Oscars 2013: Virginia launches the ‘Lincoln’ movie trail

With the Oscars taking place this weekend, it seemed there was no better time for cities across Virginia to come together to create a Lincoln Movie Trail.

The trail will give visitors the opportunity to take a self-guided tour of locations used in Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-nominated film Lincoln.

The trail includes landmarks, hotels, and restaurants in Richmond and Petersburg that were either used as filming locations or visited by the cast and crew.

Go to virginia.org/lincoln to download or print the map.

As for the other Best Picture nominees, Beasts of the Southern Wild and Django Unchained were both primarily filmed in and around New Orleans, Amour was filmed in Paris, France, Argo was shot in Southern California and Turkey, Les Misérables was filmed in England, Life of Pi was shot in Montreal, India, and Taiwan, Silver Linings Playbook was filmed around Philadelphia, and Zero Dark Thirty was also mostly filmed in India.

The Oscars will air Feb. 24 on ABC.


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