‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’, starring Liam Neeson, begins filming in Brooklyn

This week, A Walk Among The Tombstones, starring Liam Neeson and Dan Stevens, begins filming in New York City.

Liam will take on the role of Matt Scudder in this adaptation of Lawrence Block’s novel. According to Deadline, “Neeson plays Scudder at the time he’s an ex-NYPD cop and unlicensed private detective and recovering alcoholic. He’s hired to find the kidnapped wife of a drug dealer. In the process, he discovers that the kidnappers have done this before and it has led to brutal murders.”

Currently, Tombstones is filming on Washington between Lafayette and Willoughby in Brooklyn.

This is the second film in a row Neeson has shot in NYC as he just wrapped filming Non-Stop around the city too.

If you spot A Walk Among the Tombstones filming in NYC, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. I can’t for the life of me see why an entire neighborhood (12 blocks) should be denied the right to park to film a lousy movie. It’s not only an inconvenience but a downright hardship and an insult to the residents as well. Mr. Neeson has, aside from ruining my (and hundreds others’) Saint Patrick’s Day, also lost a lot of fans from around these parts. I will surely make a point never to see another film by him or any other abuser of our already overcrowded streets.

    • Paul, do us all a favor and get a life! If you dont like the filming and all the accolades of living in NY …you can go back Alabama………

  2. Tombstone is filming tonight on Ft. Washington Avenue at 179th Street near the GW Bridge. It will shoot on Wednesday on the corner of Overlook Terrace and 184th Street. They have taken away many blocks of parking for 2 days!

  3. Filming A walk among theTombstones on Friday 5/3 in Brooklyn on 78th and 3rd. Liam Neeson starring. Took about 8 blocks and several Aves away for the whole day. but it is Liam. so I didn’t mind too much. Another film of his to look forward too.

  4. Aside from taking away parking, crew members are really nasty when they are asking people to move. Some old lady working with the crew says, Get Out of the Way, when she needs people to move. A polite, Please We Need You to Move, would work much better. I also saw a lot of elderly people being made to walk through hoops to get out of the way so filming could continue. Not a good choice of locations and losing fans by the dozens.

  5. Filming now on Fort Washington Ave and 187th, Manhattan. Store owners were paid to open the gates early, at 6:30 AM. Apparently, there has been some rude crew to the local on-lookers, not much other than “Law and Order” is filmed here, so many curious folks out.


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