‘The Hangover 3’ will film scenes in Nogales, AZ next month!

We already knew The Hangover 3 was planning on filming in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Tijuana, but now they’ve added another, rather surprising, location to their shoot.

According to a casting call that took place today, the movie will film scenes in Nogales, AZ sometime in October.

The Hangover 3 is currently filming in Los Angeles, and was last seen on location in West Hollywood and Pasadena.

If you spot the movie filming in any of these locations, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

Thanks to Tim for the head’s up!


  1. I dont think they are. They may just be passing thru because Allen’s stunt double lives in Bear Valley, which is right outside of Tehachapi.

  2. i dont think so becuase i have seen people here in nogales setting up for the movie and there were audions as well at the americana

  3. we know they are preparing to film because Morley Ave has been shut down. This is a small town so this stuff is hard to miss. Staff are staying at a hotel near our high school. But I’m pretty the scyors are staying in tubac when they arrive to film.

  4. I work at holliday inn and warner bros is Coming in this week and they are staying here and several other hotels. They told me they start next week. Can’t wait to hang out over there


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