‘Iron Man 3’ filming in Cary, N.C. on June 4 & June 5, 2012

The Iron Man 3 crew has spent most of the shoot behind closed doors at EUE/Screen Gems Studio in Wilmington, N.C., with the exception of Tuesday when they filmed in downtown Wilmington and the Wilmington Airport.

But, according to one of our Twitter followers, @WannaRubaDdub, they’ll be leaving the studio again next week!

Iron Man 3 is expected to film scenes on Caitboo Ave behind Crossroads Cinema in Cary, N.C. on Monday (6/4) and Tuesday (6/5) from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. And yes, Robert Downey Jr. will be there!

If you spot the IM3 filming in North Carolina, send us your photos and scoop at olv@onlocationvacations.com! You can also discuss the movie with other fans in our Open Thread!

UPDATE: The local news is reporting filming will take place on June 6th, around the “SAS campus likely using Harrison Avenue, Cary Parkway or Weston Parkway.” Another tipster also emailed us some more details writing, “Iron Man 3 will be filming at SAS in Cary, NC on Monday through Wednesday. There will be lots of extras and minimal overnight security presence.”


  1. I live in Cary and am absolutely going to stalk out the filming 🙂 So I’ll hopefully see enough to send pictures and update you as to what is going on!

  2. Wait are they even filming by Crossroads anymore or is it just the SAS campus Monday through Wednesday, I’m confused

  3. My understanding is it will be both, tipster said they have been working with businesses near crossroads to paln so I would assume that is still happening, I couldn’t confirm but it sounds like the SAS shoot will be at night since that tipster specified little security at night…I’m hoping someone can scope things out on Monday and let us know what exactly they find…if anyone has a chance pls let us know, thanks!!

  4. The way SAS is set up is like of like a college campus – it’ll be hard to get into if you aren’t part of the movie in some way. That is why there will be minimal security I imagine, there is only 1 way in and 1 way out and unless you work there, my guess is that you can’t get in 🙁 I’m going to check out Crossroads Sunday night to see if anything is set up and then I’ll go by Monday morning to see who / what is there and I will update then!

  5. I wish I could go on both Monday and Tuesday, but I have a midterm for my summer class Tuesday morning so Monday I will be studying 🙁 I plan on visiting Tuesday, I even got off of working Tuesday afternoon/evening, and I hope things go smoothly. Any information about what is going on over there would be extremely appreciative!! Thanks everyone! 🙂

  6. Hey guys! I just posted this on another IM3 thread. Just thought you guys might be able to help out too.

    Has anyone heard anything definite about filming in Cary? I know they are doing it tomorrow and Tuesday – I just need to know exactly where and the times. I’ve heard they are filming a driving scene and are filming another scene at the SAS building/campus. I’d really like to go check it out – but I don’t want to drive all over creation trying to find them.
    Why can’t they just put out a time schedule for us all to see so we can make plans?! 😉

  7. Have you read the article above?? It has all the information you need.

    I went by tonight by the way and there was nothing set up on Caitboo at all – nothing that would even elude to a movie production tomorrow. I’m going first thing in the morning and I’ll report back then – hopefully they will be setting up overnight or something!

  8. Well, I get why I didn’t see anything last night… They are in a parking lot/ buisness park area… They have a security detail standing in the middle of the entrance and he isn’t letting anyone in. there are a handful of people but it doesn’t look like you can see anything at all. I’m so bummed right now 🙁 If you do go there is a hotel right next door that you can park in and walk over. I’m going to do that now and see what I can see

  9. Alright, if yoget to the end of Caitboo and take a right on Crossroads Blvd, there is a MUCH better view of people working and the front of the building they seem to be using because everyone on the set seems to be staring at it, lol. Still only a handful of people on that side. Parking can be found a bit across the street and down in an apt complex. Hope that helps everyone who is coming to see it!

    • Thanks for the info Erin. Do u think it will be worth an hour’s drive to come see it? Is it crowded? Thanks again!!

      • Rae – it definitely isn’t crowded – literally about 5 people on one side, 6 ish on the other! As far as whether it is worth it, it depends upon how die hard you are 🙂 If you stand there long enough, you’re bound to see something. If you keep walking from side to side you may see something. I don’t know how to answer that honestly, it really depends upon how committed you are to seeing it – because from the way it looks, you have to be committed to really searching out the action and that’ll be a lot of walking back and forth. It’s no small place that’s for sure… it’s about 1/2 mile in total from the entrance on Caitboo to the entrance on Crossroads. And those are really the only 2 places you can see anything other than going on their property and peering through trees. I don’t want to make it seem like you can’t see anything, because you definitely can, but it isn’t as open as one thinks when it says that it’s on a street – because it’s not. It’s in a large treed parking lot and you’re on the outside of it. Hope that gives you a bit more info to make your decision!

        • Thanks Erin! I was thinking about bringing the kids (5 & 11) to see it – but I’m afraid they will get bored and then start complaining about how nothing’s happening, it’s too far to walk, etc. That would really get on my nerves! Ya know what I mean? lol How long were you planning on hanging around there? Thanks again so very very much!!

          • I’m taking off now – I have to get to my son’s school for a science type fair but I may drag my husband and son back later to see what is going on. And I know what you mean – I KNOW my son is going to have a fit with the walking, and I know it’ll get on my nerves, LOL.

            • Have fun at the science fair:) If you head back to the site and ‘things’ are happening, please let us know. Thanks again!

    • LOL… Well the building everyone seems to be staring at houses Epic Games, one of the largest as well as famous Video Game development companies (for the ones that didn’t know)… I assume they have double the security then usual… Parking should be available all over – the Movie Theater is across the street as well as Target… I wouldn’t park at the Apartment complex because you could become subject to be towed unless you are a resident! Have fun everyone with the “Tinsel towners” 🙂

      • Thanks for the info. ANS and Erin!! I still can’t decide if I’m going or not. Have ya’ll sen any limos or any signs of RDJ or anyone in the Iron Man suit? My 5 yr. old son really wants to see Iron Man. I think he could care less about Tony Stark. It’s all about the suit!! Thanks again!!

        • I saw absolutely no characters or stars at all. I personally only saw about 10 people that worked on the set – and they were all literally standing there staring at the building. They weren’t talking, nothing. The only reason I even knew that they worked on the movie was because they all had headphones/walkie talkie things. I don’t know where the stars were.

  10. I will say this – there are going to be a lot less people here than in many other places so it may be worth it. Because it’s a bit secluded and people in Cary are huge snobs that probably won’t care enough to go see it, I think if you are going to see something, this is going to be the place to do it! It will take some walking and some “sleuthing” to find the action, but I think if it’s important enough to you, this is a good place to do it.

    • Hey Erin! You are too funny!! I lived in Holly Springs for 5 years – so I know what you mean about the people from Cary:) Thanks again for keeping us informed about what’s going on!! I really appreciate it. Any idea about how long you’ll be there? I’m still deciding about whether or not to go.

      • I’m going to my son’s school now so I won’t be back until after school is over. I think if you’re just in Holly Springs, you should come on down… it’s not that far to drive for something that could potentially be a lot of fun 🙂

    • Hey Hey now… not all of us are snobs (LOL) ;P
      I agree though, the area (Crossroads) is the base location, just know that the other filming locations mentioned are not close / walking distance from there…
      SAS Campus is several miles down the street, and given that it is a campus there is only one way in and out, so I assume its on lock down as well…
      Harrison, Cary Pkwy & Weston are right outside of SAS, but again you would need to drive from the Crossroads location to the other locations…

      • No offense ANS:) But since you live there you know what we mean;) Thanks again for keeping us up to date ! Let us know if you see things heating up! We may speed up there to check things out!!

      • ANS – you must not be from here then, lol… or you must have moved down recently 🙂 I’m originally from Massachusetts but moved here 7 years ago. I have kept far away from the snobbery, but I feel it creeping in sometimes, LOL!!

        And you are absolutely right – SAS is on Harrison Ave which is about 5-7 miles away if not more. And there is no way anyone is getting in there!! So for anyone thinking they are going to see that, you can forget about it. You won’t see a thing there.

        • Not offended at all… and No I am not from here but I’ve been around and learned how to handle the snobby ones 🙂
          I am waiting on “the scoop” as far as the SAS campus (I have a couple friends that work there) and maybe even some inside from a Cary PD friend regarding the Police escort route… keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

  11. There’s really not much to see on the Crossroads Blvd side right now–you can see a few set pieces they’ve been putting up this morning, and plenty of equiptment, but that’s it. The security told us they are filming inside today, but we’ll see. This is definitely the best view of the set you’ll find, though.

  12. Thanks for updating! I’m trying to decide if I should come to Cary…at Oak Island right now and can’t figure out if I should alter my course back home to Asheboro through Cary. I’d come tomorrow, but I have to work all day. All the comments have been super helpful, because going home through Cary will add several hours to my drive, which would be TOTALLY worth it if I could see RDJ, but otherwise, unneccessary. Keep ’em coming!! I appreciate it!! 😉

  13. Thanks everyone for all the information, especially Erin! I’m from Raleigh and I’ll be heading down there tomorrow for sure. A couple of my possible career interests (im a rising sophomore in architecture at ncsu) are set design and the movie business, so I’m even excited to see the filming, crew, set, etc. As of right now at least I’m probably not very useful as far as information goes. But one of my good friends, his dad works at SAS and his dad didn’t know anything, as of last night at least. If that changes I’ll let you guys know! I’m kinda surprised about the fact that it’s not busy. But I think they’ve been trying to keep things on the down low and I’m trying to do so myself. So glad I found this page, thanks again Christine!

  14. We’ve been told numerous times to stay on the sidewalk so be careful if you come. If they have too many incidences they’ll remove everyone. 🙁 So far nothing is happening but we did have one guy wandering around tell us “Iron Man isn’t here; if you’re waiting for him, go home.” Nice try, we know what that means!

  15. Tell them “Good, we’re waiting for Robert Downey Jr. not Iron Man…he’s fictitious, you looney!” LOL I hope I can get over there after work. I live in Raleigh. With traffic, who knows. Not much time to get there :/

  16. Apparently we just had an RDJ sighting on the Crossroads Blvd side–it was only a very quick glimpse as he walked by at a distance, but confirmation that he’s here.

  17. I’m going to head down to Crossroads around 5:30pm..see if i can catch them before they leave. Does anyone know exactly when or what time they are planning to film by SAS, Harrison, and Weston?? I work right at the intersection at Weston and Harrison!

  18. I would also LOVE some location info, tips or anything. Spending the day there tomorrow, driving for two hours–a bit worried about “missing the party” after all that work. (Because driving is work, okay? lol)

  19. I saw the “base camp” behind the Crossroads 20 theaters, but the security guard there was very vague about where they were, so I drove over to SAS, but couldn’t find anything.

  20. Just read this on the Cary Citizen:

    “Weather permitting, drivers should be on alert for police-controlled intermittent delays in Cary on Weston Parkway from NC 54/Chapel Hill Road to Harrison Avenue on June 6 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. These periodic rolling closures are to accommodate activity registered with the North Carolina Division of Tourism, Film, and Sports Development.”

    I work along this stretch of Weston Parkway! Grabbing my folding chair and laptop and working outside on Wednesday!

  21. Hey guys! Thanks for all the info. I’m glad nothing exciting happened today – I didn’t want to miss out on the action!! From what I read in the articles linked in the last couple of posts, RDJ will be around there Tues. and Wed. Unfortunately I have to work both days! 🙁 I had today off. Good luck to those of you scouting around! I hope you get to see RDJ! And please make sure to post pics of all the cool stuff so I can pretend I’m there too 😉

  22. Stood out for 6 hours today! we saw him within the first half hour, but we were hoping to see him more(we didn’t). If I were you, I wouldn’t listen to what the news or the security guards say-I got a picture of him. Filming didn’t really start until around 5:00-so just keep that in mind for tomorrow because it will probably be the same! Oh, and I would suggest bringing binoculars-it’s not very close to the set. And a chair. My back is killing me xD

  23. Robert Downey Jr was not on the set at all on today and it’s unclear if he’ll be on the set tomorrow. They were filming the enemy’s company and RDJ was not needed. No one has actually gotten proof that he’s in Cary. The few eye witnesses were so far away, it could have been anyone.

  24. Of course – I used to live at the apartment complex across the street – moved less than 2 years ago! Nothing EVER happens in Cary!! Looks like I’ll be moving my “shopping trip” in Crossroads from Friday to Tuesday!!

  25. Nothing new from the local news. All they showed was the “base camp” near the movie theaters at Crossroads and again mentioned the “police controlled” closing of Westin Blvd between Hwy 54 and Harrison.

    • As far as I know (from a SAS employee) they are filming one scene there on campus, which was suppose to be not talked about by the SAS staff (lol)…
      However SAS campus is not accessible unless you are an employee -> one way in … one way out 🙁

        • I don’t know… he wouldn’t tell me anymore he was freaked out he would get in trouble (like we would tell on anyone right!!) … ;P
          Epic is the “base camp” more less and they were working or they were there not sure what they were doing … when I drove by this morning to take my kid to school. Security is still super tight though!

  26. I went out there yesterday, and didn’t see much. Now that I have looked at the cast closer, I wonder…is Guy Pearce or possibly Don Cheadle in Cary, filming? We’re all so focused on RDJ, but there are quite a few other big names in the film, too.

  27. I drove around Weston Parkway and Harrison Ave today and didn’t see much happening. They will be filming there tomorrow so I will go back there. I live very close.

  28. Me and a few friends were at Epic Game from 6am-6pm. We spotted RDJ three times walking around dribbling a basketball and reading a script. Some other people that were there saw Don Cheadle but we didnt. They filmed inside the WHOLE time until the last 30 minutes we were there they filmed a scene with 3 soldiers shooting firearms. We got a few pictures of the soldiers and the Christmas tree but RDJ walked too fast for us to get our cameras ready. And yes, it really was RDJ his identity was confirmed to us by a Marvel employee.

  29. So he was there! I took a ton of photos hoping I’d catch RDJ in them; I might’ve but it’s hard to tell. What was he wearing? I was there from about 1-7:45ish. Nothing super exciting but still a neat experience. Sounds like they’re filming tomorrow on some other streets. Any details on that? Debating if I’d want to visit again

  30. They are filming tomorrow around Weston Parkway, Harrison Ave and SAS Campus. Not sure exactly where but it’s from 10am to 3pm Can’t wait to see your picture Lydia 😉 I’m going to try to drive around tomorrow morning because I live very close. Hopefully I get to see something…

  31. thanks guys! Someone sent me a pic of who appears to be RDJ (though its from a distance) I’ll post it in a few mins….

  32. Since this kinda got buried, here is the street closure info for tomorrow too:

    Weather permitting, drivers should be on alert for police-controlled intermittent delays in Cary on Weston Parkway from NC 54/Chapel Hill Road to Harrison Avenue on June 6 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. These periodic rolling closures are to accommodate activity registered with the North Carolina Division of Tourism, Film, and Sports Development.”

  33. Hey guys! I’m so bummed I missed RDJ! Stupid work! Who a job anyways?!? Maybe I can quit and RDJ will see me standing on the sidelines and he’ll sweep me off my feet! LOL! or maybe not.

    Good luck everyone! I hope you get to see all the stars! Make sure to post pics on the thread so we can all be jealous 😉

    – Rae

  34. When one of my friends and I were walking to get our car to leave we saw the same guy from Marvel who told us about RDJ. We asked him if they were done for the day & he said that we should come back tomorrow because they’d be filming outside & we’d probably be able to see some action. Idk if he was telling the truth or just messing with us but that is what he said. Unfortunately we won’t be able to return to Epic Games tomorrow so I hope someone goes by and gets to catch the “action!”

    Also, everyone is aware of the A.I.M. sign right?

  35. So are they back to Epic Game tomorrow? I thought they were filming on Weston Parkway from 10-3pm… I’m confused! 🙁

    • He said they would be at Epic Games for a while tomorrow. Like I said, I don’t know if he was telling the truth or not. The security and staff did enjoy trying to throw us off.

  36. Great pictures!!!
    Is anyone going to be around Weston area tomorrow? I dont think I can make it to Epic Games, but I’ll try to find a spot around Weston Parkway and hopefully see something…

  37. Ok, then I’ll probably check it all out again, one more time! Did he by chance give a time frame for anything? Oh and I think I saw the back of the sign in person, I saw a picture of the front

  38. I just walked over to the Epic Games campus (I live across the street). There was no security… or anybody. It was dead. It got right next to the Christmas tree and took some great pics. As I was walking away from the set a rent-a-cop (clearly inexperienced) stopped me and made me delete the photos. He told me I would be arrested if I trespassed again. In all honesty I had no idea I was trespassing….there weren’t any “No Trespassing” signs. Oh well 🙁

  39. I work on that stretch of Weston Parkway and am planning on venturing out around lunch time. I’ll let you know if i see anything! Anyone know if anything’s going on right now?

  40. just drove down weston…nothing yet. went to epic before and most of it has been torn down. I was able to drive through the parking lot without any trouble…

  41. There hasn’t been anything on Weston all day. Do you think they’ll end up doing that scene tomorrow?? or just later in the day?

  42. Took a quick walk into Sas Campus.. had some very aggressive officers “ask” us to leave after a busybody lady called security. We were just strolling along until then.. and almost at the building where they are filming.
    Then security actually followed along in the road as walked out which took 10 mins to get back the entrance… I asked if he would give us a ride but no dice…
    I have some nice video of him “escorting” us out. Maybe I’ll post later but not real interesting .. just funny to see him idleing along the road as we walk.

  43. Oh ok so they’re currently filming at SAS. If anybody knows if they’ll still be doing stuff at Epic Games later, please let me know, thanks!

  44. I was on Weston earlier (around 1:30) and nothing was blocked off… yet. I anticipate they’ll film later this afternoon — the weather is far too nice NOT to. Although I hope it’s after quitting time, and I can catch a glimpse of the action.

      • I work off of Weston, closer to the 54 end, so I really hope that I can see *something* on the way home from work this afternoon. Either way, it’s pretty neat that the street I work on will be in a movie (potentially).

  45. I just left from the crowds outside of SAS campus. Nothing to see much, and I took a drive around to the Trenton rd. entrance of SAS closer to building c. Only one police officer and cones at that entrance. Took a spin by Epic Games around 11 and security was no where to be found, cameras and equipment were covered for the rain by still out.

  46. […] On Location Vacation: Unos cuantos amigos y yo estuvimos en Epic Games desde las 6 a.m. hasta las 6 p.m. Vimos a Robert Downey Jr. tres veces caminando botando una pelota de baloncesto y leyendo un guión. Rodaron dentro todo el tiempo hasta los últimos 30 minutos que estuvimos allí, cuando rodaron una escena con tres soldados disparando con armas de fuego. Y sí, realmente era RDJ, un empleado de Marvel nos confirmó su identidad. […]

  47. Ok, I’m sitting outside of Epic Games and I don’t see any tents. There are a couple of moving trucks, and a couple of crew members. Looks like they are packed up.

  48. It depends on who you talk to…..According to someone standing out on Harrison Ave set stalking, there won’t be a driving scene……which is the first I’ve heard that. If they plan on filming one along Harrison and Weston, it won’t be for awhile. I imagine they will wait until rush hour traffic is done.

    • I am here at RTP and they are def here I got pictures of a gwen look alike or double, not sure it was her. You can see a rack of clothing outsdie, and tropical plants as well. No one seems to be doing anything! I’m going to hang out and see if they ask me to leave, anyone is welcome to wait with me

  49. The filming in Cary is continuing today/tonight on the SAS campus. There was suppose to be a car/race scene filmed along the Cary parkway but I heard that It was cancelled/rescheduled because of rain.
    I work in the building they are filming at on the SAS campus. Cameras started rolling early this morning in the lobby of the building and as I left work this afternoon they were filming a scene at the entrance of the building.
    I spotted a RDJ look-a-like in the coffee shop during my break. A possible double?

    There were many attempts to get into the campus to get a glimpse of the action but it was a closed set on private corporate property. ONLY employees of that specific building were allowed to enter the building or even get in view of the action. Even a lot of extras were SAS employees.

    It didn’t seem like there was any action scenes being filmed. Just a lot of people in very nice business suits.

    There was a rumor floating around that filming will continue in the Cary/Raleigh area through Friday.

  50. In addition to my previous comment:

    As we all probably know by now, Epic Games will be the “face” of A.I.M. On the other hand, the SAS campus is portraying Stark Industries.

    The cast (mostly extras) were seen sporting “Stark Industries” name badges on set and between scenes.

  51. I’ve heard that Gwyneth Paltrow filmed a romantic scene with Guy Pearce at SAS today. Is this the end of “Pepperony” and the beginning of Tony Stark and Maya Hansen?

  52. Guys, they are still here. I passed by their location in RTP. I tried to drive by but unfortunately security was tight and no one is allowed to go inside the building (they are filiming indoors). However, the security people are actually nice.

  53. 6/7 they are shooting today at 12 Davis dr, the research triangle headquarter building. Tents, RV’s trucks everywhere and lighting screens covering the front of the building

  54. wow! my dad works around there. I’m gonna see if my family would want to visit. Is there a place to stand or sit with a little folding chair? Or are you able to?

    • I tried to find a place to park but I couldnt find anything. The crew and everything is behind Bank of America. I guess you would have to find parking somewhere and walk. You can only stand on the side walk kinda far from the RTP parking where everything is.

  55. You can’t see much from the street and there isn’t any good close parking. if you are in the area, a quick drive by is cool, otherwise not worth stalking. also, near the bank of america are a good amout of camera trucks using in road scenes.

    • Gotchya, well maybe my family and I will drive by on our way to Frankies or something. Thanks so much for the info!

      • Yes go behind Bank of America to see the Base Camp and drive around RTP. At least you will get to see the tents and everything else.

  56. Yeah I heard they are filming indoors only. So not sure if it is worth it to go because nobody is allowed inside the building. Bummer. Also, I dont think Robert Downey Jr is there but Gwyneth might be there. When i asked the security guy if RDJ is there he shook his head, but when i asked if Gwyneth was there…he neither confirmed nor deny.

  57. Haha yea at Epic Games on Tuesday they seemed to get a kick out of us. I’m glad they’re nice people because that can be a tough job

  58. I just left. So I parked at bank of America and walked over to the site, I did a few walk by’s to see if it was worth staying and decided to take a seat, I sat in the grass taking pictures for about an hour. During that time I saw either Gwen or her double leave, and I saw either Robert or Guy arrive. The security guys finally noticed me in the grass and pulled out their umbrellas to block me from seeing anyone arrive further, then a security guard named John came over to “babysit” me and we talked for about half hour, The escalade carrying Robert/Guy left and I was guessing I wouldn’t get anymore pictures, so I left.


    • I don’t think your link is working. I get a message that it either can not be opened or I am not authorized. Do you have your photos set to public or are they set so only friends can see them?

  59. they packed up the set at SAS today. although the generator they had yesterday was gone, so I don’t think any filming was done. Anyone know if they’re still filming behind Cary Crossroads theater or if they ever filmed the driving scene?

    They’ll be back in Wilmington at the end of next week, so who knows? maybe they’ll be around the Triangle for another week. A couple SAS employees did inform me that they work with some people who are continuing some extra work through Friday. So that means they are still going to be in the Cary/Raleigh area at least through tomorrow.

    But, I think all the stuff they’re filming here is “business” related scenes so it’s mostly inside or on closed sets on private property.

    • thanks so much Angel! Is it OK if I post your pic with a link back to your Facebook page, I just want to add an update about today’s shoot, thanks again for sharing!

      And thanks to everyone for your updates!!

      • Yes go ahead!!!! I was surprised I was the only person out there today, I was hoping for a bigger crowd because you had such a clear view of the actors walking from the set to the parking lot!

      • Well security made a pretty big stink about him showing up- the umbrellas went right up so I knew he was important!!! I didn’t know if it was guy- but I looked him up and I know it wasent him, especially because of the sneakers- RDJ has been photographed in sneakers like those a lot!

  60. Haha dang now I kinda wish I stayed. But my family and I were going to spend some time together so we just drove by a few times. I took some pictures but most aren’t great since we were driving past. I also wasn’t sure if I’d be able to stay there

  61. I was wondering what the heck that case was!!!!! The security guard who came to babysit me pretty much told me if I had no camera they would have let me sit there all night…but that is stupid, why else would I sit there!!!

    • LOL Angel, they were nicer to you. They sure didnt like my 70-200mm lens that I had on my Canon. The security guy almost jumped on top of me. I thought he was a regular guy because he wasn’t wearing any tags or uniform. So I stayed for a few minutes and left… I’m glad you could take those pictures 😀 Thanks again!

  62. haha I would! I probably didn’t want to be alone but it sounds like you had company 🙂 Do you know if they’ll be there tomorrow?

  63. Well, he came over and pretty much put his umbrella infront of my view once RDJ was on set, so I didn’t see much after that 🙁 he was nice but I could tell her just wanted to get me out of there….I should have done the camo dangit! Haha, he said they were shooting at SAS tomorrow, I don’t know if he was telling the truth.

  64. He wouldn’t confirm who I saw and was being secretive. Caged has a facebook page and said they need a stand in for tomorrow, so they will be shooting, but I don’t know a for sure location.

  65. yes, it was a pretty exciting day!!!! I was hoping the actors would be like the Twilight cast and come out and do autographs or something. Maybe they need a really big crowd for that…or maybe that was just an isolated event. Either way, I’m hoping to see them around town dining or something, ANYTHING!

    • 6/8 more filming at 12 Davis Dr today. No time to sit around and watch, but driving through base camp area near the bank of America is cool. Ok, back to my 9-5

    • Gwyneth did say on her twitter that she had been out to eat in Raleigh, even asked people for suggestions on where to go.

      Congrats on your exciting day!

  66. […] An anonymous poster over at OnLocationVacations has reported that Iron Man 3 will be filming in Cary, North Carolina. Specifically, they will be using the building of Epic Games (who’ve made a few videogames you may have heard of) to double as the headquarters of comic book science villains A.I.M., while the S.A.S Institute campus will double as Stark Industries. […]

  67. Looks like Epic games is all packed up, they took the ornaments off the tree and all the cameras and lighting equipment is gone, guessing they are done there!!!

  68. My dad stopped by. A press photographer who was there before my dad was in trouble, and they asked my dad to not take any pictures; they actually recognized him from Tuesday haha. Gwyneth was apparently supposed to be leaving, but my dad was gone by then

  69. Checked 12 Davis Dr this morning at 7:45am. The only car/truck in the lot was one of the production big white trucks at the loading dock. Three crew members were wheeling a piece of a decorated Christmas tree through the front lobby. Once they spotted me they moved it out of view and I couldn’t snap a photo.


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