‘The Walking Dead’ filming re-shoots in Senoia, GA this weekend

According to one of our readers, ‏@kristenrielly, The Walking Dead will return to Senoia, GA (the town that plays Woodbury on the show) for re-shoots on Friday, Feb. 8 and Saturday, Feb. 9.

The Walking Dead wrapped production of their current season last fall, but will spend the next two days filming additional exterior shots in Senoia.

Filming for season 4 is expected to resume in mid-March.

The second half of season 3 will debut on AMC Sunday, Feb. 10.

If you spot The Walking Dead filming in Senoia, let u know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

Thanks ‏@kristenrielly!


  1. good luck! I hope they’ll still be there…I know permits were for Fri and Sat but sometime the filming happens over night and they consider that 2 days (I dont know that’s the case tho)

  2. Thank you for the info! On the Walking Dead starts filming again around mid march. I live just live 35 minutes away from Senoia and I have been wanted to go watch them film for the last two years and where I live back in May the newspaper said filming was going to be in Gay,Georgia.

  3. How do I find out when and where Walking Dead is filming? I live only 40 miles from Senoia and can’t seem to get any info on this that isn’t past information. I’d like to head up to the Senoia area to watch filming.

  4. I was in Senoia over the weekend. Nothing happening right now @ all. As soon as anyone hears any official word. Let us know. I’m set on being there in May when Christine said it is supposed to start. Oh, BTW, the guard at Raliegh studios said it is fairly easy to become an extra on the set. Just go to the website for the studio and give them your info and picture. I’ll post the email address later today.

  5. TWD-Fan
    The security guard or I have the wrong address for the zombie school. It comes up as an empty website.
    I’m sorry that I haven’t posted that info already.
    Anyway, you can write the studio in Ga. and ask them for the information. They are Raliegh studios in Senoia, Ga. or actually Senoia is so small they list it as in Peachtree City, Ga. It’s neat to go to Senoia and see all the film angles they used in scenes. Like the wall of tires that is at the end of town, they call it Woodbury which is about20 miles south of Senoia, is across the end of main street. If you live anywhere close take a trip to see the towns in and around Senoia to see the sights. Beautiful country down here. Sorry for going on so much, but good luck with the zombie school, if you find out from Raliegh studios, post it here.

  6. To the TWDfan: I just saw a friend of mine that works for the Georgia tourism board. She said she would bring me the address for the Zombie school. I will post it for you on Monday.

  7. TWD-fan

    I am sorry I haven’t gotten the address for the zombie school posted yet. The friend that had the address said it won’t interact with the zombie school address like it’s supposed to. I WILL post it once I go back through Senoia again.

  8. Very interested in the zombie school and visiting sets to watch them film this summer if possible! My two older daughters and I think it would be a fun road trip as we are just a bit down the road in Florida! Looking forward to the info being posted, thanks!!

  9. OK fans, I have the website for the zombie school if anyone needs it.

    I hope this is what you wanted, sorry it took me so long.


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