Top Ten Fan Photos From The Set Of ‘Glee’ In NYC on August 11 & August 12, 2012

Lea and Dean filming in Washington Square Park from @falcongirl35

This weekend the cast of Glee, including Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Dean Geyer, and Cory Monteith, took New York City by storm when they shot scenes for the show’s upcoming season in Washington Square Park, Times Square, City Hall, and Battery Square Park!

Of course our Twitter followers were all over it and kept us posted with the latest scoop and pics from the set all weekend! Below are the Top 10 photos we received from Glee fans on Saturday and Sunday.

If you missed Glee in NYC this weekend, don’t worry, according to Lea Michele half of her storyline will be shot in NYC this season so they are sure to be back in the city soon!

Thanks again to all of our followers who shared their pics! If you have any scoop about Glee, or any project, filming in NYC, let us know about it at!

Lea and Cory filming in Battery Park from Emma

Cory and @boopsy429

Lea in Washington Square Park from Amanda

Lea in Washington Square Park from Amy

@Kissmeharry97 and Dean

Chris from @boopsy429

Cory from @boopsy429

Lea and Chris filming near City Hall from @boopsy429

@AlliHeathe and Dean

UPDATE: Here is another Flickr Set of photos of Lea at City Hall we just received from @fe505 and a new video from @phuqyhew.


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