Rosario Dawson is set to film scenes for ‘Queen of the Night’ in Niagara Falls on Tuesday, March 12

Tomorrow The Dairy Queen on Ferry Street in Niagara Falls will be transformed into a movie set for Queen of the Night, starring Ryan Reynolds and Rosario Dawson.

The psychological thriller is set in Niagara Falls, but has already shot mot scenes in Sudbury and Toronto, Ontario.

The movie stars Reynolds as the father of an abducted child who is convinced she is still alive after 8 years thanks to a series of disturbing clues.

“The original script was set in a cafe, but we wanted something more — something where we could get our money’s worth,” said the film’s location manager Eardley Wilmot. “You can see some of the iconic buildings that are near the falls area and you get a real sense of live traffic,” he said of the Diary Queen.

Sadly for fans of Ryan Reynolds he isn’t expected at the Niagara Falls shoot, but Dawson and Mireille Enos will be there.

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