Fans flock to Broadway to meet Jake Gyllenhaal and Al Pacino

We’ve always touted Broadway as one of the best places to meet celebrities in NYC and right now, that has never been more true.

Katie Holmes, Ethan Hawke, Jessica Chastain, and Paul Rudd are just a few of the A-Listers appearing in Broadway shows this fall, and most of them come outside after their performances to greet fans, sign playbills, and pose for photos.

Over the weekend one of our contributors, Denise, spotted several stars leaving their theaters, including Jake Gyllenhaal and Al Pacino and she was kind enough to share a few photos with us, take a look:

On Saturday, Jake Gyllenhaal came out of the Laura Pels Theatre where he is performing If There Is I Haven’t Found It and signed autographs and posed for photos with fans.

Al Pacino and Bobby Cannavale also signed for fans and took pics with as many people as they could after their performance of Glengarry Glen Ross at the Schoenfeld Theatre on Saturday. According to Denise, “The way they have it set up outside there is one reserved barricaded space just for ticketholders and security checks the tickets before allowing people to enter. Across the way is the “general public” pen. Of course, everyone was pretty much there to see Al, but Bobby got a nice reception too. He also posed for a bunch of pics.”


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