Fan photos from the NYC premiere of ‘The Bourne Legacy’

Back on July 30, Director Tony Gilroy, and stars Rachel Weisz (with husband Daniel Craig), Edward Norton,
Louis Ozawa Changchien, and, of course, Jeremy Renner, attended the world premiere of The Bourne Legacy in New York City.

One of our contributors, Denise, stopped by and said Jeremy was the only star to cross the street and say hi to fans. She said he “signed [autographs] for the entire line, which was very long. He seemed very friendly as he was chatting with people and smiling a lot.”

One of our Twitter followers, @101bored, also checked out the premiere and sent us more photos which you can check out below:

Thanks so much to @101bored and Denise for sharing their pics! If you have celeb photos to share, let us know about it at!


  1. Any word on filming “Saving Mr. Banks”? Colin Farrell is co/starring as Travers father, in flash back to Australia of over 100 years ago. Filming in California, but probably a back-lot for these period settings. In an interview he said he had 10 days of shooting of his part.


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