Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s working title will be “Freezer Burn”

Big budget movies always film under a code name or working title to throw off would be looky lous but, unfortunately for them, we always seem to figure out what those working titles might be.

A couple weeks ago a rumor started circulating that Captain America: The Winter Soldier would use the title “Freezer Burn” for the duration of the shoot, and now the rumor has been confirmed.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Captain America 2 aka Freezer Burn submitted, and then withdrew, an application to film in Michigan last quarter.

Instead, Captain America 2 will be shot in Cleveland this spring, with additional filming taking place in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. The first film was shot in the U.K. under the name “Frostbite”.

If you spot “Freezer Burn” filming in Cleveland next year, be sure to let us know about it at!




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