Fans have a “Real L.A. Moment” on the set of “NCIS: L.A.”

One of our readers, Dale, just took a trip to L.A. where a funny thing happened to him while watching them film a scene for NCIS: L.A., check out his story below!

My wife and I just got back from a trip to the L.A. area and I used your site to track down NCIS: L.A. filming. I only had my phone camera, so I couldn’t really get any close-ups of the stars. But we did have a funny thing happen to us while we were watching the shoot.

We respected that the film crew and actors were working, so we stayed back out of the way on the opposite side of the street from where they were setting up for their next shot. After an hour or so we both got tired of standing and sat down on a bus stop bench. After sitting there for a bit, the director made a friendly comment from across the street that it would be quite a while before the next bus came. We just thought he was being friendly and was aware of the local bus schedule. Then, after a bit more, a person from the crew came over and very politely informed us, that due to liability concerns, we couldn’t sit on their prop. The bus stop was nothing but a prop. Now the director’s comment from earlier made sense to us.

Later, we took the Paramount Studios tour and when our guide told us to just have a seat on a bench until the tour began, I asked her if it was a real bench or a prop. I filled her in on our story and she summed up our experience very well. She said “Being thrown off a bus stop bench on a city street because it is a film prop, is what we call a L.A. moment.”

Thanks to Dale for sharing his story! If you have a funny story  from a movie set or have photos to share, let us know about it at!


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