OLV’s Top 5 Favorite (Current) TV Filming Locations

So many of TV’s best shows use real filming locations, most of which the public can visit, over and over again. Here are our five favorite filming locations for TV shows currently in production.

Downton Abbey’s Highclere Castle

The estate featured in Downton Abbey is actually the Highclere Castle, a 1,000-acre estate in Hampshire, U.K. that has been the country seat of the Earls of Carnarvon since 1679. The castle was designed in 1842 by Sir Charles Barry, the architect responsible for the Houses of Parliament in Westminster.

The best part is, the castle is open for tours. You can find more details about visiting Highclere at highclerecastle.co.uk/.

The Southfork Ranch in Dallas

The Southfork Ranch is one of the most famous properties in America thanks to the TV series Dallas (the first one, and the current series on TNT) in which the ranch is featured as the Ewing family home.

The iconic Southfork Ranch is located about 25 miles north of Dallas and is usually open to the public for tours and special events. Adult admission is $13.50. You can visit southforkranch.com, or contact the ranch at 800-989-7800 for more information.

The Walking Dead’s Woodbury aka Senoia, GA

Senoia, Georgia is becoming one of the most famous small towns in America thanks to its role in The Walking Dead. For the show, Senoia’s Main Street is transformed into Woodbury and is shut down whenever filming is taking place. To make the area surrounding the walls of Woodbury seem like it is straight out of a zombie apocalypse, residents are asked to refrain from mowing their lawns and set decorators litter the road with debris.

Senoia is located about an hour south of Atlanta. Soon, you’ll be able to take a Trolley Tour of Senoia’s Filming Locations.

Covington, GA aka Mystic Falls in The Vampire Diaries

About an hour east of Senoia you’ll find the historic town of Covington, GA, better known as Mystic Falls to fans of The Vampire Diaries. Covington’s Town Square and surrounding storefronts have been used in several episodes of the show and will be familiar to fans as the Mystic Grill, the location of the Founder’s Day parade, and many other events that have taken place on the show. Other famous TVD locations are within walking distance of downtown, too. For instance, Covington Cemetery is just a couple of blocks away, as is Elena’s house, located at 2104 Floyd St.

Visit mysticfallstours.com for more information.

Walter White’s Albuquerque in Breaking Bad

Diehard Breaking Bad fans, like us, love to relish in every detail of the show, the lingo, the storyline, and of course, the locations. Two of the most visited Breaking Bad filming locations in Albuquerque, NM are the car wash Walt and Skyler buy in season four and the fast food fried chicken joint, Los Pollos Hermanos. The car wash is actually the Octopus Car Wash, located at 9516 Snow Heights Circle NE and Los Pollos Hermanos is really Twisters, which can be found at 4257 Isleta Blvd SW. But don’t expect to get any fried chicken at this joint, in real life they serve tacos, nachos, and other Mexican favorites.

If you’ve visited a location where your favorite TV show is filmed, share your story!



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