Get tickets to ‘Talking Dead’ in Los Angeles now!

Sunday’s return of The Walking Dead also mean the return of Talking Dead, AMC’s live after-show hosted by Chris Hardwick.

Right now they are looking for 60 diehard Walking Dead fans to be a part of the show’s audience (including a pre-screening of the week’s Walking Dead episode prior to the live show).

Talking Dead features Hardwick talking to fans, actors, producers and TV enthusiasts, recapping the most recent Dead episode and taking questions and comments from viewers.

Right now, tickets are available for the Feb. 24, Mar. 3, Mar. 10, Mar. 17, and Mar. 24 episodes, which are taped in Los Angeles.

To request free tickets, visit


  1. I love your show and the walking dead I’m even taking the cavas class I live in ga and would love to come to your last show in dec. I would love 4 tickets so I can bring my grand kids all 3 are over 18 and we all love your show I will bring homemade cookies for you and your staff .thank you so much love a gma from Calhoun ga.

  2. I didn’t used to be a big fan of horror but after watching The Walking Dead I realized how amazing the horror genre is. 🙂

  3. My dad’s birthday is on the same day that the walking dead starts. I don’t want any ticks but I would love for you to say happy birthday for him because he loves the after show as well. If you see this please contact me. I am a 13 year old girl trying to make my dad have a awesome birthday 🙂 thank you

  4. Is there going to more between Beth and day ale . And the group to start coming together. Will love to see the making of the show. And gave a little paid back to some family.toooooo.

  5. I would love to take my grandma to the show she has been a big fan since day one and got me into it we used to fight and argue a lot but we bonded over the show and now we get along well because of the show and she loves Daryl she tells all of her grand kids and everyone that she is Daryl’s girlfriend she loves him and I just want take her she will love it as a Christmas present all we need it 2 tickets please thx

  6. I would love to be there I will be in California on vacation and would love tickets plz plz and meeting some characters would be amazing. Love walking dead and talking dead 🙂 Patricia fisk


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