Where to catch ‘Catching Fire’ filming around Atlanta

On Monday filming officially began on the follow up to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, around Atlanta and, surprisingly, so far there has been little fanfare surrounding the shoot.

Here’s what we know so far about where they might be filming over the next few weeks:

As of this morning there were still signs and arrows pointing to the GWCC though we can’t confirm they are definitely filming at this location this week. Some people have told us they are only holding auditions here, others have said it will be one of the film’s main locations so, for now, the jury’s still out on this one.

In addition to the GWCC we’ve heard from a few sources that filming is (or will soon be) taking place at The Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta as well as Amicalola Falls in Dawsonville.

As for the cast, they seem to be spending a lot of time in North Druid Hills, where it is rumored they are staying for the duration of the shoot.

According to a source on the set, Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence were both there yesterday and Jennifer was spotted working with the bow and arrow.

And, as we’ve mentioned, CL Casting is still handling all of the movie’s extras casting (under the title The Idiom).

If you spot The Hunger Games: Catching Fire filming around Atlanta (signs say “GGX” so be on the lookout!) share your scoop with other fans in the comments below. Hopefully we can use this post as an Open Comments Thread to swap stories and tips! If you’d rather keep your info anonymous, let us know about it privately by emailing us at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

Finally, Here is the official pres release from Lionsgate about the shoot, including info about a new set visit sweepstakes for fans!


Lionsgate Announces Start Of Principal Photography And Set Visit Sweepstakes For Fans

SANTA MONICA, CA (September 10, 2012)- LIONSGATE® (NYSE: LGF), a leading global entertainment company, today announced the start of principal photography on the highly anticipated sequel to the worldwide blockbuster film THE HUNGER GAMES. Beginning today, THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE will shoot primarily in existing locations in and near Atlanta, Georgia. The film will subsequently be shot on location in the beaches and jungles of Hawaii before wrapping in late December, 2012.

THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE will be released worldwide on November 22, 2013, and stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Lenny Kravitz, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Jeffrey Wright, with Stanley Tucci and Donald Sutherland.

Said Lionsgate’s President of Production Eric Feig, who is overseeing the production on behalf of the studio, “We are so excited to be embarking on this adventure with Francis Lawrence, who has already exhibited immense creative vision and resourcefulness in casting the film and planning its look and feel. The stakes are raised in every way in this second story, and we are thrilled to get the production underway in these perfect locations, with our excellent returning cast and some world class actors in new roles.”

“Lionsgate has been a longtime partner of Georgia’s entertainment industry being the first production company to take advantage of our film tax incentives in 2005. The fact that they are continuing to bring productions including this high profile franchise to Georgia reaffirms their commitment to our talented crew, diverse locations and accessibility,” said Georgia Department of Economic Development Commissioner Chris Cummiskey.

Lionsgate also announces a global set visit sweepstakes. “THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE- Win a Trip to Set” will run September 10th through October 12th 2012, offering twelve lucky fans a chance to visit the set of the film and interact the with cast and crew. To enter, fans based in the participating territories (the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Russia, Israel, and Japan) will upload a :30 second video of their top question for the film’s cast. Additionally, “virtual” citizens of Panem will be able to enter by playing The Hunger Games Adventures – one of the top adventure games on Facebook and coming soon to iPad. Full rules and regulations are posted on the contest Facebook tab, and at www.catchingfiresweeps.com.

Thanks to @Peachyscoop and all of our tipsters for the tips and updates about the shoot so far!

UPDATE: They will also be filming at the at the Clayton County International Park “several times throughout late October and November.”

UPDATE: #2: Through the end of September they will be filming at/around the “Brown Lot” near the GWCC/Dome in Atlanta.

UPDATE #3: As of 9/18 trailers are gone at GWCC (though it sounds like there is still some equip there so they will likely be back) and it sounds like they are filming at the Swan House in Atlanta for the next couple of weeks. Details can be found here about the Swan House shoot.


  1. My friend and I loitered around the GWCC this afternoon. We didn’t see any GGX signs posted but there were security guards stationed in the lobby of the one of the exhibition halls (the other two halls were deserted.)

    • It is common to post security guards up to a week or more prior to filming scenes.
      Usually the guards are there just to ensure that no one walks into a ‘hot set’.

      For example when the Sundance Channel filmed “rectify” in Griffin, Georgia (which is about 30-40 minutes drive south of Atlanta), they would post security guards at the filming sites up to two days in advance, on average. The guards covered the exterior of the set; one, for instance, was stationed in an alleyway behind what later became a bookstore while another was around the corner at the other end of the street guarding equipment from the production studio.

      I can tell you from personal experience and from what I know of how this works internally that if you witnessed security guards within the GWCC and there were no major events going on, that this is a good sign. It’s a sign that filming will take place soon – and very soon. Probably within two to three days. The guards don’t come cheap….there are private security firms that get contracted, but nine times out of ten the guards that work for them are off-duty police officers moonlighting, retired police or part-timers that are P.O.S.T. certified. These guys can’t really arrest anyone, but they have the power to detain you and call the real law in if you decide to get too nosy.

      So if you saw the guards, watch out. You might have a hot set nearby. Plus the guards are usually told to keep lookers away (especially for a project as secret as Hunger Games — CL Casting is threatening to castrate/neuter any one of their extras that so much as mention the project) and if you get within their view and they are bored – most usually are – you risk being confronted.

      Your best view is to engage the guards in conversation but don’t mention Hunger Games directly. Just say you are in the area often and it’s unusual to find them there. Maybe see if you can slip in a question about filming (since so much gets filmed in Atlanta now). If they bite, gently probe them to see if you can find out when filming takes place. I have found that one of the better questions to ask a lone security guard is “When is filming going to take place?” You can get away with this because all you have to do is add on that you don’t want to walk onto a hot set or get in the way of a film production. Because you’re coming across as polite and concerned about the project that is basically helping to pay that guard’s salary, they’ll usually answer you truth. And that’s all you need, the rest can be found out as a re-confirmed source through sites like this one, the local media (no way can a Hunger Games or Scary Movie 5 get past a newspaper or radio station) or even City Council or County Commission meeting.

      An example of that would be the City of Newnan in Georgia. Newnan, and subsequently it’s next-door neighbor Senoia, are both being filmed using Walking Dead as I type this (perhaps literally). Well if you go back a month or two and you read the older Newnan City Council meetings (and the County Commission meeting minutes, you will see where the production company gets granted permission to close off streets to film.

      It’s not THAT difficult to “break through” a silent production. But beware of the consequences — CL Casting has fired several background extras as of September 10th and all because CL found out that those extras had discussed “IDIOM” aka Hunger Games 2.

  2. According to a friend who works at the venue, Catching Fire will also be shooting at the Cobb Energy Centre. I’m not sure when. The same friend told me that they will be removing several rows of seats from the theatre and using CGI and green screen to transform it into an outdoor venue for the movie.

    • Oooh, if you hear any details, please do share. I live in that area, and although film sets aren’t usually my scene, I might have to drive by. *g* (Fun fact for non-locals: it’s the same theater that stood in for the CDC in “The Walking Dead”. That’s Cobb County for ya — all about the dystopias.)

  3. Serveral stars have been getting their tans on at Solar Dimensions in Midtown. Three actors are supposed to play 3 brothers and I guess they all have to be the same skin tone to show family ties 🙂

  4. hey guys — so a few people have (some not so nicely) disputed a couple things in this post – 1. that Liam has been on set (since he was spotted in L.A. on Tues) and 2. that they are staying in NDH (even though I think that was even printed in the paper at one point), like I said I am only passing on info ppl send to me so if you have more accurate info or details pls let me know and I’ll post that too. Thanks!

    Oh, and Cobb Energy is confirmed as an upcoming location.

    • Any updates on Cobb center, please? If/once confirmed, I’m definitely going there – still owe myself a TWD/CDC visit there (and it’s only 20 freakin’ minutes away from my house!)

  5. Just added some info that they will also be filming at the at the Clayton County International Park “several times throughout late October and November.”

  6. there must be somewhere where you can get a decent angle on the trailers because I’ve sen a bunch more pics today of this trailer area…if anyone finds it pls let u know, thanks!

  7. Just drove around the CNN Center/GWCC/Park area and saw absolutely nothing that would indicate filming. No signs, cars, trailers, nothing…

  8. Someone just sent me a tip via email saying they are filming at the GWCC – around the lower parking decks – lots of security, paparazzi and tons of trailers. they have the area blocked with screens.

    • Last week in the lower parking deck directly across from the GWCC under the park, they had a portion of it screened off. There were arrow signs posted.

  9. So here are more detail about the shoot thanks to a couple of fans who checked it out this weekend- Seth and Kelly:

    They will continue to shoot around the parking decks (where other have spotted them) through the end of the month and there is a good viewing area of the trailers, etc which are in the “brown lot” off of Magnum St — most of the activity is on the bottom 3 floors of this parking deck (also heard they built one of the villages here — there are large wooden beings being built here).

    The parking lot is used for dome and GWCC and I think there is some confusion about that – some say they are at Dome, some say the GWCC- but I think they are actually working at this parking deck (back deck).

    The parking deck is #1 on this map:

  10. I miiiight or might not have drive past a location earlier on my way home from Target. I saw yellow “TO SET” signs pointing a direction and had to snoop. There were lots of trailers on a quiet residential street just east of Downtown. Looked a lot like they could have been shooting the Victors’ Houses there. GORGEOUS old Victorian/Craftsman homes with big front windows. 🙂 It was after dark, so no action, but I believe there are street closures during the day. Could have been Walking Dead, could have been something else, could have been Catching Fire.

  11. Now I’m hearing the Swan House in Atlanta won’t be used for filming until Sept 26, 27, 28 — they will be filming a party scene for the Capitol using some pretty cool costumes (like a suit made out of bricks) — so now I’m not sure where they are today. 🙂

  12. Saw yellow crew parking and extras parking signs in front of lot next to Cameli’s on Moreland in L5P. Also a to set sign pointing down Euclid at Euclid and McClendon in L5P. If only I could figure out how to post pictures.

  13. My friend and I tried to find the sets for Catching Fire today and had some success. The set in the parking deck near the GWCC was being torn down today and there was no signs of any trailers or equipment trucks (but we did see some pieces of the set laying around being loaded). We then went to check out the Swan house and pretty quickly spotted the yellow signs with black arrows near the Atlanta History museum. We were able to walk pretty close to the boundaries of the set, and could see some tents set up outside the Swan house but there was plenty of security and APD around to let us know where too close was. Not sure fans are gonna be able to see much here, but it was cool to know we were so close

  14. Josh and Liem are both back in LA right now and have been for a couple days. Does this mean shoots has stopped in order for them to set up Swan House? No word on if Jennifer is still in Atlanta.

  15. I doubt they would take that much time off in the middle of the shoot..actors tend to come and go through shoots depending on the their schedules…

  16. Looks like “The Beach” in Jonesboro, GA will be the location of choice for Catching Fire filming in October and November. Thanks to the Clayton News Daily:

    “JONESBORO — The Clayton County Board of Commissioners unanimously gave producers of the “Hunger Games” sequel, “Catching Fire,” the green light Tuesday to film some scenes from at Clayton County International Park this fall.”

  17. They are filming something at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center right off of I-75 today. I was there this morning taking some pics. Not much to see (which I see is the norm for this one), however, I did see the ever present white trailers and food truck. I have some pics of two costume racks (only 1 is interesting in that it has tulle poofy skirts) and then I saw numerous african american gentlemen in tuxes. I’ll send along pics later after work. I played hooky until 10 LOL.

  18. So for all of you people out there who LOVE the Hunger Games I have some info about where they are keeping all the props, costumes, and actors/actresses trailers. Wanna know?? They are at the Trinity Church on Northside Drive. I was there the other day but, did not see anyone famous. They usually get up early and go film.

  19. Christine, I have been to the Swan house. Me and my family had lunch there. As we where leaving we saw a couple vans in the back unloading props and costumes. I asked one of the men who where helping unload the truck but, they would not give me any info. I got a peak inside the truck though. It had nice ball gowns and some tuxes.

  20. UPDATE: @olv

    #HungerGames: #CatchingFire RT @StephenBeehler @olv CF is shooting in a warehouse in #ATL near where I20 and I75 intersect on Mon + Tue.

  21. Does anyone know if the Monday scene at the Marriott Marquis is going to be a day or night shoot? My office looks out on it, and I want to go watch, but not necessarily spend 12-15 hours there!

  22. Great viewing of Lenny & Jennifer this morning! Packed up the roof shoot – weather issues? Weren’t there long. Does anyone know if they’re shooting on Marriott Roof more tonight or tomorrow/Wed?

  23. I do have some good photos I’ll try to post soon! They didn’t finish the shoot here at the Marriott – at least I doubt it. They seemed to be afraid of the weather. Wondering when they’ll return. I’m thinking this weekend since everyone is back at work the rest of the week and they were not happy with those of us watching and taking photos. If anyone knows shooting locations or even if yhey’re shooting this weekend, please post!

  24. They tore down the set at the Marriott Marquis yesterday (10/10), so they evidently did get what they wanted here. Checking out Pullman Yds in Kirkwood this weekend. Any word on just how tight security is there? I know the neighborhood well and there are many points to cover.

  25. I saw Woody Harrelson in Piedmont Park yesterday! He was riding his bike near the dirt track with the softball fields in the middle.

    • cool Caitlan!

      @JJ – I don’t think you can get too close but someone said there is a walking trail around there you can take to get a good view

  26. Yesterday, a few of my friends and i heard they were filming at the Peachtree Dekalb airport so we went to go check it out. Turns out they were there!!!! We were watching them film and everyone who worked there were so nice and not mean at all!! We also got to talk to woody harrelson when he was leaving, Josh Hutcherson waved at us! And Jennifer Lawrence also waved! It was a day I will never forget!!

  27. I play soccer and today we played at the Howard School which is right across the street from the Goat Farm (they had policemen and everything there)

  28. Raining today in Atlanta(Monday morning). I will let you know when my
    mobile APP (googleplay.atlantafilmcrew.com) makes it to the latest
    filming location. Will send geo-specific alert notifications as news of
    the Catching Fire production reaches us.

  29. Raining today in Atlanta(Monday morning). I will let you know when my
    mobile APP (googleplay.atlantafilmcrew.com) makes it to the latest
    filming location. Will send geo-specific alert notifications as news of
    the Catching Fire production reaches us. Also, watch my tweets
    @Madstudios30620 search #ATLwood and #NEWHOLLYWOOD

  30. I appreciate people wanting to spread the word on Twitter, etc but I have seen tweets (pretty much word for word) from this thread or my tweets @olv going out and I would appreciate a link or mention of post….I never tweet or add other people’s info without a mention (unless it is an oversight) and I hope people do the same for olv. thanks!!

    • Scott, I am not referring to anyone in particular, just saying in general it is nice when ppl give a credit to the sites where they are finding info or rt a tweet instead of copying it, that’s all, just in general for anyone its a nice thing to do…thanks…

  31. For what it’s worth…

    A student told me yesterday that they would be filming part of Catching Fire at a lake near his home in Bartow County, GA. I don’t think the student is into HG at all, nor does he pay much attention to what’s filming where — so I doubt he’s confusing it with the Clayton Co waterpark being used as the “Arena”. (Plus, Clayton is a good fifty miles across town from Bartow.) It’s possible they’ll be using the lake for other scenes.

    So, I don’t know how credible the info is, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for any buzz related to Catching Fire and Bartow County, GA. 🙂

    • thanks for the update! I heard they were at the dome today too, not sure if they are different locations in one day or bouncing back and forth…

  32. Saw them filming the tribute welcome scene on the basement level of the red lot at the GWCC. “Saw” as in exited the parking deck really slow and had all the cops stare me off. They are super tight on security, can’t so much as look in their direction!


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