FAQ: What are the “Desi” and “Lucy” trailers on a movie set?

After finding a movie or TV set, fans often ask, “who uses the trailers labeled “Desi” and “Lucy”?

I’ve heard lots of theories. Some fans have speculated they are for actors, makeup, wardrobe, or a special hideout for the director but in reality, they are much less glamorous.

The “Lucy” and “Desi” trailers are the crew bathrooms, the “Lucy” side is the ladies’ room, while “Desi” is the mens’ room.

The names are, of course, a nod to Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, but, especially in NYC, the stealth labeling is also meant to keep away non-crew members who might take advantage of a random bathroom on the street.

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Photo courtesy of Sydney



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