to secure. Other films and tv shows have been made near by.

    Who can I contact?



  3. Hi,
    If scenes from catching fire are shot in Atlanta, I would love to be an extra. If I get specific dates I could easily be in atlanta. I’m a huge
    Huge fan of the hunger games and being an extra would mean the world to me! Please email me information at nicolesciurba@yahoo.com.
    Thank you!!


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