‘Glee’ Filming in NYC this weekend (maybe)

I haven’t been able to confirm when or where as of yet, but it does look like Glee will be filming in NYC again this weekend.

Here’ what I know:

There was a casting call posted earlier this week for a stand-in for Lea Michele needed in NYC for Friday, 10/5 – 10/7. But, it also listed the project type as a commercial (which could just be a decoy).

Several of the show’s producers and stars, including Brad Falchuk and Naya Rivera, have Tweeted they are in, or on their way to, NYC.

The last time couple of times Glee has filmed in NYC they used fake titles for the No Parking Signs posted in NYC to let people know filming will take place in their area. For example, when they filmed around Washington Square Park in August all of the signs near the park were for “Awesome Town”, so it is usually more difficult to track them down because people don’t always report signs to @olv if they don’t recognize the project name.

With that said, someone did see a sign for a project entitled “The Heat” filming Saturday, 10/6 around 44th and 44th Lexington-3rd Ave in NYC. I don’t know of anything called The Heat filming in NYC right now but again, with that said, there was a Sandra Bullock movie filming in Boston over the summer called The Heat and even though they wrapped in Massachusetts it wouldn’t be unheard of for them to be spending a day or two in NYC too.

Right now I really need your help NYC! If you are out and about in NYC this weekend and see those No Parking Signs, even if it is for a project you’ve never heard of, please let me know. Or, better yet, if you actually spot them filming this weekend (they tend to film at iconic locations like Time Square, Washington Square Park, Central Park, Lincoln Center, etc), please let me know in a comment below, via Twitter, or via email at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

And, Glee fans, please keep each posted in the comments below if you do track them down to help avoid confusion.

photo: Stupid Famous People


    • Just saw this on twitter…

      @DawnMYoung: In New York! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of! There’s nothing you can’t do! sung by Glee as they rehearse for 2nights event.

      Don’t know what event it is..

  1. @Justifier_: @olv heads up: Lea Michelle confirmed on her Twitter she’s on her way to NYC to shoot some L’Oreal spots/commercials.

    Could be doing both Loreal and Glee?

  2. Lea Michele did tweet that she’s coming to NYC to film something for Loreal, so that’s probably what the commercial is about. Don’t know about the rest of the cast though!

  3. Even if they’re not here this weekend, I bet they’ll be here soon – I watched them film last time, and at this point they’ve used almost every NYC scene that they have filmed thus far.

  4. From what I know “The Heat” with Sandra & Melissa is not shooting tonight in New York. “The Heat” Production sign you found is for something else. I can’t confirm its Glee, but from what I hear its related to the movie at all. Good Luck tonight & this weekend!

  5. i find it hard to believe there all in nycfor diff reasons but if anybody finds out there werabouts for anything other than Glee that info would be helpful i atleast seeing them as well thx

  6. They won’t need that much footage for the upcoming episodes of Glee since 2-3 of them are only in Lima so I don’t see why they’d film in NY now

  7. Diana responded to Nayas twwet about being in nyc. she said for part ddeux? wish i could be there. whatever that means im not so sure

  8. People are taking part deux (second part) as her going to the studio, Dianna was with Naya the first time she recorded in NY for her album, but we’ll see 🙂

  9. oh and im going to the city buyt wont have wifi would anybody be willing to txt me if u find out there whereabouts? i would give you my number

  10. You won’t find Lea, it’s probably a closed set and inside shoot. And yes look like it’s just Lea in NY for L’Oreal, not Glee at all

  11. Just saw Ryan Murphy walking in soho near Lafayette and broome. In casual clothes with another guy I didn’t recognize. Definitely him, I heard the voice.

  12. This was jut tweeted from somewhere in NYC:
    @ChrisKeegan Soooo I guess it’s not a secret anymore. There’s about 300 ppl here watching us film. Yup it’s True… im filming GLEE today

    I just did a massive search of Twitter/FB and can’t find one person tweeting from set…seems like there would be pics by now if there were really “300 ppl ” there…I don’t know guys…anyone check out where those heat signs were?

    • I agree Christine, if there were that many people around, We would have heard something about it. It’s possible the paps did some work on the scene and are holding the photos because they’re tryin to disclose the information… Which happens a lot!

  13. Chris Keegan ‏@ChrisKeegan
    For the record I’m already done for the day, Holding was over by Wall Street so I’m guessing that’s where they are filming today.

    Chris Keegan ‏@ChrisKeegan
    Me and 2 other people just shot some exterior scenes, and none if the actors were there.

    Why am I thinking this wasn’t for Glee?


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