Is there trouble on the set of ‘The Lookalike’ in New Orleans?

The Lookalike, starring Justin Long, Jerry O’Connell, John Corbett, Steven Bauer, and Gina Gershon, has been filming in New Orleans since early December, but we’ve heard there might be some problems on the set that are holding up production.

We suspected something might be wrong when we didn’t see any new casting calls or receive any filming tips for the movie after the New Year. Then, one of our readers left a comment on the site explaining the production company was “trying to work without a contract which would protect the crew and now they are trying to bring in crew from elsewhere who will cross the picket line.” Sounds like our suspicions were right.

We’ve tried to contact the production company to confirm the crew is “on strike” but have yet to hear back. The Lookalike was set to wrap production in NOLA on January 18, but that date will likely be pushed back if production is on hold.

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