‘Anchorman 2’ filming locations in downtown Atlanta next week

Anchorman: The Legend Continues (also known as Anchorman 2 or Teaching Manheim or simply the Untitled Project) is less than a week into production and already the movie’s stars have been spotted around town at hot spots like Two Urban Licks and Barcelona Atlanta.

It sounds like filming will kick into high gear next week when Anchorman 2 begins shooting in downtown Atlanta. We’ve heard reports that permits are in place for filming on Peachtree Street at 14th St on Tuesday, 3/5 from approximately 4:00 AM to 11:59 AM and there are also various sidewalk and lane closures in the area, some for Wednesday, 3/6 as well (could just be for clean up).

Anchorman 2 will reunite director Adam McKay and the movie’s original cast, including Will Ferrell, after 9 years. The sequel picks up with Ron Burgundy and his news team entering the 24-hours news cycle era in the late 70s.

Filming in Atlanta will take place through the spring. The movie is also expected to spend at least a few days filming in NYC later this year. CL Casting is handling all extras casting in Georgia.

If you spot Anchorman 2 filming, send us your scoop, pics, and reports via email at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

UPDATE: Here is the flyer that was distributed to local businesses about the shoot, it does look like filming will only take place on Tuesday:

There is a movie being shot at the Campanile Building, located at 1155 Peachtree Street. Filming is currently scheduled for Tuesday, March 5th, 2013. Due to the complexity of the scene, it will be necessary to close an additional lane of traffic in order to park production vehicles during their filming. They will employ the assistance of off duty Atlanta police Department Officers to help coordinate traffic as well as to preserve the safety of the residents, businesses and passerby in the area.

Please find below a list of ALL lanes we are requesting from the city along with corresponding dates and approximate times:

• The North curb lane and sidewalk of 13th street between Peachtree Street and Juniper St. (Approximately 4AM) 3/5/13- (Approximately 11:59 AM) 3/6/13
• The West curb lane and sidewalk of Juniper Street between 145h st. and 12th St. (Approximately 4AM) 3/5/13- (Approximately 11:59 AM) 3/5/13
• The East curb lane and sidewalk of Peachtree St. between 14th St. and 13th St. (Approximately 4AM) 3/5/13- (Approximately 11:59 AM) 3/6/13

The production company will be installing appropriate traffic control devices, and will have the appropriate off duty Atlanta Police necessary to safely enforce these closures.

Thanks Vanessa!


  1. They are building a rather elaborate set in the courtyard of Peachtree Center (I’m on the 23rd floor of an adjacent building). They took all of the planters and fixtures. There will be lots of water involved based on the HUGE water hoses coming in from the side. Looks like an ice skating rink. I’ll take pix.

  2. thanks! we heard they’d be filming down there but not sure exactly when they start let us know if you spot them! thanks!!

  3. They look like they are getting ready to film. They brought about 100 lights and stands in today, as well as set furnishings. I emailed pix (c:

  4. 3 p.m. eastern time, Atlanta, The Peachtree Center

    The rigging crew is still putting up lighting. Construction crew are covering building signage with MDF cut to fit and painting it gray. Set designers have put centerpieces on the tables. The extras and the catering folks have been assigned a large area inside (cuz for some ungodly reason, it’s COLD in Atlanta today- should be about 60 degrees), but they aren’t there yet. There still seems to be a LOT to do. There is so much lighting that it could look like daylight even at night. So if they get done, they might shoot tonight. If not, it would have to be tomorrow (Friday) cuz it’s raining in Atlanta on Saturday.

  5. 7:45 a.m. Friday. Scene is done… crew are breaking down the set. They shot it pretty late, cuz they’ve only broken down about 1/3 of the set. Have a good weekend!


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