‘Gossip Girl’: One fan’s NYC vacation becomes a dream come true thanks to Ed Westwick, Matthew Settle, and Kelly Rutherford

In continuing with our special series of Gossip Girl stories this week, we have a set report from one of our readers, Leila, who met the cast of Gossip Girl while vacationing in NYC (from France!) over the summer. Here is her story:

I went to NYC for one week with my family this summer, the last week of August. Being a fan of Gossip Girl since the beginning it was impossible for me to be in this city without trying to meet the cast.

It was August 30th, I saw on @olv that Gossip Girl will be filming at the Conrad Hotel. I started looking for the Conrad but couldn’t find it, I even got lost in a park and I wanted to give up. But I checked my mobile phone to find the Hotel and it connected to the Gossip Girl WiFi connection!! I couldn’t believe it, it meant that I was near the set. So I kept walking and I found the Hotel.

Nothing was going on in front the hotel, so I left and I walked across a street and I saw a trailer and some of the Gossip Girl crew. I asked someone if the actors were here and he told me that they will be here in few hours.I was disappointed and I went back to my Hotel near Times Square.

At 8 pm I decided to go back to the cast trailers, there were 4 trailers parked on the street. I asked some girls if the actors were in their trailer. A girl told me that “the girl who plays Blair Waldorf was here”. I freaked out and I was like, “Leighton is here!!” My cousin makes fun of me for that.

I waited 20 minutes and Leighton came out, I didn’t see her at first. She passed by me and I tried to talk to her but her bodyguard was rude and told me to stay away. She then got into a car to go to the set. She was just in front of me, sitting in the car (the door was open). When she saw me, she said “Hi”, she smiled and waved at me. She was reading her lines and she seemed so shy. She was the cutest. I tried to take a picture but I was literally shaking and the photo was blurred. Leighton noticed that I was trying to take a picture and she smiled again. Then the car left. One of the assistant told me that she was going to the set and that she will be back later to take photos and all.

I decided to go to the set which was few blocks away. When I got there Ed got into a car to go his trailer. I saw some girls running to the trailers and followed them. I wasn’t fast and we I came in front the trailers Ed already took a picture with everyone. He came out of his trailer and I decided to talk to him before his bodyguard came. I said “Hi” to him and he replied “Hi, How are you?” with his perfect accent.I then asked him If we can take a picture, he said “Yeah sure, but quickly please, I have to go”.

He wanted to take the photo himself but I wouldn’t and I asked his assistant if she could take it and he laughed. We were standing very close and He put his arm around me and I was like “OMG Ed Westwick is touching me” and I did the same. He thanked me and I said “no, thank You Ed,” he smiled, told me Goodbye and left. He was so nice and beautiful.
I couldn’t believe I just met Chuck Bass.

A few minutes later a car parked on the street and Matthew Settle came out. We were only 6 fans there and nobody tried to talk to him so I called him and asked him if I can have a picture. He said, “Hey girl, How are you?, yeah, sure.” We took the picture and he told me “have a nice day”, hugged me and left. I was the happiest girl on earth.

At 10 pm Kelly Rutherford went to her trailer, she stop by us, greeted us and took a picture with each one of us (we were 8 fans) . She was dressed as Lily Van Der Woodsen and she was beautiful. Ed and Matthew were really nice but I have to say that Kelly was the nicest. She then walked her dog, still dressed as Lily, followed by her bodyguard.

Only Leighton’s trailer was still in the street, she was the only one still filming at the Conrad. One of the crew member told us that she would finish at 2 am but I think it was only because he wanted us to leave. I waited with some fans for Leighton but it was almost midnight and I decided to leave. When I left, only 2 fans were still waiting for her.

This day was amazing, my week in New York has been perfect and I think that I loved NYC so much because of that. Thank you so much OLV for making my dream come true.

Thanks to Leila for sharing her story!


  1. Good pictures, how lucky was she. I want to meet the cast so bad, they seem so nice.
    I love Leighton Meester, I would die to meet her ♥

  2. Nice story, I experienced the same thing haha! I saw them filming at Central park september 10th (last month) I also wanted a picture with Leighton soo badly (Cuz I like her the most on GG my favorite actress) but some rude big bodyguard also told me NO, and kept an eye on me the whole time I was watching her (so annoying!) I wanted to die haha I was also literally shaking I couldnt believe it either that I was looking at Leighton! I shot some pics of her though, send them to this site so hopefully you can see them soon! I also met Matthew and took a picture with him! He was very nice asked me where I was from. Also just asked very forward to Kelly if I could also take a picture with her she said “Sure!” I was so happy! They were very nice, sadly most of the people who work on GG arent so nice yugh! I think I asked for about 50times to different people where they were filming so I could get an glimpse of them. After that I saw Lilly and Rufus again walking towards their trailer, then last but not least I saw William and Ivy shooting a scene, took pics of that too but couldnt get to close. So girl I know how you feel haha! It was such an awesome experience but I shouldnt have to tell you that haha! I dont know if you know but didnt you notice that a lot of people who were working on GG didnt even know wich caracter wich was!? “I dont know who their filming now, dont know his/her name” hahaha so stupid!

  3. Yeah We pretty much experienced the same thing haha. I also love Leighton the most 🙂
    The actors are really nice, I don’t know why the GG crew is that rude though, this bodyguard was an ass with you too, that sucks. They should understand that we only want a pic with our favorite actors. I noticed that the crew doesn’t know anything about the show too, we should take their job, we would do a much better job 😉
    I would love to see your pics.


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