‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ is back in Queens today

There’s been some confusion about today’s filming location for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, originally they were slated to return to Review Ave in Queens, near Calvary Cemetery, where they filmed earlier this week. Then we heard they would be back in studio, presumably due to the weather, now we’re hearing they are indeed filming in Queens this morning.

One of readers, Susan, spotted signs for HHH signs (the same signs that point to Spidey’s studio in Long Island) posted along Review Ave this morning, along with several production trucks and trailers.

Interestingly, the No Parking signs that were posted along Review Ave earlier in the week were for CP INDUSTRIES, so there’s one more name to be on the look out for.

There’s no word about how long they’ll be filming today or what they are filming so be sure to let is know if you check it out!


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