“Friday the 13th” Fall Road Trip: Blairstown, NJ

Fall is my favorite time of year thanks to the crisp air, vibrant colors, and… AMC Fear Fest. After all, nothing says fall like a marathon of Friday the 13th movies!

Somewhere between the original Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th Part VII I started to wonder where else the movies were filmed, besides Camp NoBeBoSco and Austin, the location of the latest version.

It turns out most of the original 1980 movie was filmed in Blairstown, NJ, which producers felt was “perfect small town setting.” Some of the most recognizable Blairstown locations include the Blairstown Bridge, the Blairstown Arches of the Old Mill, the Blairstown Diner, and downtown Blairstown. Unlike some movie locations, these locations are all still accessible and worth a drive through if you find yourself on the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border.

You can find out more about these locations at fridaythe13thfilms.com.


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