‘Animal Rescue’, starring Tom Hardy, begins filming in Brooklyn on Monday

The Fox Searchlight feature Animal Rescue is set to begin filming in NYC.

The movie stars Tom Hardy as “a man who wants to shed his criminal path but somehow gets mixed up in a bad heist and a killing resulting from a lost and contested pit bull.”

Though the short story by Dennis Lehane that the movie is based on is set in Boston, they’ve relocated the action to New York for the movie.

Noomi Rapace will also star.

According to a recent casting call, the movie is filming exterior scenes in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on Monday, March 11.

UPDATE: Animal Rescue is filming at Franklin St & Commercial St, Brooklyn on Monday, Mar. 11.

If you spot Animal Rescue filming in NYC, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

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  1. Got this off the NYC film Commission site:

    Animal Rescue
    Company: Vienna’s Dream Productions, Inc.
    Address: 430 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249
    Shoot: 2/18/13-5/31/13

    that’s as much info as i can find so far. that’s just where the production office is temporarily situated for the entire shoot, but maybe that’s a start.

  2. I think the best thing to do is look for those No Parking signs in Greenpoint, if anyone spots them, let us know, thanks!

      • It means I sold (on Craig’s List) my water heater to the company that is obtaining set props….and was told that it was to be used in some basement scene ! I probably wont be walking the red carpet with by water heater in a couple years….but ! :>)

  3. Last night I drove by to see the area…420 Kent is Cinemagic studios….didn’t really see 430, but I imagine its right there. Beautiful area right on the water!

    On a side note, there are signs for The Americans by McCarren Park in Greenpoint.

  4. I think I am going to use this movie as an Open Thread and I’ll open up a thread in the forum too for people to talk about upcoming locations for this movie so if you happen to see them filming anywhere (not just in Brooklyn) you can leave that info here, thanks!

    • I think that would depend on if its interior or exterior shots, and possibly security. I hear Tom is still smoking so if they’re interior shots, he will probably come out for smoke breaks.

    • I went to his set twice and both times had the chance to meet and take pictures with him. He is very nice. It took a few hours before he had a break but he even spoke to my daughter for a bit and hugged and said he felt bad we had to wait so long to meet with him. a real gentleman.

  5. they are filming in studio tomorrow at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn -its in the Brooklyn Navy Yard not really any access

    • Also see Brian’s post above – sounds like they might be on location around Adelphi St and Clermont Ave between Flushing and Park Ave tomorrow too maybe

  6. Sorry I didn’t add an update for today, just a reminder we will likely have info everyday o check our daily filming locations post (shortcut on side) too if looking for info and if you get pics, please share, we love to see the photos people take with our tips, thanks!

  7. Please people, stop giving away my street, I don’t want a million people showing up at my doorstep. Cannot wait to meet Tom Hardy though! If you haven’t figured it out, it’s filming on my block.

  8. when are they filming in forest hill queens and when? are they done filming in marine park. they were on coleman and flatlands last night

    • thank you. the last i saw was today-wednesday was east 3rd and fort hamilton guess i have to go check out east 38th street

  9. Due to weather conditions being unruly, and them pushing back filming to Thursday and Friday do you know if they will be working Saturday as well?

    • the 30th is the last day. They have been filming in front of the bar only early day. I saw them there at 2:30pm but by 5pm they were gone.

  10. Wow…Tom is causing a stir. If he is drawing crowds , it will be harder for him to meet as many fans I suposse. Is the new info about being moved to Thursday and Friday solid? It would be a waste to drive up and them not be there. Now a private guide personfor Brooklyn would be great. 🙂

    • I have to say I met him twice. I had to wait a couple of hours but both times he was so sweet and didnt mind taking the pics.

      • That’s great for you. I haven’t heard anything bad about him at all. I am just having a hard time navtigating the info. Not filming due to weather and then they are, etc… If I lived right there I could check up on locations, but I have to come into the city. Now it looks like rain Thurs. and Friday. One thing said because of weather filming was pushed to thur & fri. What is the bar? and it that where they are staying the rest of the week? That’s nice you got to meet him.

        • I have only heard such positive things about him as well. I have seen pretty much all of his movies and he doesn’t disappoint. He just doesn’t act he brings each character to life. I to am having a little difficulty as to well to where these locations are because I’m not from Brooklyn, let alone New York. In fact my family and I are making a day trip of it and our goal is to get to see the set/ meet Tom. (hehe) 🙂

        • its on flatlands avenue off coleman street in brooklyn. I am going to drive by tonight where they are supposed to be filming and see if i see him. I will let you know. 🙂

          • I am not complaining, OLV and everyone who shares info does a great job. It’s not that far and I just stay with my cousin if I want. Or go home. She is on 84th, so cabs back and forth. It’s navigating Brooklyn and having the staying power. Willing to wait for hours and hours. But, it is great that they provide all the information.

  11. Shitty Crew Especially the PAs and Wardrobe!! Leave Brookyn Soon!! #817 Family always Good No matter the movie!! amd Local # 52 as Usual Rock!!

    • Ok, thank you Michelle. Any info would be great. I know KARMABrooklynBlog had put out a staement, but filming went on yesterday and today, so that may mean they didn’t have to put it off. I can finally get off work Friday to try for my second time. If not, I hear the are done. If they are done today, I won’t make the trip. Bus, cab, stay over. Any info would be great. If anyone finds out thank you in advance for the info.

      • I heard they are filming all over Brooklyn til the middle of april but i am having a hard time trying to find out if thats true and if so where are all the locations.

  12. The other day someone said filming was being pushed back due to weather, so they were filming Thursday and Friday. The went ahead and filmed yesterday and today. Will they still film those days? Will Friday be the last day? Just wondering if that is the last chance to see them? Thanks for any help/info.

    • Thank you Christine. Do you know if tomorrow is is the final day of shooting for this movie entirely,(the movie is finished) or just for this area? Thank you.

  13. i have been sick so i have not been able to go and check but i am hoping they are there for tomorrow because I would like to go back and see him

  14. I hope they are fiming somewhere Monday. I am in town Sunday for a concert and it’s at the Barclays. So I would have Monday to meet Tom again. Guess I will wait til Sunday to see what’s posted. But, glad I got to meet him in the first place. Thanks to OLV.

  15. last i saw they were on 3rd avenue and 32nd street in brooklyn. does anyone know if they are still there and if there are any other locations they are filming. they are gone from flatlands avenue

  16. does anyone know if Animal rescue is still filming in Brooklyn?? One of the earlier posts said until May 31st. I’m heading down on May 18th and would love to meet Tom!! Please reply:)

    • Apparently Friday was Tom’s last day and he flew back home. That’s what’s been reported. They could still be filming but it seems like they’re done with all of Tom’s scenes.


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