Two ABC pilots, ‘Doubt’ & ‘Betrayal’, will fillm in Chicago this spring, extras needed

ABC is planning to film two of their pilots in Chicago this fall, Doubt and Betrayal.

Doubt, from House creator David Shore, revolves around a cop-turned-lawyer while Betrayal is about a woman who has an affair with a defense attorney who ends up facing off against her prosecutor husband in a murder trial.

ExtraOrdinary Casting is looking for extras for both pilots which will be filming in Chicago March 11-29. Check out the full casting call below:

We are gearing up now for March 11th through March 29th. ER’s David Zabel for ‘Betrayal’ and HOUSE’s David Shore for ‘Doubt’. These are both ABC Pilots, with a likelihood of pick up. Very exciting! Please email any of those days you are TOTALLY available day and night (no other work or personal commitments), even if it is just one day. However, we will not be able to book though until right before. These are for Extra (background) roles. Most will be repeatable. All Ethnicities and Ages. We do not know about Stand Ins yet, depending on the Actors they cast. For Stand Ins, we will only look at those that match, have Stand In experience and are ‘totally’ available during that time period. Emails need to be sent to the following email address only for consideration. Must be registered already with us and children must have a current Work Permit. For that info contact Lauren at

ABC has about a dozen pilots in production for the 2013 season, you can see the full list here.

UPDATE: According to Reel Chicago, Girlfriend in a Coma, a comedy pilot based on a book by Douglas Coupland, will also film in Chicago in March.



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