Fan photos of ‘Elementary’ filming on location in NYC

CBS’ Elementary, which earned the coveted post-Super Bowl slot earlier this month, has been shooting in New York City for nearly 9 months but on location photos remain a rarity.

Some say it is because star Jonny Lee Miller is standoffish, but I suspect it is because the show has yet to develop the kind of dedicated audience that show like Blue Bloods or Person of Interest have, and therefore probably isn’t attracting the same attention when they’re out and about.

Luckily, thanks to one of our Twitter followers, @estaschneid, we have a few pics of JLM and co-star Lucy Liu filming in NYC on Feb. 7. She explained she was able to get pretty close to the set because it, “took them time to realize [she] wasn’t a crew member.”

Check out a couple more photos below and be sure to pick up a copy of our NYC FILED GUIDE to learn how you can find TV shows and movies filming in NYC, too!


  1. JLM & Lucy Lu were on “The Talk” recently and he was quiet there as well. My take on JLM, shy & uncertain, not stand offish. Let him settle with this show & he may open up some. “Elementary” is a great show by the bye!!

  2. Jonny Lee Miller standoffish? No way. The guy is an absolute jerk, nobody on set likes him while EVERYBODY loves Lucy Liu. The guy couldn’t hold on to Angelina let alone a time slot. Yukkkkk

  3. A close friend of mine works on the set of Elementary. He said JLM (and LL) are two of the nicest and friendliest actors he’s ever met. Jonny Lee Miller always signs autographs and talks with fans and the crew loves him (as well as LL). My friend says JLM is somewhat shy (and this has also been noted in several interviews over the years). As for on location pics of this show, there are tons of them online.


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