Confirmed: ‘Catching Fire’ will be filmed in Atlanta

The Buzz is confirming the rumor we reported a few weeks ago: the sequel to The Hunger Games will be filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to Buzz reporter Jennifer Brett, “The Hunger Games sequel will film in the Atlanta area this summer through winter, according to a well-placed source with direct knowledge of the project. Catching Fire, the second of the Hunger Games trilogy, will film July through December in metro Atlanta and beyond.”

The Hunger Games was filmed at various locations around North Carolina last year, but as we’ve explained, it’s not unusual for a movie franchise to change locations from one film to the next.

Stay tuned for more details as they emerge!

UPDATE: The rumors are flying again today (7/21) and the latest claims filming will begin on September 10th in Atlanta. Stay tuned!


  1. Interesting! I’m always glad to see more projects come to my city, and I’m a huge fan of the HG series. That said, I assume only the first half of the book will film here. Without spoiling too much, the second half really needs to be filmed somewhere with a very different climate; I can’t imagine how they could fake the locale with even the best greenscreen technology!

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  3. I’m obsessed with The Hunger Games and it would make my life complete if i could not only be an extra but know where its filming exactly in Atlanta! It would be greatly appreciated!! šŸ™‚

  4. Staying in Atlanta a few days in August and September. Would love the chance to be apart of such a wonderful production. I have some experience with acting as i have been in several minor plays. Not looking for a big role but just hoping to be an extra. Please email me with any details.

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  9. Hello there, my name is Hannah and if anyone has any information on becoming an extra or where exactly they are filming please email me at It would mean the world to me to meet the cast and be in the movie! I live in the Atlanta area so it wouldn’t be a hard drive for me. I have read all 3 books and love them each. In fact, Catching Fire is my favorite! If you have any information that you would be willing to give me please email. This would mean the sun, moon, and stars to me. Thank you very much!

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