‘AKA Jimmy Picard’, starring Benicio Del Toro, begins filming in Monroe, Michigan

AKA Jimmy Picard, a new feature film starring Benicio De Toro, began filming in Monroe, MI today.

The movie is based on a true story of a WWII veteran and Blackfoot Indian who used the alias Jimmy Picard and became one of the nation’s first documented cases of dream analysis and interpretation.

Though no specific filming locations have been confirmed, some filming is expected to be done at the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary campus, which also houses a private infirmary, in Monroe.

“Michigan doubles as Topeka, Kansas and New York City in this period film – another testament to the diversity and quality of locations found throughout our state,” said Carrie Jones, director of the Michigan Film Office. “Michigan beat out a number of other states for this project, helping to put our crew and talent here in the state to work.”

AKA Jimmy Picard is only the third film to be approved for Michigan’s Film Incentives this year. So far the state has awarded a total of $14,149,273 on $47,936,564 of approved production incentives.

Along with Monroe, the movie is also expected to shoot in Detroit this summer.

If you spot AKA Jimmy Picard filming in Michigan, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. is empire state movie to be finished?

    Well I guess it was a quick film and wrap for Empire State. Dwayne tweeted:

    On set for my last all nighter of shooting EMPIRE STATE. Solid & intense week of filming. Well worth it. Here we go..

    Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) June 17, 2012

    I believe he’s gonna start filming Fast Six next. Can’t wait!

  2. Does this mean the filming they are doing on Monday and Tuesday in Byron will include Benicio to be there? I work at Janelle’s Family Restaurant there and can’t wait to work my Monday shift to see if he’ll be there!

    • Can you PLEASE leave another comment tomorrow and let us know if he is there in Byron? I’m a huge fan. He’s been staying downriver, near my house and I still have not caught a glimpse of him. Trying like heck!

      • Yes, I would like to reply Jenn. I am also a big fan of his! I loved his work in “Traffic “but, he really won me over in “Excess Baggage”!
        I was at work , in Byron, so I couldn’t comment until now, but he was NOT there today.
        We had the times for the shoot but I wasn’t at liberty to give them at that point.
        It was 7am to 11am today and then again tomorrow until 4pm.
        The only thing at the high school is base camp. The actual shoot was at what was once the Byron area hospital, right next to the current ambulance building. They only had to block off about a block through town so, not that much of an inconvenience with us trying to get to work. Everyone was so cordial and polite and when they were customers, they were some of the most polite and best ones I have had yet! What a wonderful and professional crew! They treated us
        “locals” with such respect!
        Tomorrow the shoot will be at the railroad station for a scene featuring Benicio inside the train.
        Byron has such a rich history, and some of it Indian history; anyway, as it is commonly taught in our local history classes at Byron El” that an Indian was actually killed in the old hospital while trying to steal some bread. The town is also known for being Michigan’s capital for a day and we have had a nationally known nurse, of which there is a monument in our cemetery for her work during the war.
        The house which was once a hospital is currently a residence, and we got to talk to the lady who owns it today, when she came to Janelle’s. She was very happy to have them using her front porch for the shoot. Although a little inconvenienced as she couldn’t use her own bathroom during the shoot. We were glad to have her at Janelle’s to get the “skinny” on things.
        She has done a lot of nice things to the rather large home.
        We used to know Joe and Nancy Delbecque who once lived there with their two children. Their oldest went to school with our oldest who graduated from Byron. So, I have been in the home and seen many different renovations. Pretty cool old house!
        I live in the neighboring community but, two of my sons have graduated from Byron, MI and I work there every day at a wonderful family restaurant named Janelle’s. Please come in and try our food! You will like our staff, and our atmosphere, as well as the yummy home cooked food!
        We are hoping to serve the crew (and hopefully the cast, if they’ll come!) tomorrow before or after their shoot!
        Maybe if you come to the restaurant you will get a glimpse of somebody… or at least get to visit in a nice atmosphere with the people who work on the set.
        It was so AMAZING to talk with the crew today as I got to hear some of their stories as to how they got into show business, behind the scenes, and how they were affiliated with this wonderful project.
        It has been an exciting day to say the least, even though I didn’t get to wait on Benicio or see or meet the principal cast, I met some amazing and talented people who make movie magic for the rest of us!
        Tomorrow it is also rumored (by some of the set crew-no less-) that they will be making rain for the scene and they have some big equipment with which to do this.
        It find it ironic that they are using our small town of Byron, while making a movie about such dynamic things as a world war II Vet, who was also Blackfoot Indian and dream analysis; because our small town also has such a rich history.
        I also think it’s great that they are in Michigan, using Michigan workers and in our small town. For being small, Byron has a huge pool of talent that Hollywood doesn’t even know about. A lot of Byron kids have some really awesome talent in music, dance and theater.
        We have some older people in the town who also are very musically and dramatically talented. You would be surprised what you find in this small town filled with good, and kind people, besides the old time homes and railroad station. If you look, you may find a lot more.
        Even a great restaurant!

      • Jenn, Hope this helps you. We are headed up there in a little bit because the set guy told me he would be there later in the afternoon when the “rain” equipment got there for the train scene. Not a lot of room to “gauck” , so I am told around the little train station area. Shown in the UK first, I believe, when it comes out. A lot of French actors and budget around 9 million. Not as big as some but really big for Byron. They told me they’ve been shooting for about 3 weeks out in your area/ Monroe before this. On to Montana next.

        • Did they say any more about the Montana shoot? I hadn’t heard that, would be interested to know more if anyone hears anything.

          • I can confirm the film crew is in Montana at this time. They will begin shooting tomorrow somewhere on the Blackfoot reservation, but for obvious confidentiality/privacy reasons, I cannot tell you exactly where the location is. If you want to know exact details, I can reveal after they complete their shoot in a couple weeks.

  3. I live in downtown Byron, from what I’m told he will be or is in town. They are set up and camped over at the high school. Right next to the park

  4. They are currently filming in Monroe, MI at the Sisters, Servents of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. A mid-1940s bus with a Kansas license plate is parked in a lot to the west of the trailers. There was also a small guard shack constructed and used for filming, which has already been removed. We continue to see Detroit-based Chow Catering craft service truck coming and going. Other than that, there has really been no increase in traffic nor even too much commotion in the city about the filming of this movie.
    The location is the same that was used for the 2010 filming of “Jinn”, starring Ray Park.


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