New photos of the Iron Man suit on set of ‘Iron Man 3’ in Florida today

As we reported earlier, Iron Man 3 began filming today at the Dania Beach Bar & Grill, 65 North Beach Road, Dania Beach, Florida, which has been temporally re-named “Neptune’s Net” for the shoot.

Along with the temporary restaurant props, the Iron Man suit was also spotted being carried around on set today!

Due to several rain delays today, Iron Man 3 is expected to return to the same location tomorrow.

If spot Iron Man 3 filming or have any scoop about what they’ve been up to in Florida, let us know about it at!

Here are a few more photos of Monday’s Iron Man 3 set:

People has a couple pic of RDJ on set too here.

Thanks to @AbigailHutching, @tcalvino, Jane for the scoop and David Mustang for the photos!


  1. It was raining up here in West Palm Beach as well. Looks like it will rain again tomorrow since rainy days don’t last for one day but about a week down here in the South. May seem as if they will be at that same location for another day or two. Depends on how long the scene is.


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