Friday, August 10 & Weekend Filming Locations including info for Iron Man 3, Blue Bloods, Labor Day, Olympus Has Fallen, The Internship, Dhoom 3, NCIS & more!

Here’s a look at what’s filming on location on Friday, August 10 – Sunday, August 12, 2012:

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Filming in Alabama:

Space Warriors is filming at U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville.

Filming in California:

NCIS is filming around 652 Mateo St, Los Angeles (7:00 AM – 7:00 PM) and 1317 Willow St (7:00 AM – 1:00 AM).

Castle is filming at Raleigh Studios in L.A.

Sake Bomb is filming at 1335 Willow St, Los Angeles (6:00 AM – 8:00 PM) through 8/16.

Ultimate Dance Competition is filming at 615 S Broadway, Los Angeles (7:00 AM – 10:00 PM) through 8/15.

Dexter is filming in studio at Sunset Gower in L.A.

The Mentalist is filming at WB Studios in L.A.

Mistresses, starring Alyssa Milano, is filming at 11401 Moorpark, North Hollywood (7:00 AM – 2:00 PM) 4365 Farmdale Ave, Studio City (12:00 PM – 12:00 AM) and 4312 Farmdale Ave, Studio City (12:00 PM – 4:00 PM). (Thanks @AlanBarrows)

UPDATE: 90210 is filming at The Grove in L.A.

UPDATE: Arrested Development is filming at Occidental College in L.A.

Filming in Georgia:

The Internship, starring Vince Vaughn, is filming around Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

The Walking Dead is filming on East Broad Street in Newnan tonight.

The Vampire Diaries is expected to be filming on Park Central Blvd, Decatur. UPDATE: TVD is filming in their studio at 2364 Park Central Blvd, Decatur at 9:30 A.M. (Thanks @anaisv13)

‏UPDATE: Necessary Roughness is filming  at the Atlanta Ballet studio on Marietta Blvd in Atlanta.

Filming in Illinois:

Dhoom 3 is filming from 9:30 am to 4 pm on lower Michigan Ave, from South Water to Hubbard St., lower Wacker from Lake Shore Dr. to Post Place, Hubbard St, from lower Michigan to Rush, and mid-level Wacker from Columbus to Michigan in Chicago.

Chicago Fire is filming around W Van Buren and S Sangamon St in Chicago.

Mob Doctor is filming around McCormick Dr and Dr Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Chicago. (Thanks Katie) There are also signs for filming around E 14th and S Prairie that might be for Mob Doctor too

Filming in Louisiana:

Olympus Has Fallen, starring Gerard Butler, is filming around Walker Place and Barksdale Boulevard  – A.R. Teague Parkway and CenturyLink Drive from Angelle Drive –  Walker Place in Shreveport.

Twelve Years A Slave is filming around Plantation Rd and Jefferson Hwy, Harahan.

Whiskey Bay is filming at Tchoupitoulas St and Canal Street in NOLA tonight.

UPDATE: 2 Guns is filming at 2809 N Robertson St in New Orleans.

Filming in Maryland:

‏UPDATE: House Of Cards is filming tonight at 7 N Charles Street at East Baltimore Street in Baltimore.

 Filming in Massachusetts:

Grown Ups 2 is filming at their studio (large tent) near Phillips Park in Swampscott.

The Heat is filming at the Spaulding Hospital, Inman Square, Cambridge (1575 Cambridge St).

Labor Day is filming on Main Street (near Wilson’ Diner) in Waltham.

 Filming in New York:

Royal Pains is filming in studio at Broadway Stages in Brooklyn.

666 Park Ave is filming in studio at Cinemagic Riverfront Studio in Brooklyn.

White Collar is filming around 29th- 34th St & Madison – Broadway in NYC. Signs also posted around 57th-58th and Broadway. (Thanks @WhoaMellyNYC, @Holly_Zebra, @MSiry @JessicaF2005)

Blue Bloods is filming around Spring/Prince St and Mercer/Broadway in NYC. They are also filming around the courts at Worth and Mulberry St in NYC. (Thanks @nydigitalmarket)

Law and Order: SVU is filming in studio at Chelsea Piers in NYC. UPDATE: Signs for Law & Order filming today on 23rd (btwn 10th & 11th) (near studio) too. (Thanks @phuqyhew)

Gossip Girl is filming around 60th-65th and Columbus/Central Park West in NYC (probably filming at The Empire Hotel). (Thanks @jamiesugh, @JohnnyBombola , @SHUTUPitsASH)

Made in Jersey is filming in studio (Steiner Studios, Brooklyn).

Person of Interest is filming around 5th/Madison and 63rd in NYC. (Thanks  ‏@mars_salazar)

Smash is filming on Chambers St in Tribeca, NYC. (Thanks @Sapphire902) UPDATE: Filming around W. Broadway and Chambers in NYC today, and at Times Square tonight. Signs spotted around 47th St and 8th. (Thanks @TheRealEliRey)

Colbert Report is filming around 51st Street between 11th and 12th Ave in Manhattan tonight. Colbert is hosting a concert at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, this filming is most likely related to the concert. (Thanks Jameson, @IronmanHulser5, @chickenstix104)

UPDATE: Golden Boy is filming at Kingsland Ave and Norman Ave in Brooklyn.

UPDATE: Boardwalk Empire is filming at Stener Studios in Brooklyn.

UPDATE: Elementary is filming at Silvercup Studios East in Long Island City.

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Filming in North Carolina:

 Iron Man 3 continues filming in Wilmington. Discuss with other fans in our Iron Man Open Thread! Iron Man is filming at National Gypsum, 838 Sunnyvale Drive, Wilmington.

We’re the Millers, starring Jennifer Aniston, is filming at 201 N. Front Street, 221 N. Front Street, and 100 Princess St in Wilmington overnight.

Revolution is filming at Anderson St and Fanning St, Wilmington.

Filming in Philadelphia:

UPDATE Paranoia is filming at Arbor Hill in Whitemarsh, PA (private estate) today and Monday. (Thanks Linda, Patch, Glamorosi, & all of our tipters!)

Filming in Texas:

A Night in Old Mexico, a.k.a. Skydance, starring Robert Duvall, is filming at E 6th and E. Jackson in Brownville.

Filming in the U.K.:

Maleficent is filming at Ashridge Estate all week.

The Counselor is filming at Waddesdon Manor.

Weekend Filming Locations:

Archer Black Film is filming at 1333 Willow St – 1335 Willow St, Los Angeles (7:00 AM – 7:00 PM) on Saturday and Sunday.

Star Audition is filming at 743 S Lucerne Blvd, Los Angeles (9:00 AM – 9:00 PM) on Sunday.

Underemployed is filming at North State St and E Erie St in Chicago on Saturday and at N Wells St and W Grand Ave on Sunday.

UPDATE: Mission Dawn filming near Sutton and Nassau Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on Saturday.

UPDATE: Dhoom 3 is definitely filming on LaSalle (around Monroe) and Clark and Adams in Chicago on Saturday, and likely Sunday, from 4:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.

UPDATE: Safe Haven is filming on E Moore Street from Howe to Ferry Rd in Southport on Saturday. (Thanks ‏@neal09)

UPDATE: 2 Guns is filming at Sanctuary Dr and Heerman St in New Orleans on Saturday.

UPDATE: A Night In Old Mexico is filming around 13th Street and Elizabeth St in Brownsville, TX on Saturday.

UPDATE: Something called Awesome Town is filming at Washington Square South and La Guardia Place in NYC on Saturday. (Thanks @Holly_Zebra)

** A LOT of people have been asking about Glee filming in NYC this weekend (in an interview someone aid they were filming in NYC this weekend), I suspect this (Awesome Town) might be it, but I CAN NOT confirm. There was a pilot called Awesometown filming in the Spring but the show was not picked up so I think this is a “code name” for something. If anyone can check it out, please let us know. I have received dozens (maybe hundreds) of requests for info re: Glee so any help would be appreciated, thanks!)

UPDATE: Clean Ops is filming at S Grand Ave & W 8th St in Los Angeles (11:00 AM – 11:00 PM) on Sunday.

Thanks to @p3jamie for sharing these pic she took on the set of Smash in NYC! If you have a celeb photo to share, let us know at!


  1. I didn’t have too many locations for the weekend so I combined the weekend list in with this one. I am sure I’ll have updates in the morning so pls check back, if you have any info, let us know, thanks!

  2. Do you guys think Gossip Girl would still be filming around 6/7 tonight? My guess would be no but just wanted to get your guys’ opinion; I’m a huge fan and stuck at work all day!! 🙁

  3. FYI: Someone said The Vampire Diaries will be filming at pennington street off of highway 36 coming from the square in Covington, GA for the next three days, but the person who said they were in studio today seemed pretty sure about it and they don’t film on weekends so I guess I’m not sure how accurate this is.

  4. FYI:Dhoom 3 filming around Saturday and Sunday 4 pm – 10 pm Clark/Adams, lasalle/monroe in Chicago (info was posted in a different thread)

  5. Wow. Gossip Girl filming locations are popular among OLV readers. Seeing the comments about Gossip Girl makes me wish I lived in NY. So sad production will wrap before the end of this year.

  6. I wanna say the nicest celebrity is channing datum,will smith,mark buffalo the worst very easily is joseph gordon levett he is very rude to ev1

  7. I would really love any information about whether or not Glee is filming in NYC this weekend! If you have any please pass it along 🙂

  8. I was in Covington today and went past Pennington St – they had filmed there yesterday and were just breaking down the sets and loading up today so it looks like they’re done at that location for the time being.
    Also, Ian was spotted by a friend of mine outside the studio this afternoon so it looks like your first tip was most accurate! Thanks, PLEASE continue to post as much Vampire Diaries info as possible, still trying to find them actually filming!

  9. I’ll do a post about Glee but I am VERY hesitant to say anything… the last three times we’ve had Glee tips they’ve been bad…but I will do a post with the interview where they say they are filming this weekend so ppl at least know why everyone expect them to be filming…

  10. read my notes are glee added tot he pot above its the bet I’ve got I haven’t heard of any locations at this point….maybe we’ll hear more tomorrow

  11. About Glee in NY and the signs, when in CA signs for Glee say WMHS (William McKinley HS); I don’t know if they change it for NY, but if anyone sees signs that say WMHS, I can say with about 100% certainty that’s Glee.

  12. As far as I know Labor Day, Gosip Girl and 90210 are not filming thi weekend…

    Glee is indeed at Washington Square Park!

  13. I’ll be following Glee (and any other updates I get at if you guys want to keep an eye on our feed, thanks!

  14. I saw that Josh Hutcherson’s hair is blonde again, so does this mean that filming is already starting or going to start pretty soon for Catching Fire?? Anyone know anything more specific about this??

  15. Rest of #GleeinNYC info for Sun: RT @Kissmeharry97 @olv glee tomorrow times square, 14th st 9th ave, city hall, and battery park

  16. right now there havent been any sign of glee that info came from call sheets which are always subject to change…I’ll be tweeting updates I hear throughout the day so keep an eye on my twitter…


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