Be on the look out for Tom Hanks in Virginia! ‘Captain Phillips’ begins filming today

Tom Hanks was spotted (with a full beard) at Charlie’s Cafe in Ghent, VA yesterday. The actor was in town for Captain Phillips which begins filming in and around Virginia Beach today.

This is the third location for the movie which has already spent time shooting in Massachusetts and Europe.

The movie is based on the 2009 hijacking of the Maersk-Alabama.

On their Facebook page, Charlie’s wrote that Hanks ordered the “Granby Platter,” which they are now calling the “Tom Hanks Granby Platter.”

Be on the look out for Tom around Virginia Beach and be sure to let us know if you spot him hanging out around town, or filming his new movie, via email at or in a comment below!

UPDATE: According to Andy Edmunds, interim director of the Virginia Film Office, “local filming for “Captain Phillips” will take place entirely in, or near, Virginia Beach.” Some filming is taking place on “open Water” and on “property is near the Oceanfront and south of the resort strip.”

Source: WVEC


  1. Awesome! thanks! Also heard signs spotted around Naval Base in Norfolk (signs said MA) sounds like they could have been for this movie…

  2. Tom Hanks said “good morning” to my husband while he was walking down the dock to get on board the off shore fishing boat that was hired to shuttle him to the location where they are filming off the coast. My husband works at the secret va beach site where the film crews are set up with dressing room trailers, catering, and all the amenities for the actors. The Mersk – Alabama life boat/ escape pod is at the location also and looks pretty cool on land! I do have pictures… but was told that picture taking was not condoned unless you are approached by the actors and assistants and permission was granted. Tom Hanks is very cool!

  3. Stationed onboard the USS San Antonio, and watched them film sniper scenes on the fan tail of the USS Truxton, scenes of the Somalians in the Pod & helos flying to the USS Kearsarge. It was awesome!
    I personally have not scene Hanks yet but it was Awesome being able to watch so close from one pier over.


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