New photos of Aamir Khan on the Chicago set of ‘Dhoom 3’

Dhoom 3: Back in Action is causing quite a stir this week among Bollywood fans in Chicago.

The film is the latest in the popular Bollywood buddy cop series, starring Indian actor Aamir Khan as a thief who is a skilled acrobat able to elude the hero cop of the series and his sidekick, played by Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra.

As we’ve reported, Dhoom 3 filmed scenes at Wabash and Randolph in Chicago yesterday, and they will spend the rest of the week filming from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on lower Michigan Ave, from South Water to Hubbard St., on lower Wacker from Lake Shore Dr. to Post Place, Hubbard St, from lower Michigan to Rush, and mid-level Wacker from Columbus to Michigan in Chicago.

Thanks to one of our Twitter followers, @MiraNedic, we have a first look at Aamir on set (above).

You can check out a few more photos from yesterday’s shoot below as well. If you spot Dhoom 3 filming in Chicago this month, let us know about it at!

Photos: Tes Photography


  1. We might have more info next week so check back on our site … as far as how they are filming since they are just starting it could be 3 more months but I haven’t heard anything for sure…

  2. Just received memo in office, they will be filming outside my office Saturday and Sunday 4 pm – 10 pm Clark/Adams, lasalle/monroe.

    • can you confirm if its Clark and Adams OR LaSalle & Monroe OR they will should in that block. Lastly, please confirm it is from 4Pm – 10PM. hope you are not joking with us and appreciate your help.

      • Guys, I am just trying to help fans, don’t have time to joke. When I saw signs on polls around my office, I wasn’t sure which film they are referring to but when I saw notice in building explicitly saying “Dhoom 3” I was sure. If you read other comments you will observe that I provided info to Dave and he did go to that location, verified that my info. is authentic. they are planning to film around that entire region.

  3. I did, Its right by my office.
    They are filming an action scene [cop cars flipping..] at lower Michigan under the bridge.

    Lot of people are there and the crew is not letting anyone go down the road.

  4. I want to thank everyone who are helping fans to know detail location of shoot… I ld say say it is kind of social service 🙂 .. I m also planning to visit location on Sunday.. Are there any actors other than Amir at location?

  5. Aamir and Abhishek are here. Katrina will come later next week after Ek Tha Tiger release. Today filming was at Adams and LaSalle but they were not letting ppl stand and blocked enough area around to get a clear view. Still managed to see police car chase, money dropping from top of the bank building, etc. Got lucky when AB (jr.) was going from vanity van for his scene. He walked right in front of me and got a clean shot of him.
    Heard tom filming is at same location but got 2 different times – (1) in the morn & (2) 4pm – 10pm, although filming today ended around 7PM. Any addtl info is appreciated.

    • I was there on Aug 12 till about 4:00 pm, didn’t see Amir but saw some movie shots like Money dropping from the bank, big blast next to Cop car….Did Amir actually come yesterday ?

  6. i am also today at shooting on adams & lasalle. any one know in which hotel they are staying & how long shooting in chicago.

  7. Does anyone know where/when are they shooting on August 19th, Sunday? My 8 year son is a big fan of Aamir and really want to see him.

  8. Hi guys,

    Appreciate your help on the D3 filming details.

    Wondering if anyone knows where they are filming today (13th August)


  9. Please let us know If anyone knows where they are filing tomorrow.

    Also, which JW Marriott are they staying?

    Appreciate your response.


  10. Yestersday, one of the crew member told me that they would not be shooting on Monday (8/13). But he might be wrong or not having the correct information.

  11. Hi Guys,

    I guess PP is correct. There is no Dhoom-3 filming today.

    I went to Upper Wacker and stayed there for a while. The black car with the camera and stuff is there but they are filming 2013 Lexus commercial.

    Please let us know if you know details about tomorrow (14 th August)


  12. I went to Wacker too and saw the Lexus commercial thing 🙂

    I read somewhere that today it’s on Randolph and Wabash! Don’t know how far it’s true, but I don’t have the time to go look now. Please post any info about tomorrow.

  13. Its at Randolph and Wabash today – just walked by the crew and set this morning!
    Sure, coz I saw people with Yash raj jackets on and confirmed with a crew member.

  14. 08/14 Dhoom 3 Location (confirmed): Randolph & Wabash. Vanity vans on Lake Street between State & Wabash. Filming on Wabash between Lake & Randolph (Parking Garage @ Benton & Wabash).

  15. They’re shooting some kind of police chase scene on Wabash between Lake and Randolph today. I don’t think Aamir or AB are on the location, But there are a lot of vanity vans parked on Lake between Wabash and State.

  16. Yes Amir was there today. The only time we got a glimpse was for few minutes when he got out of a car and started walking on Wabash then turned left on Randolph and walked towards a parking garage on randolph. He went up the garage for shoot but no was allowed inside. waited for 90 minutes for him to come out; had to rush back to work.
    Some more info. One of the crew guys said they will be shooting songs on Randolph for next 2 to 3 days. in 2 to 3 weeks they have shooting planned in six flags at gurnee.

    • That must be fun to watch. Looks like Katrina will be coming soon after Ek Tha Tiger release in India. I hope Aamir has a song with Katrina lol I am not that interested in watching Abhisekh when I am there watching them shoot without Aamir’s presence.

    • Yeah, I was there too. It was nice to see him, smiling and all. If only he took pictures with us – the fans. apparently he did yesterday. 😐 tough luck i guess

  17. Thanks guys for all the update. I hope I get to see him ‘cuz when I went on the 10th I could only see the stunt scene under the bridge and no aamir.

  18. just saw abhishek & uday 2day at randolph and wabash
    awesome experience

    info for 15th aug
    shooting still on wabash and randolph but inside the building
    so you can’t go in the building , but still can wait 4 them to come outside

    • well i saw abhisek and uday at around 7pm out of their sets
      idk if everyone is shooting 4 the same sequence
      just go there and wait ‘
      dont trust wat the crew people say because they lie to u abt who is there and who is not

  19. Hey – not a prob. One of the guys said they have it blocked till 10pm, but it might change ay time. And not sure which actors. Yesterday they said AB wouldn’t come, but we saw him in the evening. So, can’t trust everything they say.

    Anu – I’m not sure what time upto, hope your train ride is worth 🙂

  20. There are a lot of production trucks, a bunch of motorcycles and other equipment set up on the west side of the Union Station building on Clinton. Don’t know when they’re shooting.

  21. Yes there is activity going on near union station but its mostly stunt mens. They are also shooting at Wabash and Randolph today. I am going there right now to supply food/drink to my wife and daughter:). Will let everyone know if any actors are there.

  22. Well per Anu, AB and Uday is at union. Although AB and AKs trailer is on lake. I have seen AKs security guarding the trailer at lake so I am resonably sure that AK is in the trailer.

  23. aamir khan is by lake/wabash…i guess they will be shooting there, does anyone know where they are staying..and when is katrina coming to chicago.

  24. Guys I am just getting out of union station. Aamir and uday were there. I just got out of that place since aamir packed up. Going towards his vanity van wabash/lake to try my luck.

    • Anu,

      We just reached home..were you able to see any action after that? also my all aamir’s pics came blurry..:(((((((.. would appreciate if you can send me some including abhi and uday..

    • i heard from the security guy that it is going to be the same location tomorrow..but please check this site before you leave..

  25. Some stunt scene was going on near lake & garland at 5:15, but none of the actors were there….nothing at Union Station as well

  26. Tomorrow weather is not that good so if you are traveling from far only to see shooting, make sure actors are present and shooting is on. Looks like friday to sunday trip will be worth it and there’s also air and water show to watch along.

    • Does anyone know if shooting for dhoom 3 is schd for Fri, Sat and Sun this week? If yes, then where. I would like to see AK and AB- would be great if someone can post that info. Where else can we get this info?

  27. Looks like with the heavy rains, there might be no shooting today.

    On a different note, Aamir Khan has rented an apartment in Chicago and Abhishek Bachan is also going to follow him and rent one, heard that even Ashwairya & Jaya Bachan are to join AB…this summer is going to be a celebrity summer for all of us !!!! Please do keep posted on the apartment address if anyone finds out 🙂

  28. Is anyone aware of the shooting schedule this week??? Please let me know if you have any updates..would like to see Aamir…Thanks

    • Makes sense for the family to live in full furnished apt . and not to just rely on microwave of hotel and outside food for long time when you have wife and kid. Corporate luxury apts are much better than those hotel suite.

  29. Does anyone know if shooting for dhoom 3 is schd for Fri, Sat and Sun this week? If yes, then where. I would like to see AK and AB- would be great if someone can post that info. Where else can we get this information

    • I don’t there’s any other place to get the info…we’ve been going off the info here in the comments – basically we’re posting what we see around downtown.
      I think it is scheduled for Fri – not sure. Maybe at union station…not sure again.

  30. Just Saw Uday’s Twitter update, He said he finished 10.5 KM run.. I dont know where did he go for the same but seems like they are not shooting today and they are taking some time off because of the weather.

    Keep updating 🙂

    • AP did someone from Crew told you that. I was planning to take a day off to go tomorrow for the shooting in downtown. If it is not in downtown tomorrow then I don’t wanna go tomorrow to Chicago.

  31. dhoom 3 vans and equipment was spotted on randolph and wacker. no shooting was done as they got rained out they are packing up right now..but the vans and everything are still out. the staff told me that they are not shooting today and tomorrow are going to Joliet..

  32. Did someone from Crew told you that the shooting will be in Joliet tomorrow (Friday). I was planning to take a day off to go tomorrow for the shooting in downtown. If it is not in downtown tomorrow then I don’t wanna go tomorrow to Chicago. Please advise. Thanks for all this info.

  33. Can some one please confirm if they are shooting tomorrow in downtown? Actually I’m planning to come down to Chicago and my 8 year old son eagerly wants to see the shooting. I came last Sunday but there was no shooting on Wabash or Randolph.

  34. Jill,
    Read previous comments, they were filming on lasalle and monroe last sunday. Keep checking this thread for updated info, its not worth traveling far when you are not sure. So far no one has concrete info. for tomorrow.

  35. its hard to say any information we hear is an 100% accurate, 2 of the crew members said they were going to joliet i mean that may or may not be true.

  36. yeah and one of the crew members told me they are gonna be shooting in downtown from 7 to 7, so who knows, we will jsut have to see tomorrow

  37. Yea, I wouldn’t take any of the crew members words to a 100%….either they are not sure themselves, or it changes. Whatever, just have to watch 🙂

  38. The other day 1 member told me AB wouldn’t be coming for another 2 days — after 10 mins, he walked out of his trailer :|, so, go figure

  39. I just called Jolet Speedway and they are saying that they have NOT been booked for any movie shoot tomorrow.

    Can some one confirm where will they be shooting tomorrow ?

    Does anyone know where is aamir renting out the appartment in Chicago ?

  40. People who want to know where Aamir is renting the apt? – Do you guys have no other work but just to follow them where ever they go? Saath mein tatti karega when you know where he lives? Let them live peacefully when they are done with shooting.

    Thanks to the guys who are updating when the shooting is going on.

  41. I understand your concern but no bad words please..everyone is staying calm and talking nicely with each other..Can you please do the same ? You can raise the concern but dont have to use bad words..

  42. All the trucks have packed up and left from Randolph/Wacker, and one of the security guards said shooting is over today, and tomorrow shooting is in Joliet.. Obviously nothing is for certain though..

  43. People can only confirm when they are making the post from their smartphones while watching them shoot live. There is no other way to get confirmation unless you know the actors or insiders personally.

  44. The crew was setting up equipment near Randolph but due to low light and misty weather they did not continue anything. Strong feeling they will do some shooting tomorrow if it would be dry.

  45. does anyone know where the shooting is happening in downtown Chicago today 08/17? I am in downtown to see the shooting…plz let me know

  46. I haven’t seen vans/trucks at any of the regular locations – Union Station or Randolph/Lake/Wabash…
    If anything comes up i’ll post.

  47. it def looks like they are in Joliet. I have not heard of anyone seeing the vans or shooting information.
    dont know where in joliet they could be..

  48. Like I mentioned earlier…Downtown doesn’t seem to be the venue today…haven’t seen anything. I may be wrong, but as of now, I don’t think they are here. The joliet thing may be right.

  49. We all are going nuts about the stars , but they don’t have time to greet or take a pic with us. They more into their work I guess than looking around at their fans.

  50. Not True about Aamir, this guy seriously if you see him will take a picture with you, i mean he really interacts with his fan and appreciates them i have already met him 3 times ! and all 3 times hes being super nice! . I could see that being true about abhishek.

  51. I called Harrah’s in Joilet to check if there’s any shooting going on today or for the weekend ? They said no. I am not sure if they are not allowed to disclose or there’s nothing happening there.

    Seems like today is a tough day to figure out where they could be.

  52. Last weekend they had booked 13th floor at JW Marroitt on Adams. Not sure if AB and other stars is staying there. Majority of the Indian production crew is staying in suburbs.

  53. All of you guys are doing a great job at tracking. I missed the shoot when the crew was working at Wacker and Randolph. I work just few blocks away from there but I had no prior information of such a big thing happening around. Anyways that is the sad story of many of those in corporate lives 🙂

    Lets keep tracking and see if we can catch them all. The crew should be in and around Chicago for another 2 months.

  54. AK , AB, UC……..MOVIE Shooting is going on @ Autobahn Club in Joliet …… I waited for about 2 hours but since they are shooting at a private property they are not letting anyone in……

  55. Very impressive to see the Power of Social Media!!!!

    On a lighter note….this has turned into a Witch Hunt…lol

    Keep up the good work, I am very close to Wabash & Randolph so will certainly keep all posted for that location

    Lets see if we can locate them for the weekend schedule….

    • They are telling everyone the same who is calling them. But I went at the location and I saw all of them shooting.

  56. I live in the loop, I will try to find them tomorrow. If someone have some news about tomorrow schedule, please let me know, I can go and post, if I found them.

  57. Yeah, I read that too abt the crew being in Joliet…also I was in downtown and did not find any shooting or vanity vans. Guess the news is true.

  58. Any idea where they are shooting today? Are they back in Chicago? I have a day off work today but don’t want to waste a trip downtown if they’re not even there. Please let me know if you know anything!!!

  59. I met Mr Aamir khan yesterday in Downtown, he was very kind, talked to him for a while, clicked some pics. Very Nice man. Also got to see her wife and baby 🙂

    God Bless all.

  60. Just an FYI, one of our Twitter followers aid they are filming in Joliet and Peoria area through the middle of the week, can anyone confirm?

  61. AB tweeted to one of his fans that they are taking a break from shooting yest and today so they are downtown and not shooting till tomorrow. Just go look at all his replies on his twitter.

  62. Ridiculous movie. Not worth it. Worth one time watch on DVD. Storyline is so weak. I saw it over the weekend and I don’t even remember whats in that movie. Just remember the trailer which I saw number of times.

    They are wasting their time going to theater.

  63. Can anyone tell me about tomorrows shooting? I really wanna see abhishek please please help me out! I hv visited the city 4times n I saw aamir but no luck with abhishek 🙁

  64. abhishek was at big cinemas as mentioned earlier. anyone know the schedule for the rest of the week? are they gonna shoot in chicago? or suburbs?

  65. Well – I haven’t seen any vans/people in the regular downtown spots – Union or Randolph/Wabash – both are on my way to work…so I’d know if they’re there. Not sure if they;re filming elsewhere or still in the suburbs.

  66. No replies have these guys vanished. First few days were so easy. Does anyone know where to get details on street closures

  67. I hv been walking around Randolph/lake/wacker n there’s no sign of a shooting going on. Please tell me where the shooting is today I’m in the city until 2.

  68. I guess people have vanished coz nothing seems to be happening in downtown. First few days it was easy coz we’d see them by our workplaces 🙂
    Sorry, but no new info yet.

    For info on street closures you can check online, as in Google it. But for these movies, per my experience, they don’t mention street closures, coz it’s not a major impact. As in they are filming on like one side of the street etc. For filmings which impact entire streets they mention it online. – Per my experience watching the filming of Transformers vs Dhoom3.

  69. Money talks , Saahil Exclusive – Devon believe owner of Big Cinema too decided to do Private screening for Dhoom 3 crew . If we had tons of money it would be easy to get Pics with bollywood stars.

    ^Someone posted this video of Aamir Khan and it’s really cool to know that he’s walked around the same Mrs. Fields that I have! 🙂

    After watching this video, however, I noticed that the security is extremely tight and also unfriendly. I then researched a little about celebrity security and found that some celebrities pay $20,000/day for their security (and that’s on the lower end of what most stars pay!).

    There are two reasons I’m posting:
    1. For those of you who have seen/talked/taken pictures with Aamir Khan, how have your experiences been with his security? Are they always this rude or do they let you take pictures/get autographs?

    2. A friend of mine posted a picture of Abhishek Bachchan at Big Cinemas.

  71. I’ve bumped into AK twice till now – the first being at the video you uploaded…Yea his security are a bit mean, but I figure it’s their job…but again i was annoyed too. About pics and stuff, I spoke to his security guy and he said, hey, it’s all upto the stars. If they see fans around and want to take pics…they’ll ask us to stand down…apparently AK does that nmost of the time, but I think that day he was running late or something….
    The second time I was right in front of him when he walked by…and security said he’ll take pics after the shot is done…which he eventually did.
    I think it’s just a vicious cycle – they are mean and loud…but that’s their job,..but we still dislike them for it.

  72. Here’s the latest update I’ve heard for tomorrow:
    Dhoom 3 is filming around N Franklin St- N La Salle Dr and W Lake St in Chicago

    can anyone check it out?

  73. i did not meet anyone last night. they were filming a chase scene down franklin starting around lake. i only stayed for 15 minutes but saw amir on the bike with cop cars chasing him. my friend emailed me and said the trucks are still around ashington and wells, so i can only assuming they will be there today. as far as cast, i saw trailors for AK, AB, UC but no KK yet.

  74. Uday Chopra has posted a picture of them shooting in DT. Even abhishek tweeted saying that night shoots are worst b ut they are having fun riding these bikes for dhoom 3. SO they have shot whole night yesterday that means they probably won’t do anything today.

  75. I work in Willis tower. Here is the information I got from my company’s co-ordinator. This might or might not be related to Dhoom3-

    7:30 PM Tuesday, August 21st to 6:00 AM Wednesday, August 22nd
    LOCATION: Franklin Street & Washington Street
    FULL CLOSURE: Franklin from Randolph to Madison; Washington from Wacker to Wells

    7:30 PM Wednesday, August 22nd to 6:00 AM Thursday, August 23rd
    LOCATION: Lake Street & Wells Street
    FULL CLOSURE: Lake from Franklin to LaSalle; Wells from Wacker to Randolph
    INTERMITTENT CONTROL: Lower Wacker from Post Place to Garvey Court

    7:30 PM Thursday, August 23rd to 6:00 AM Friday, August 24th
    LOCATION: Lake Street & Wells Street
    FULL CLOSURE: Lake from Franklin to LaSalle; Wells from Wacker to Randolph
    INTERMITTENT CONTROL: Lower Wacker from Post Place to Garvey Court

    7:30 PM Friday, August 24th to 6:00 AM Saturday, August 25th
    LOCATION: Lake Street & Wells Street
    FULL CLOSURE: Lake from Franklin to LaSalle; Wells from Wacker to Randolph
    INTERMITTENT CONTROL: Lower Wacker from Post Place to Garvey Court

    4:00 PM Saturday, August 25th to 6:00 AM Sunday, August 26th
    LOCATION: Randolph Street & Dearborn Street
    FULL CLOSURE: Randolph from State to Clark; Dearborn from Washington to Lake

    4:00 PM Sunday, August 26th to 6:00 AM Monday, August 27th
    LOCATION: Randolph Street & Dearborn Street
    FULL CLOSURE: Randolph from State to Clark; Dearborn from Washington to Lake

  76. That does make sense for Dhoom 3 since they are filming night shoots and tonight’s location lines up with what we heard, thanks so much for the info!!

  77. Ignite, I kindly request you to please refrain from falsely getting our hopes up. For those of you who have read all 300+ comments, you should know that Ignite (or, in Ignite’s defense, someone using Ignite’s username) has posted that he once “saw Aamir and his family on Michigan Avenue…”, which turned out to be an untrue statement.

    Please be respect and be mindful of the fact that many of the fans are not teenagers, but rather grown adults who work hectic jobs hoping to find time in the day to travel long distances to see the Dhoom 3 cast and crew. Also, some of us may be 50+ years old who never got the chance in our youth to see leading Bollywood celebrities and are hoping that this year we’ll get our chance.

    So please continue to update all of us with credible information.




    • i was coming from Franklin half an hour ago… i saw most of our people waiting for see AK. cops were also there..also saw some more trucks coming…but there was no AK..or AB or UC…

      One of my friend visited there..he showed me the video of the shooting too…. he mentioned that they started around 9:00 PM.

      I am also planning to go there tonight with my hopes high to see him again.

  78. I think they will be shooting there again tomorrow as the street closures are for them as was the case today. We got to see Aamir….had to wait a long time though..and as expected lots of crowd but the security is super annoying.

    • Glad to hear at least someone got to see Aamir! My friend told me that he drove around Franklin, but there was not too much going on (maybe he was just there at the wrong time). Rai, which intersection and what time did you see Aamir? And, yes, I’ve heard that the security is very annoying. Was it only D3 security or also Chicago Police Department?

  79. Today it was at Franklin and Lake….some bike stunts and a bunch of police cars driving around a block at high speed. U’d have to see the list above for tomorrow’s closures. It could be the same as Monday & Tuesday were at the same location.
    We saw Aamir around 9/10 pm.We were there from 7 pm though. once while he was getting into his trailer and then some of my friends had a look when he got off the trailer to ride the Merc to go down the street.
    Okay, I will be there tomorrow again and since there is a lot of time to kill on waiting, I am thinking of organizing a small flash mob on a bollywood song if enough people are interested. I am not sure if it’s legal though but if there are like 10 people, then we should be fine, I think. Please reply if anyone is interested and we could plan out details. Thanks.

    • Rai,
      Flash mob is a great idea. Please post here if you are planning this. I would also want to be a part of it. I was there yesterday at 11:30 PM to 1 AM but only saw Abhishek and Uday Chopra. Aamir was not there. And they were going to shoot stuntmen for the rest of the night.


  80. Rai, you should defintely do the flash mob on Sunday, as no one is really going to be staying out super late than cuz of work on monday, you probably have more of a shot!

  81. does anyone know typically how late they shoot till? i dont have work tomorrow, so i can go whenever at night to see. i’m thinking the later i go the less people will be there?

  82. Hi

    I saw Aamir and got pictures with him yesterday. He started shooting at around 2.30 yesterday night. They will be shooting tonite too. I would suggest go there by 9.30 to catch him. They take a break around 11.30-1

    • Hi Seema: I was there last night too from 9 to around 11. But the security is annoying, they didn’t even let us go close to the location. Thankfully I got a glimpse of Aamir when his Merc drove down the lane. Is there a way we can go closer to the location? What is the best place to be??

  83. Shilpa..

    Yes they were annoying I agree…but i held on :)..he came out for a shoot on Wacker and Randolph at 2.30..thats when we cud stand on wacker and see him. He came and took pictures with the crowd and then we could go take pictures with him seperately between the shots. Abhishek and Uday were there too.i think you just need to be around..

  84. Friends,
    The schedule posted by “Man Jan” is 100% accurate. I watched the shooting y’day night from 10 pm to 4.30 am on Lake and Wells and when I left at 4.30 am, they were still shooting. If you go near lake street, there are posters saying that the parking not allowed until 25th Aug. for evening timings. I had snaps with AK and AB. Both were co-operative but audience was were bad to them. People kept doing “Dhakka Mukki”. In fact Aamir himself invited people to take snaps with him.
    The post of “Rai” at 2.34 am is also correct. I would suggest if you wanna see them and have pic with them, then watch the shooting peacefully and especially don’t flash the camera when they are taking a shot. Their security guys get annoyed if we don’t follow their instructions and then they spoil the time of people watching the shooting. All the best…

      • SB, if you could just link back to this site on your FB page instead of copying all of the content from the site and adding it to Facebook I would appreciate it, I work really hard on the site to keep it going and to give people a place to share this type of info, I would apprecaite it, thanks!

        Also if anyone does have pics to share you can email me and I can add them to this site as well thanks!!

          • Christine,

            I have linked to this URL in every post where I referred to comments from this website. I am just a fan looking to help my fellow fans discover stuff easily. If you don’t want to post any comments from this page to Facebook page let me know, I will stop that (but that would remove the links to your website as well). I have linked all posts (for which I got info from here) to this URL, let me know if you see any message that does not link back to this URL.

            I think the FB page is in fact going to be more beneficial to you as I have linked your website in the posts there and everyone will click on the link to check the content here. These users would not have visited this website otherwise. And since this page is specific to Dhoom3 shooting in Chicago it will get more get more targeted users than OnLocationVacation FB page.

    • You guys lucky, i went there one time but lack of information so didn’t get a chance to see any one. I will go again this week, will see.
      Thanks everyone to updating this page, it is really helpful for everyone.

  85. In fact, some people posted the info of Joliet. Even that was correct. I spent few mins with one security guy overthere. Fortunately he became friendly in few mins and he showed me the video of their shooting which they did in Joliet. They used helicopter in Joliet. At the end of shoot I took one pic with him also. 🙂

  86. The manager/personal care taker of AB was saying that Kaitrina is coming by end of September.
    A big big thanks to “Man Jan” for all this. Without his information, this could not have happened to me ..

        • hey tom since u know so much abt shooting maybe u can help me with a parking spot 4 2nite around shooting locations?
          any info would help (please include exact address / phone number 2 contact the parking people and rates hourly)
          it would be better if there are any parking spots that r free

  87. SB, Shilpa, and Jill:

    Excellent idea to setup a facebook page for pictures and videos! 🙂

    Because this thread has nearly 400 posts, I hope that you three support the idea to keep posts/posting on this webpage. Based on the history of the comments on this page as well as the current comments, many of us have found patterns in the timing of the D3 crew and therefore have been able to catch a glimpse of one or more of the stars.

    Though it may be difficult to transfer all of the information from 400 comments to the facebook page, I hope that everyone supports the idea to post pictures and videos on the facebook page, but only post words/comments/information on this page (one reason for this is so that we don’t have a few people posting on FB and others posting here). Another important thing to note is that everyone might not be comfortable using their full names/facebook to post on the FB page (many of the people who have positively contributed to information about D3 shooting have names like D3, SB, or Ack).

    So please let’s leave posting of information, comments, schedules on this page. And let’s give everyone the option (if they want to) to ‘like’ the FB page and post pictures/videos of themselves with the celebrities on FB.

    • I agree with you Tom.

      We shouldn’t stop updating this link. I got some pictures of the stunts yesterday. I couldn’t take Aamir’s pic though :(. His Merc passed in front of me, but I almost froze for 2 seconds. Wish I could have taken a pic. I’ll try to upload the stunt pics on fb page tonight.


  88. i want to know abt parking and if it is free or not
    can i get the exact location with address and rates and also till what time?

  89. You guys are doing a really good job..I myself saw ak during the first second week.of.the shoot on Wabash/Randolph.. he’s really nice in letting people take his pics. I’ll definitely be going Friday night to see ab and udhay… and we definitely should do something about mocking on Bollywood songs..maybe we’all get something outta it..

  90. Zinal,

    if you go in the nite, you could do street parking anywhere close to the street they are shooting could park it around wacker and then walk…they are mostly around that area

  91. Any Idea what’s the schedule for tomorrow are they shooting during or night ? and what time ?
    Really want to meet abhishek bachchan

  92. Meant to ask during day or night ? And how difficult it is to meet abhishek and talk to him for few minutes.
    Would appreciate reply

  93. guy, it would great if you could keep this thread going, I know a lot of people are using it (who may not even be posting and the link has been well circulated so it would be great if we could keep it up…also if you have pic or something that can’t be easily posted in this thread, email me and I can add the pics for you, thanks! my email is! thanks!

  94. PS thanks to all who have been contributing! Its a great thread!

    here is the sched from Man Jan again in case you missed it:

    7:30 PM Thursday, August 23rd to 6:00 AM Friday, August 24th
    LOCATION: Lake Street & Wells Street
    FULL CLOSURE: Lake from Franklin to LaSalle; Wells from Wacker to Randolph
    INTERMITTENT CONTROL: Lower Wacker from Post Place to Garvey Court

    7:30 PM Friday, August 24th to 6:00 AM Saturday, August 25th
    LOCATION: Lake Street & Wells Street
    FULL CLOSURE: Lake from Franklin to LaSalle; Wells from Wacker to Randolph
    INTERMITTENT CONTROL: Lower Wacker from Post Place to Garvey Court

    4:00 PM Saturday, August 25th to 6:00 AM Sunday, August 26th
    LOCATION: Randolph Street & Dearborn Street
    FULL CLOSURE: Randolph from State to Clark; Dearborn from Washington to Lake

    4:00 PM Sunday, August 26th to 6:00 AM Monday, August 27th
    LOCATION: Randolph Street & Dearborn Street
    FULL CLOSURE: Randolph from State to Clark; Dearborn from Washington to Lake

  95. Saw AAmir inside car (i was standing at n Michigan avenue crossing) 20 minutes back…He was siting in front seat, wearing same black hat, he didn’t look out…may be he’s going to Franklin for night shoot….just wanted to update you guys….i dont have photos to prove, but it doesn’t mean the info is wrong…i’ll keep sharing …help us all out

    • Th is correct. Yesterday (Thu night shooting) was happening at Lake and Wells – around 9.30 to 10.15 pm – there were stunt men at that time doing the bike scene. I was told AK would be there by 11.00. I went back towards Michigan Avenue and Randolphe (must be around 10.30) and saw AK inside car – I car took tun into Randolph so must be going towards the shooting site. Generally they have stunt people, followed by starst doing the same routine.

  96. Is anything going on right now….Is everything blocked off OR we can catch a live filming…..I wanted to see some shots or stunts live……….Please give me info….

    • Even i met with UC at around 1:30 AM ..he was roaming on the red light of Franklin, i heard that they take 11:30 Pm to 1:00 PM break…

      Also, for some time we were standing near AB’s van, i could see him (from the mirror of the van, though not clearly)…later on UC came out from it …i assume all 3 were talking as i saw Aamir getting up….

      Also, saw Aamir going for shot around 2:15 AM…hope this helps for late stayers….

  97. just saw ak and ab at shooting no pics though becauz it was not allowed
    good experience seeing little bit of shooting of stunt man

  98. We saw Amir last night around 11pm. We took few pics but they came blurry, I will gather what ever I can from my friends and post them.

  99. There trailer was parked on Franklin by Lake. When ever stunt seens are being shot and you don’t see them on the set you have to go by their trailer. He was in his trailer till 12ish, came out for few mins around 11:30ish and we got pics. We went back in his trailer after the pics.

  100. I am planning to go to DT tonight. Could anyone please suggest a good time to see AK? I have been reading all the comments and someone said that 11.30ish is a good time to catch them. Please suggest.

  101. Best time is 7pm before they start shoot or 11:30 pm to 1am when they break. Beyond fhis its impossible. Fhats how i got and thats what ak bodyguard told ne. I got a few solo nice clicks

  102. Guys tomorrow is Saturday. Most of the people must be free. How about we meet somewhere like in a mall or something in the afternoon..and plan out the flash mob..I guess we need to do it to get more attention out of it..whoever is with me reply to my post please. Thanks

  103. I met Aamir khan yesterday around 11:00 Pm. he was in his van getting ready but just came out to take pictures with the crowd. we were just 15-20 people..He is such an amazing looking personality..Loved few clicks taken with him. He was all into talking and he shook hands with my Husband….

    I met him at randolph and Lake..

    Pointer : try to locate his black Mercedes Benz. So if you see a vanity van and a black mercedes, stick there.

  104. hi all. i saw them filming last night around 1AM or so on lower wacker around the dearborn area. i was standing on the riverwalk looking in through the fence and got a short clip of abhishek riding a motorcycle in. i posted it to my facebook page but not to the public one yet. amir was there also along with a few of his stunt doubles. i didn’t stick around for too long though. however i came back later in the night at 4:15 or so and the roads were clear so they must have finished way before. i’ll go back out tonight earlier, maybe around 11 or so and see if i can find the trailors and possible take some pictures with them. i’ll keep everyone updated with any news.

  105. Hi All
    Reading all posting since week, going 2morrow to downtown… i hope i ll be lucky to see AK 🙂
    Do update if thr is any change in 2morrows schedule..
    Thanks all for ur inputs.. as i m staying in subrubs cant contribute much..

  106. My only sujjestion for those who all are going to downtown at night is to be careful.. It is not a safe place to be there at night..

  107. Shital,
    I live in suburb & planning to tonight, is it safe to take the kids? My son really wants to see the shooting,I went one time but no luck. Thanks

    • Jill,

      A couple of my friends have seen the shooting at night this week. They said that it really just depends on luck when it comes to seeing the stars.

      On the bright side, Dhoom 3 cast is here for almost another two months and Amitabh, Jaya, and Aishwarya Bachchan as well as Katrina Kaif aren’t even here yet!

      They aren’t shooting in the most upscale part of Downtown Chicago so it might be a little intimidating for your kids (depending on how old they are, of course).

      Personally, I am going to bring my kids when D3 starts shooting in the day again because I don’t think there is a rush (we have plenty of more shooting scenes to see). But, of course, the decision is up to you 🙂

      Good luck!
      Tom Paul

  108. I have been at the location since last 1hr. AK isn’t coming for the shooting tonight. My friend told me that He is attending some charity dinner at Holiday Inn, Skokie at 10pm.

  109. Hey guys, can anyone find out the daytime shooting times? I am sure there are a lot of people who would want to know this. I want to bring my sister to the shooting and she is a kid. As Tom said before it would be better if we take the kids during the day.

    Before they leave from this location, can someone please find out the daytime shooting times for the stars?

  110. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS before going to see the filming of Dhoom 3:

    We were watching some of the filiming late last night and by AK’s trailer earlier this evening. Neither the police nor security have any idea how to manage the situation and some of the security guys throw their weight around by saying it’s private property and that you can’t take photographs. They’re wrong on both fronts. The street is part of the public realm and it’s everyone First Amendment constitutional right to take photographs in that space. So, if you’re told not to take pictures, so long as you have a lawful right to be there, tell them that you know your rights and educate them about the First Amendment and that this is America, not Iran or China. Maybe you could print out the guidance below and offer it to them if it happens to you.

    For more information, see below:

    I hope this helps all those avid fans out there without whom these movies would have no audience and would therefore not be made in the first place.

    • Agreed I 1st for starters I gave up my Indian nationality to be here and we pay taxes. I was there all night from 9:30am-5am I was told by one of the crewpeople that I was welcome to even go by Aamir and asks feely for a pic and Aamir would not mind. One of the YRF lady name annonymous threatened to kick me off the set and no pics when I was by seven eleven. When Aby & Uday saw me & freelancer they were actually so nice & down to earth that they even came inside to stay with me & freelancer and took pics with us and hungout. Aby & Uday we love you man. We do understand the rules and for this movie to be a hit. I will also post that pic of mine after the release or on world premiere. The security that was hired also lied. “My name is Khan” and this is a real Khan in Chicago not SRK from the movie. I know I missed you A.K bhaijan since you were preparing for your secnes and saw you on your sets. Your perfect as a perfectionist. LIke to leave you message that the owners of Usamania Restaurant has asked me to ask you to please come there anytime. Thanks.. That’s all & Yes “Aal Izz Well” Best of Luck. S.H.K

  111. Met Aamir today. He came out of his van and greeted the crowd. However, some of the fans in the crowd were really respectful and causing unnecessary frenzy. They were pushing and pulling. This really caused Amir to return back to his van. Also, a strong advice for those who bring their kudos alibi. Please understand that there is giving to be some firm of pushing raking place in the crowd. Why bring a 10 month old when you cannot handle it in the first place. Aamir was happily greeting the fans and taking pictures as well. But this half wit fan ruined it fir so many of us who were waiting for nearly 3 hours. The kid almost dropped from the parent’s arm. Aamir himself git shocked and returned back to his van.

  112. The schedule that says roads closed from 4pm on Saturday, does that mean that they start shooting from that time or much later in the night?

  113. so I finally met him today . he shook my hand for a good minute. AHHHH I am soo happy and in shock. he is a very nice guy. I like to thank everyone who commented on his whereabouts and shooting schedule and tips.. Because of you all I got a chance to meet him.

    I suggest go tomorrow and stand outside his trailer. you will def. land up seeing him.

  114. Shooting cancelled just walked by the location suppoedly, and they are no signs saying no parking etc, on dearborn by daley center. They are taking a day off today, and coming tomorrow thats what the store owner inside daley said when i asked him if he got some sort of notice form city about closing.. can someone else confirm?

    • According to Aatdi’s post, it says: Just got notified. Shooting is not cancelled. They just postponed it. They will be shooting tonight starting 11pm

  115. guys i think shooting is cancelled, i mean there are NO signs anywhere, even if the shooting was at 11pm they would still have road closure signs already posted since they cant have people park in that area, if no sign people are free to park they cant kick them out than. again THERE ARE NO SIGNS to block the road.

  116. hey everyone.not sure whether the shooting is cancelled or not tonight, but their trailors are parked on wells right around washington.i just drove by about 30 minutes ago and there was a small crowd there on the corner, but it could mean nothing at all. im going to try and go back a little later and see if anything is going on.

  117. hello does anyone know where the shooting is going on, this is my first time going to dt. so id really appreciate it.

    thanks a lot

  118. Can someone confirm that they are shooting tonight/ shooting has started – driving to city & wan to make sure. Please no jokes

    • Can any one send the exact location of AK. Is the shooting going on today. Going to leave for downtown soon. Greatly appreciate if any one knows the info.. thanks

  119. Is the Shooting going on tonight.. Leaving for downtown soon. Greatly appreciate if someone can please send me the location of info.. thanks

  120. We r standing on dearborn and washington. Some people are close to the shooting but security is not allowing us to go close. Body double shooting going on

  121. Can anyone see ak or ab? I’m planning on going now but it’s quite a commute. Would appreciate it if someone could update. Thanks

    • shooting was going on till 6:00 am Sunday but didn’t see AK and AB as they are doing with duplicates now at Dearborn & State as well as at Dearborn & Randolph…Good luck couldn’t wait anymore so left…

    • Wow…. They should at least let people know beforehand if the shooting is cancelled. It shows how much they care about people lurking around streets at night.

      I work in downtown so if I get to see them shooting during daytime over weekdays then its fine and if I don’t see them, its still fine 🙂

      Lot of great stuff to do in life than to juggle around to see them 🙂

  122. Reached the place no sign of ak or ab. Everyone is on break. No shooting for another 1 or 2 hrs. Only stunt guys. Street blocked 1block. Can hardly see anyone. Thanks

    • Kavita!

      So sorry for if you didn’t get to see the celebs! I know how you feel–I’ve been dying to see them as well. On the bright side, they are here for almost another two months.

      So you’re next trip downtown will be worthwhile, hopefully we all continue to update with accurate info, but also make sure that we do so as soon as we find out 🙂

      Let’s keep our fingers crossed and count on seeing a few stars by next week!

      Tom Paul

  123. Shooting is indoors ab ak are not going to come by trailers as their stylist took everything with them they are not coming to the trailers

  124. Just wanted to tell everyone that you have all been a big help in posting accurate information on the shootings! 🙂 One of my my friends is practically in love with Aamir Khan and she got the chance to see him up close either Thursday or Friday.

    My family is looking forward to the future shooting scenes in the upcoming weeks as well. Please keep updating and I will ask my friends to do the same. By the time the movie is finished filming, wouldn’t be surprised if each of us has a framed photo with AB, AK, or KK sitting on the mantel above our fireplaces 🙂

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and hopefully many of us snap a picture with the celebs sometime this week!

    Tom Paul

    • Photos sitting on the mantel ??? That is go gay man. Sorry. It’s ok to get romantic as a fan, but publicly admitting it…dunno about that.

      • Haha alright, Akash, I guess I did take it a little too far! Let’s still hope to at least put a picture with one of them up on Facebook. Better?

  125. Where and what time is the the shooting today? Somebody Plz help me out. I wanna go see them today since I have today off from work. Can somebody tell me where I would be able to find AK today?

  126. Guys, the fans are making it difficult for everyone else to meet them. No one but Uday came to the trailer yeterday for 5 mins. The crowd just attacks all the stars so they are not coming out as much as they did before. I am not sure they will come to trailers today either, i met AK and AB and Madhavan when they were leaving for their car’s yesterday, AB came and took a few pics, but AK saw the mob and he literally left by just waving. I think its all about timing too, less people might come today since they have to work.

  127. Aamir was there yesterday at city hall around 1 am on august 26th he came by the window and waved at everyone for over 10 mins ppl that were waiting outside and soon after he left from there.

      • PK Talli’s picture is no surprise. As Arita pointed out, Friday and Saturday will always be the most crowded days because people are off of work and it’s the weekend therefore fans have the time to commute downtown. Weekdays should be much less crowded.

        • Tom Paul and Christine,
          I’ve not got an opportunity to see AK, AB, UC.really want to meet them but I think its better to leave those guys alone. By posting locations etc we are making them uncomfortable. People are crowding the scenes, pushing, pulling etc unnecessarily. This is bad for the filming crew, for the actors and for fans as well. We are seeing unexpected crowding.

          I would recommend not posting locations at all and letting the fans just figuring it out. I live in the burbs and I don’t really care if location is posted. Because if I go there, all the crowding won’t let me take pics. So what is the point of going all the way to the city.

          • Raksha,

            You bring up a really good point. We should all definitely control ourselves and remember that the D3 cast and crew are here to film (not take pictures with fans).

            Posting locations is still okay to do. Thousands of films around the world are shot ever year and going to see the shootings can be a very memorable experience for everyone–it’s a very exciting time for Chicago.

            However, there can certainly be a limitation on how much information is put up. I think that the schedule that Man Jaan had put up last week of the street closures was more than enough info for all fans. After that point, it seems like we may have started to impose on D3’s filming and lives by putting up specific times and street intersections that AK was spotted (“next to Cosi at 3 pm”, for example).

            Again, it’s up to everyone to decide what he or she wants to do (we can’t tell someone not to post). But hopefully we can all remember to control ourselves when we’re at the shooting locations.

            Tom Paul

            • The fact that people are swarming the locations at 2AM in the morning bothers me. I understand that we are all fans who want to meet the stars, but this leaves a bad impression on the community.

              My request to everyone is that to try and find different times to visit and not shout or scare the stars. If you guys push and pull you will never see the stars again. Do you guys really want this to happen? I don’t think so.

              • my kids want me to pick them up early from school tomorrow so we’ll probably drive downtown at 1pm and get there by 3pm. please let me know if anyone hears anything!


                • @ bollywood ####
                  I have kids aswell. I recommend that you confirm the shooting and location first before doing a early dismissal. So far they have always done a night shooting. Not sure if they will be in downtown @ 3 or later.
                  I like to meet the actors too but unfortunately due to the heavy crowed in the past, people like us wont even get a chance as we dont know the locations.
                  good luck. Keep me posted if you do see them. My kid wants to go but dont want to waste my time driving all the way to dt and not seeing anything

  128. I was there last night, the security guards had tight security outside the trailers after Friday’s fiasco. It is important that the people that are coming are respectful of the actors, if we are all quiet and standing there i am sure they will come take a pic if everyone is pushing and shoving no point!! they are leaving mid october, we should just be mindful of the actors when posting locations, this past weekend was nuts.

  129. I think people who hav already taken glimps of AK, AB etc.. should nt go again,,, as it turns in crowd..
    give chance to other people who hav nt gone…

  130. To all,

    There has recently been a lot of talk about the overexcitement of the crowds during Dhoom 3 Shooting. Arita, Raksha, Jay, Anu, Pihu, and a couple others have brought up this concern.

    The first two weeks that Dhoom 3 cast and crew came and shot in Chicago were very memorable for everyone. My own brother called me up and was incredibly excited that he saw Aamir Khan from a distance.

    This website and its viewers are only small portion of the Bollywood fans in Chicago. However, Facebook connects the entire world along with all of Illinois and Chicago. The truth is that ever since SB, Shilpa, and Jill created the Dhoom3 Shooting Facebook Fan Page (
    ), thousands of Bollywood fans have had access to the shooting locations and this, in my opinion, is the reason security has had a hectic time controlling the crowd. SB, Shilpa, and Jill had very good intentions, but things, unintentionally, turned in the wrong direction.

    Obviously, viewers of this site will share information with close friends and family, but the rate of passing information around will not even come close to what Facebook is capable of.

    1. I think that SB, Shilpa, and Jill should delete the Dhoom3 Shooting Facebook Fan Page and 2. viewers and members of this website should continue to update us with credible information. This way, shooting information will only be disclosed to people on this website instead of everyone who has a Facebook (if any of you periodically checked out the Facebook Fan Page, the number of fans increased drastically in a span of a couple of days: jumping from 30 to 300 and now 500+).

    Looking forward to hearing updates for this week (only on this site).

    Tom Paul

    • agreed! my kids are dying to see Abhishek just once!! someone please post a schedule for this week or tomorrow!


    • Tom – I agree with you. SB, Jill whoever crated the FB fan page, please delate it. It’s causing trouble the stars and the fans. Let’s continue to update this site.


    • Tom Paul,
      I didn’t create a facebook page. Local news (ABC, NBC, WGN) also showing the Dhoom 3 shooting on TV. I didnt’ even get a chance to see the shooting, my son is dying to see Aamir Khan and haven’t get a chance.


    • Agree with Tom. Chicago is already populated with a huge number of Bollywood fans and the word has already spread about the shooting via other media so no need to advertise and attract even larger and unmanageable crowds via FB. I’m sure they have hired only a limited number of security people.

      • i agree too becauz by deleting the fb page lot of people will look for the location on their own rather than relying on the fb page to tell them. Keep updating on this blog thnx!!!

    • btw this is nt a knowledge… this is a information… thr is difference between knowledge and information… 🙂
      here most of the contributors of this page are providing information abt shooting since day 1… which is helping all of us too…
      see the FB page.. which has lot of potential to spread all this INFO.. without contributing anything .. none of them provided info abt shooting .. thr is no giv n take policy… only take and take.. and the output is …see that FB page you will come to know how many people visited shooting location… who are nt e1 contributing here… and got chance to see them… and we who r contributing… nt e1 got a chance..

  131. Delete the page or I will report it to Facebook and your real account will get banned, you can not post things like that on fb

  132. I agree with Tom Paul – I was there when this blog initially started with the updates – it was easier to meet the stars and even watch — tw first two weeks security wasn’t so aggressive …and we met Ab, Ak up close…less than a foot in front of us…I think we need to simmer down.

  133. violating?
    7) If at all the FB page attributed to the crowding (which I don’t think it did), I think it has to be with the link connected to this website. So maybe the best thing to do it remove links to this website from the FB page.
    7) If at all the FB page attributed to the crowding (which I don’t think it did), I think it has to be with the link connected to this website. So maybe the best thing to do it remove links to this website from the FB page.

  134. Tom (and
    others who feel FB page should be deleted),

    Here are my thoughts on this.

    1) The FB page was created not to share location information by the minute (as people do on this page here), but to share the memorable experiences and see that on the beautiful Facebook timeline.
    2) Users who liked the FB page are not really trying to hunt down shooting locations, but they are rather just fans who probably like Dhoom series and/or three cast and just like that they are shooting in Chicago.
    3) The number of users on this page have increased a lot from what it used to be before, so its more likely that initially who shared it with their close friends had their friends share it with their other close friends and the snowball effect
    4) Last week was the first time schedule was posted in advance here, and you can imagine all the subscribers to the page would have gone on the weekend. I doubt there was anyone who came there looking at FB considering FB page was created only last Thursday .
    5) Keeping aside the fact that the FB is not intended to share location by the minute, why do you think its fair to share the location details on this page and not on FB? Based on the fact that this page is one of the first results in Google when you search for ‘dhoom3 Chicago shooting’, this page has greater capacity to spread location info to the greater public.
    6) Rai, how does this FB page violate FB policies? Can you point me to a FB policy link which you think it might be
    7) If at all the FB page attributed to the crowding (which I don’t think it did), I think it has to be with the link connected to this website. So maybe the best thing to do it remove links to this website from the FB page.

    • Copyright violation – without quoting reference you are posting discussion with person’s name on your FB page… which is the biggest violation…

      and b’coz of your page who hav nt e1 contributed on this page met AK, AB and others… how silly this is.. :))))))))))…

  135. I agree with Tom. FB page should be deleted. Let the viewer upload the videos on youtube and share it on this site. Alternatively, the creaters of the FB page have to ensure that no comments related to location is posted on FB. There should be no refernce or link back to this blog. Only things being posted should be videos and photos.

    Also lets bring this down a notch. On this site also, lets not post any locations and timings in advance, road closing information will be enough and should. Everyone knows that the shooting is in downtown and they can figure it out when they come to downtown.

    Too many comments being sent back and forth.

    Its hard to meet the stars and security is getting stricter since the crowd is growing and most importantly crowd is going wild. I would request that people who have already got a chance to meet the stars please do not revisit the shooting locations and give other people a chance.


  136. guys, last week was the only week where we knew the schedule ahead of time because someone got an office memo, this week no one will know we will have to go back to old ways of finding out if someone walks by and see it and posts. If you know anything, i would suggest that you tell people the day off like an hour before, oh i just walked by etc etc and spotted dhoom 3 shooting, otherwise getting the info before hand is not good, people are driving down from wisconsin, detriot etc. just some food for thought. atleast that way the crowd is not like 500 ppl!

    • Jay, any details of shooting schedule and location today? I plan to travel from Naperville with family after work today. Please share details if you know…




      • Hi Prashant….sorry but I have no idea. I was just following Man jan’s schedule till sunday. After looking at the crowd and security on sat…I didnt go on sunday…I hope I get to see Ak 🙁

        • Thanks Shilpa, ya hope for the best. I too din’t go yest due to rains and with kids wasn’t a goot bet. Want to go today so looking for some heads of location as wud be travelling from Naperville. 🙂 Will keep posted if get to know anything.




  137. That’s true..another reason this week probably saw many people was the night filming – more people are free and stuff…during the day, no one can leave work and come….so the crowds are probably smaller.

  138. I am in complete agreement with SB.

    I didn’t even know about the Facebook page till Tom criticised it in his post. Thanks for that Tom. There is such a thing as the freedom of speech in this country and, so long as nobody is breaking the law, everyone has a right to post to either this page or to the Facebook page. Don’t threaten or try to censure others. If you feel strongly about the larger crowds then do not preach but take action yourselves. Do NOT post locations to this or any other page, do NOT attend film sets as it draws the attention of other fans and do not post pictures etc …You’re as much a part of the problem as anyone else.

    These pages aren’t responsible for the disorder which has been seen more recently but it’s down to the individuals attending. That includes some of the people who post and read this page. As time passes, the number of people who learn of the filming will increase and so will the crowds. I witnessed everything that happened on Friday and it was scary because security didn’t have a grip on the situation and that doesn’t mean barking orders at people – that simply does not work.

    The fans are well meaning and don’t intend to create such disorder and, quite frankly, it’s not their fault. The crowd is made up of a number of individuals who don’t know each other but are excited to see their heroes. Conversely, the production crew on site is working with the police and security. They co-ordinate the filming and communicate with each other. What happens at the location is their responsibility and only they can prevent such disorder being repeated. They need to MANAGE the crowd effectively; that’s not happening. Only they can create a comfortable environment for all.

    If some structure was created for these ‘meet and greet’ opportunities, people would be more likely to behave in an orderly manner. All they have to do is give some printed flyers to people giving the information and rules. People can read them at their leisure while they’re waiting and they should understand that if they breach the boundary, the ‘meet and greet’ is over. It only takes one person to breach the tape and everyone will follow.

    I am not a ‘fan’ and do not watch Bollywood movies but appreciate that many others are. It’s a great experience to witness a movie being filmed and especially with friends who are excited to see these stars in Chicago. The filming of Transformers 3 in Chicago had considerably bigger sets, drew considerably bigger crowds and yet there were none of these issues. There’s a clearly still a huge gulf between Hollywood and Bollywood. They’re supposed to be professionals so let them do their job and manage the crowd. The actors have been great but, so far, they’re being let down by the team around them who probably have no experience of managing a Bollywood crowd.

          • No shooting going on right now. How do I know? Well ‘coz I saw all the vans, trailers, and everything else parked in the area that D3 is using for shunting additional vehicles. Where is that location? That I would rather not disclose for many reasons but mostly ‘coz of weirdness that ensues with each location related posting.

            • Hey Neil, am seriously interested to know the locaiton and have a glimpse of the shooting, visited location late night on Friday with kids and parents but couldn’t meet stars. Could you please share details?



              • Dude, all I said was that shooting couldn’t be going on earlier today since I saw ALL their vehicles in their storage parking lot. I don’t know where they are shooting on Friday or any other day. Sorry.

  139. Guys I do not think the posting of locations or FB pages will make any difference. The issue here is rowdy crowds who think these actors owe them something because they happen to be in their town. I have been on the set many times recently and all I can say if you all keep up this rude behavior it will only hurt us.

    These guys specially Aamir was with just two of his indian bodyguards when they started and now it has swelled to 6 guys to protect him from the crazy devon based crowds. I was around some of them this weekend and you had to see some of them screaming and yelling at the set security slurs and curse words for no reason. Seriously folks they do not need to do anything for us fans at this time. This is their job and let them do their jobs. If you all calm down and in act humans again they will come take pictures with the fans. At this time they are terrified more than anything from the crowd and delay of the film.

    Hope you all understand and get your acts together and then see what happens.

    • Where n when they r to b out today? I went out last night from 10pm to 1am couldn’t find Amir K. I don’t want to waste another trip to down town, coming from 40 miles away.

    • Where n when they r to b out today? I went out last night from 10pm to 1am couldn’t find Amir K. I don’t want to waste another trip to down town, coming from 40 miles away.
      Im not one of those fans thats gonna act a fool. Just wanna know real facts.

  140. seems b’coz of copyright violation fear person who created that FB page removed all discussions taken from this blog…. :))))))
    kindly remove that page too… as i feel earlier only max 100 followers were thr bt now on FB added 611… so it will be very difficult in coming days to e1 hope to see shooting…
    request to a creator of that page… to remove that page… to owe respect to all contributors b’coz of whome might u got chance to see them..

    • Firstly, unless the people posting on this blog use their real names, they can have no expectation of protection through copyright since there is no formal entity which can take the benefit. Secondly, unless the information was orginally created by the person posting it, that person cannot benefit from copyright protection as they’re simply conveying information which has already been distributed elsewhere, i.e. there is no breach of copyright. Thirdly, EVEN if an entity possesse copyright ( i.e. the person has used his/her real name and was the orginal author of the information being posted), so long as it’s credited back to the author/website, there is no breach of copyright. There is also de minimis rule which applies to this sort of situation.

      When there are so many fans who have still seen nothing yet, it is particularly mean spirited and shameful of some of the people here who are choosing to restrict the distribution of information so that they can keep and enjoy the experience to themselves. You should take no joy in scaring people who only meant to try and help everyone in the first place to the extent that they have removed information which was completely legitimate. If you’ve already seen them, time to move on and let others have the same opportunity that you have enjoyed.

      • first of all let me tell u yet i hav nt had an opportunity to see them… bt after watching and reading all this mess… i felt that FB page is really bothering to all fans and dhoom3 actors, crew, etc ..

        have u seen any1 created any page on FB for other shootings happening in other cities…abt which info is given on this blog… no right..

        then we should also keep it up to this blog only let people come across to this blog follow it and come to see the shooting… as this blog is the place to know abt the location of shooting…

        and look i m nt against of sharing information… bt yes i m against of creating a page on social networking site… that FB page unncessarily troublled every1.. intern it created mess…

        about this copyright… check the privacy policy of this website… u ll come to know wht i m talking abt..
        Web Site Terms and Conditions of Use… check Use License…

        1. Terms
        By accessing this web site, you are agreeing to be bound by these
        web site Terms and Conditions of Use, all applicable laws and regulations,
        and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local
        laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from
        using or accessing this site. The materials contained in this web site are
        protected by applicable copyright and trade mark law.

        2. Use License
        a.Permission is granted to temporarily download one copy of the materials
        (information or software) on On Location Vacations’s web site for personal,
        non-commercial transitory viewing only. This is the grant of a license,
        not a transfer of title, and under this license you may not:
        i.modify or copy the materials;
        ii.use the materials for any commercial purpose, or for any public display (commercial or non-commercial);
        iii.attempt to decompile or reverse engineer any software contained on On Location Vacations’s web site;
        iv.remove any copyright or other proprietary notations from the materials; or
        v.transfer the materials to another person or “mirror” the materials on any other server.

        b.This license shall automatically terminate if you violate any of these restrictions and may be terminated by On Location Vacations at any time. Upon terminating your viewing of these materials or upon the termination of this license, you must destroy any downloaded materials in your possession whether in electronic or printed format.

      • also check Neil’s response… now dont think people will share info/ location etc on this blog or on FB… see wht happened….

        • “first of all let me tell u yet i hav nt had an opportunity to see them… bt after watching and reading all this mess… i felt that FB page is really bothering to all fans and dhoom3 actors, crew, etc .. “

          If you haven’t been to see them, you are forming your opinion on the information which has been shared here. Before commenting, I would suggest that you experience the reality first hand.

          “have u seen any1 created any page on FB for other shootings happening in other cities…abt which info is given on this blog… no right..”

          This point is moot. If someone wants to form a Facebook page, they’re free to do so.

          “then we should also keep it up to this blog only let people come across to this blog follow it and come to see the shooting… as this blog is the place to know abt the location of shooting…”

          I’m not disagreeing with posting information on this site but people are free to post information wherever they want to. At least if anyone posts to the Facebook page, they’re not getting grief from other people. The value and credibility of this site is fast diminishing and that’s to everyone’s detriment. Although it would certainly solve the issue of fans turning up on location, it’s exactly what some people here want.

          “and look i m nt against of sharing information… bt yes i m against of creating a page on social networking site… that FB page unncessarily troublled every1.. intern it created mess…”

          How do you know the increased awareness wasn’t because of this site? Try to find the Facebook page on Google and then try to find this one. It is THIS site which is generating the traffic and increasing the number of fans on locations. I didn’t even know about the Facebook page till Tom posted it here.

          “about this copyright… check the privacy policy of this website… u ll come to know wht i m talking abt..

          Web Site Terms and Conditions of Use… check Use License… ”

          The Terms & Conditions state, “The materials contained in this web site are protected by APPLICABLE copyright and trade mark law”. “Applicable” is the operative word here. De minimis rule applies and If the information is credited, there simply is no issue. Furthermore, any information which may have been copied has not being used for commercial purposes. Copyright applies whether there are terms and conditions or not but it’s inclusion here is to protect against information being copied for commercial gain.

          It’s Neil’s prerogative not to post information. People can choose if they post, what to post and where they post. Nobody on this site is using their real names. If this site used Facebook Connect, I’m sure people would be behaving and posting differently because they would no longer be anonymous.

          We can continue to debate this but ultimately it’s down to individual choice. I hope you get a chance to enjoy this Bollywood experience just as I hope that many others do to. I’m not a start struck person so, personally, it’s not for me but I respect other people’s Constitutional right to run around and enjoy their freedom to watch, photograph and post locations (wherever it’s lawful to do so) and so should everyone else.

          • hi,

            i found this blog hoping to take my kids to a Dhoom 3 shooting. it looks like there is some argument going on, but can we all please forget about it and focus on sharing locations with everyone? unless you want to post information on the shooting, i’d greatly appreciate it if you stop arguing because i keep getting emails.

            thanks in advance!

            • Apologies to Jeena and others who are getting notification for my post..

              bt jst wanted to clarify..Sierra… pls read carefully.. “after watching and reading”… nt jst by reading i m forming my opinion,,, i have experienced it… i waas thr on saturday with lots of hopes to see shooting… bt intern thr were lot of fans…yelling, pushing.. which was disturbing every1…. crew was tired by telling every1 pls stay away.. stay back and watch shooting… etc….. and seen nothing.. 🙁 i understand every1 want to see them.. including me… i hav experienced it.. nt jst writing or arguing with u…

              anyways.. y r we arguing as this is disturbing other people who r following/ subscribed to this blog to know location of shooting… the person who created the FB page might b jst reading all our discussion and nt e1 bothering,,,

              so let me come out from this discussion… once again apologies to all for the notification email u jst now recd.

              Bye All..

              • hey Prashant!

                i haven’t heard anything yet, but my kids want me to take them to the city tomorrow after their school gets out. please let us know if you find anything out!


      • Bullshit Ignite. They are stored close to where I live and I don’t live anywhere close to Monroe or Clark. Stop confusing people with useless gibberish. Anyways it shouldn’t be of importance to anyone where these vehicles are stored. My point earlier was that they were not shooting when I made that last post.

  141. Stop arguing and holding on to info, just be clever how you are disclosing it.

    1. I think NO notice of advance shooting should be made public on this page.
    2. Only put location info day of the shooting maybe like when it has actually started.
    3. Lets not forget, we are all here to just see one of the stars, no need to get hostile and tell people not to come if they have seen them etc.

  142. i think that one should post the location on the night beforethe day of the shooting.
    PLEASE STOP ARGUING becauz we were working as a team n lets not forget that one stops posting locations it is goin 2 become like hell on this blog

  143. Thank you, everyone, for your help. I do agree that it is unnecessarily getting out of hand at the shooting sites. There is more than one way to do things – one can be civil which has a greater likelihood of making the entire experience pleasant for the actors as well as the spectators (thus encouraging the actors to interact with the fans and the fans to remain civil)…or…we can go about it the way it seems to have been over the weekend which makes it difficult for everyone – which can have consequences greater than we may immediately realize (we want Chicago to be known as a good place to film, right?)

    In my humble opinion, let the fb page be, that will sort of flounder on its own as ppl realize its not a source for information. Until there is agreement and understanding that we need to represent our community well and respect the actors, it will be counterproductive to broadcast info on such high volume sites.

    My .02 contribution. I appreciate your guys’ honest pointers as to the best sites to watch the shooting. I think, generally, ppl on this board agree what’s the better/safer way to enjoy this experience.

  144. I was one of those who came early on Friday and stayed till late to see AK. I hoped to take a personal picture with him or even just shake hands and exchange a few words. As the evening grew, more people showed up. Its alright that there was a crowd, but not alright that the crowd went wild and acted immaturely. Grabbing and pushing to get to AK was poor judgment some people had and that ruined the night for a lot of us and has since led to a lot of disagreements on this forum. My husband and I were disappointed since I had waited long and only managed to be pushed away by the crowd.

    I request people who show up at locations to be more civil and courteous. Everyone wants to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrity, but lets all do it respectfully.

    Figuratively speaking who knows, if we all form a neat line to shake his hands, the order we have might surprise them and encourage them to interact with us, rather than having his bodyguards fight us off.

    • I enjoy reading the comments section and stories about fan interactions on this blog, as if I am there with the people who have visited the sets (minus the rowdy/wild crowd). Please post the pics, videos and interesting stories on this blog. Even if some of us can’t make it to the shooting, we enjoy reading about the experiences.

    • Hilarious!! Especially in fast motion. Why would you bring a kid in a stroller that late at night and that too to downtown, like the kid is going to care 20 years from now.

      • I hear some people brought babies, at like 3 in the morning, diaper bag and all. I don’t know how I feel about that. Especially with the crowd as rowdy as it has been.

  145. Heard that they were shooting at navy pier yesterday, might be there today, if people are around check it out and let us know!

  146. Good morning all. This morning on my way to work, I saw the “special effects” and “conrad” trucks parked on the corner or michigan and randolph. Not sure if this means anything or not, it may not. the drivers may have just been having a cup of coffee accross the street. If anyone else passes by the area, give us a heads up if there is any activity. Its a pretty major intersection to shut down to film during the day, so I am a little curious. They were on Randolph just past michigan. Thanks.

  147. Just passed randoplh and franklin. The trailers and trucks are all parked there, looks like they might be shooting tonight or maybe even in the afternoon. Please let me know if you guys see anything.

  148. Dhoom 3 update: city of chicago street closure stickers around 1 block NEWS (North, East, West, South) of Randolph and Franklin – 4 AM 08/30/12 – 7 AM 08/31/12. Vanity vans at NorthWest corner of Randolph and Franklin. More details to follow….

    • Vanity vans at NorthWest corner of Randolph and Franklin. when i passed from there they were setting up stuff…So I guess they are filming in the night there…

  149. Just talked to 3 different film crew guys. 1st person said actors will be coming tonight after 11pm sometime. 2nd person said it’s just the stunt guys tonight. 3rd person said Amir is not coming. Take yor pick lol. Only thing for sure is they will be filming tonight. As for me I’m going home too long of a wait.

  150. Dhoom 3 on Randolph and Franklin tonight.. But not until 4am or so, also Today Aamir becomes the first and only Male Actor in the history of Bollywood to have been feature on the cover of #Time… Congrats to all AK fans !

    • Woodfield Schaumburg, now don’t go crazy folks. If u c someone, that’s harrassing a movie star. Tell them to chill. Da bears.

            • yesterday they were shooting in downtown. wacker dr. Saw Abhishek, amir and uday. They were shooting till 4am. Not sure if its rumors or what.. but they will be shooting @ six flags. Not sure when though.
              Good luck everyone with the long weekend crowd to see celebrities. I would not recommend anyone going with kids. It gets very crazy!!!!

              • Yeah shooting was going on last night but unfortunately could not see anyone 🙁
                Hope can get a chance to see them over the weekend despite the fact that crowd will be craaaazy

              • Yes. They will be shooting at Great America but don’t know when. There were casting calls for kids for the Great America shooting.

                • Just saw this on the casting website: “DHOOM 3 needs 16 and 17 year olds for GREAT AMERICA SCENE most likely 9/05, but could be the 6th or 7th depending on the weather”

  151. They are shooting by shed aquarium but they are not letting anyone in. Actors were not there as of now. I don’t know if they are gonna come. Good luck! 🙂

  152. Hey, just an FYI, I got another tip that are filming around S. CLARK & MONROE on Sat and Sun but I really can’t confirm but in case anyone wants to check it out jut wanted to give you the head’ up!

  153. I heard that he is gonna come late at night.. But no point in going DT today.. Security will not let u in any case in the shed aquarium. I just returned back from downtown and only got the pics of the bikes 🙂

  154. Dhoom 3 is filming around Wells and Wacker in Chicago on Saturday and Sunday night.

    Sign for filming on Saturday and Sunday also spotted at S Clark and Monroe , W Randolph St and N Dearborn St (Saturday only), and N State St and W Adams St (Sunday only).

  155. Yup shooting happened last night at Shedd Aquarium. We were there till 4:15, at 3:45 Aamir Khan’s agent asked us fans to come to the trailer as he will take a picture with all the fans. There were not many people out there and we got a pic with Aamir Khan!

  156. Can someone please let me know where and when shooting will take place? I don’t want to come down there for nothing, coming from surburbs!

  157. The actors’ vanity vans (AK, AB, UC) are at Randolph and LaSalle. They’re shooting tonight but it’s indoor stuff at Clark and Washington by City Hall. I already gave this info to the FB page to publish as well. Have a good evening!

  158. Today Monday Sep 3 , they have day off and having a unit party (private function, so not allowing public) at 223 Lake Street (Vintage Bar and Grill) from 9.00 pm onwards.

    Tomorrow is Sep 4 they are non filming and Sep5, 6 and 7 they are at Six Flags.