‘Scary Movie 5’ begins filming in Atlanta, GA tomorrow

The fifth installment of the Scary Movie franchise begins filming tomorrow (September 4) in Atlanta.

Scary Movie 5 stars Ashley Tisdale (series regular Anna Faris won’t be returning), and Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan who will reportedly get killed off early in the movie.

The movie kicks off filming in Castleberry Hill on Tuesday at 200 Walker St, between Fair and Nelson Sts, Atlanta.

Scary Movie 5 is just one of the high profile projects filming in Atlanta this fall. The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire will also be in town this month.

If you spot a movie or TV Show filming in Atlanta, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. I live in the general area it’s being shot at. I’m not talking about in metro Atlanta, but I live like a mile from the goodwill they’re parking in. They are right down the street from my High School, and they have base camp throughout the goodwill parking lot. It’s a lot of trailers, and at 9:30, it’s not active at all. To be honest, driving by, and even coming up close, It was difficult to tell what it was. But it was organized, and easy to recognize trailers. The neighborhood it’s being shot in is Avenshire, close to Mabry Middle School, all in Marietta, Georgia.

    • The Lady who owns the pool and chemical place behind Brusters on Shallowford and Trickum Road actually has the film being made at her house in the neiborhood behind the movie theaters on gordy pkwy. They paid her ALOT of money to use her house while she stays with relative for 9 months. Which she used to add on to her store.They completely destroyed and rebuilt the inside of the house to the specs they wanted and part of the contract is that she will get her house back exactly how she wants it down to the paint color and cabinates. They are making all the neibors mad because at night they film but they turn on these Massive lights so it makes it look like day light inside the house. And one deal was that she wanted was a movie poster signed by all the actors, and director to go in her theater room

  2. I was wondering what all that was in the parking lot mentioned above was all about. It was a lot more active today at 7 pm. Even saw a police car prop on being towed out of the area, I would guess to the filming sight. There was a lot of people mulling around getting ready to work I would assume. My children take music lessons there next to the Goodwill. All one person I spoke with knew was a scary kind of movie was being filmed near by and this was the base so I started to google ,movies filming in Atlanta and found this sight.. Thanks now my curiosity is resolved.

  3. A girlfriend ran into Charlie Sheen at the gas station by their home base. My sister and I saw Ashley Tisdale(sp?) while on our walk today, she was the passenger in a van being taken from the set back to Base Camp

  4. I work across the road from this production site. I work at the emissions station behind marathon just a few hundred feet from the site. The location is on the corner of Shallowford Road and Trickum Road in the Goodwill parking lot. 🙂


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