‘Catching Fire’ set to film Capitol party scene at the Swan House in Atlanta

Over in our main Catching Fire post we recently added a tip, courtesy of The Hob, that The Hunger Games sequel was expected to shoot scenes at the Swan House in Atlanta soon.

Thanks to one of our tipsters we’ve now learned the Swan House will be used for a party scene for The Capitol on Sept 26, 27, 28. They also told us the shoot will include some custom-made costumes for the party goers, including a suit made out of bricks.

There was also a casting call posted last week for dancers who can waltz which would make sense for an elaborate party scene.

According to the home’s website, it is “an elegant, classically styled mansion built in 1928 for the Edward H. Inman family, heirs to a cotton brokerage fortune.” The website also notes the historic mansion will be closed from September 17 – 28.

Be sure to follow our Catching Fire Open Thread for more upcoming filming locations and tips from other readers about where the movie is filming next! If you have any scoop about where Catching Fire is filming, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


UPDATE: Thanks to one of our readers we have a photo of a bridge/walkway they are building for the shoot, check it out below!


  1. […] Anda a circular na internet a noticia de que a Swan House em Atlanta será uma das localizações de filmagens de ‘Em Chamas’. A especulação em torno do que lá será filmado é enorme: desde a casa de Katniss na aldeia dos Vencedores até à festa do Capitólio onde Katniss conhece Plutarch Heavensbee! Na minha opinião, estou mais virada para a festa do Capitólio, tal como o On Location Vacations. […]

  2. After reading the first two books and 9/10th through the third I have to say that after watching the first movie installment (The Hunger Games) I was a very disappointed in the content of that film. It left off so much of what was in the book; the view had to guess or assume through most of it “unless” they had the opportunity to read the book prior to viewing the film. I and I am sure millions of other fans hope that Catching Fire is more inline to the story, allowing viewers to see the flashbacks and thoughs of the characters as the story unfolds so that the view feels connected and involved. I understand mellowing the action but the main story and backround stories should be true to storyline. This Triology is too good and doesn’t deserve to be given a hachet job in the films

    • You’re absolutely right. I was extremely disappointed in how the first one was executed. The main thing that angered me was that they changed, in my opinion, the most important part: how she got the mockingjay pin. There was so many things that were different, that it almost seemed like a different series. The only person that I know who wasn’t disappointed is my mom, who had seen the movie before reading the books. I think that they’re could have done a lot more in the same amount of time. I understand that movies are generally not as good as the books because they have to take things out to fit everything into two and a half hours but, even with that in mind, I was still disappointed.


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