Wahlburgers reality show begins filming tonight with a special screening of ‘Broken City’ hosted by Mark Wahlberg

According to the Boston Globe, the much buzzed about Mark Wahlberg-produced reality show pilot, about the family-owned burger restaurant Wahlburgers in Hingham, MA, will begin filming tonight.

The untitled reality show will focus on Wahlburgers, owned by Mark and his brothers Donnie and Paul, and what it takes to run the business.

The Wahlburgers’ Twitter Page confirmed the show will be shooting this week: “Film crew will be in the restaurant off and on for next 3-4 days shooting for our reality show! Stop in for some grub! #WahlburgersReality”

Tonight, a private screening of Mark’s next movie, Broken City, will be held at the Hingham Shipyward Cinema, right around the corner from the restaurant and will include a sampling from the Wahlburgers’ menu.  “It’s going to be the Wahlburgers menu; sliders and a lot of the food that’s there,” Paul said. “It will be simple, but it will definitely be the representation of the menu.”

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation.


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