More photos of tomorrow’s ‘Catching Fire’ set in downtown Atlanta & details about the set being built in Pullman Yard

We have a few more photos from the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta where they are building an elaborate rooftop set for tomorrow’s Catching Fire shoot.

As you can see, they’ve finished the stage and runway, and added a green screen since our last look. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a glimpse at exactly what they are filming too!

We’ve also confirmed the productions crew setting up at old Pratt-Pullman Yard on Rogers Street in Northeast Atlanta are working for Catching Fire. According to one of our readers, @zachattachary, they’ve built several dwellings between the depots. They’ve also stacked rail cars on one side of the set to block it but there is a view accessible from the nearby walking trail. Based on these photos of Pullman Yards is does look like it would be a perfect location for the film.

Thanks to Jamie for sharing these photos! If you have any scoop about Catching Fire filming in Atlanta, let us know about it at!



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