Updates on the The David O. Russell Project filming in Boston this month with Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, & Christian Bale

Though it has been reported filming on The Untitled David O. Russell Project wouldn’t begin until Monday, Mar. 18 in Boston, it looks like they might be shooting something today.

We know at least one of the movie’s stars, Bradley Cooper, is already in Boston, where he attended a screening of his new film The Place Beyond The Pines last night and is rumored to be staying at The Four Seasons.

There have also been reports that his co-star, Jeremy Renner, has been spotted around town, too.

The only real evidence we have that filming may be taking place today is a casting call we were forwarded looking for women to appear in an “indoor pool party scene set in the 70s” with availability on Wednesday, Mar. 13 and Friday, Mar. 14, presumably for this film which is also set in the 1970s. But, they could just be doing wardrobe fittings this week for filming taking place on a later date, this is not uncommon.

There have also been Twitter reports of the movie filming at the “new Herald building” and a Bradley Cooper sighting on Boylston St this morning, but neither has been confirmed.

Here’s what else we know so far:

– At some point filming is expected to take place on the 4th Fl at 1 Beacon St (possibly sometime next week).

– The movie’s production office is set up at 70 Fargo St., Ste. 809 Boston, MA 02210 under the name White Dog Productions, LLC. The production also lists the official filming dates for the film as March 18, 2013 through May 19, 2013.

– The movie is also expected to film in New York City at some point during that time period as well.

– The movie will open on Christmas Day (with a limited release on Dec. 13), just in time for awards season.

– Boston Casting is looking for vintage cars for the movie.

The Untitled David O. Russell Project, aka American Bullshit, aka Abscam Project, stars Christian Bale as a financial con-man who was caught by an OTT federal agent, played by Bradley Cooper, along with his girlfriend, played by Amy Adams in the 1970s. The couple was offered a deal provided they help turn the tables on other crooks and shady politicians. They ended up taking on a leader of the New Jersey state assembly, played by Jeremy Renner, among others. Jennifer Lawrence and Louis C.K. have also recently joined the cast.

If you spot them filming, have pics of the shoot, or any scoop about the actors while they are in town, let us know about it via email at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

We’d also love for this post to act as an Open Thread where readers can swap info and news about the shoot so feel free to leave your news in the comments below, too!


Thanks to all of our Twitter tipters who have been keeping us in the loop, too!


  1. Film crews all setup at the corner of Fargo St and E St in Southie. I also saw an area at the Renaissance Hotel on Seaport BLVD roped off that was possibly for filming.

    • thanks for the info! Where ever they were today is likely where they will be Friday, is the RH for tomorrow do you know? thanks!

  2. Thanks guys! Hopefully as filming ramps up we’ll be able to get some good info here! I’m still thinking the pic from yesterday were just for a rehearsal but if anyone hears of any filming let us know, I just searched around Twitter, etc a bit and don’t see anything today…thanks!

  3. I’ve seen them in my work building for the past few days, 70 Fargo (Herald’s in our bldg), where the production company is.

  4. I work around Bowdoin Street in Beacon Hill across from the State House. Signs for “Film Crew Parking only” posted across from 21st Amendment bar.

  5. has anyone spotted Jeremy??? I haven’t seen or heard anything about him since the pics of him and amy were taken on the 13th!!!

  6. i just saw Jeremy Renner (i’m pretty sure, who else would be a Renner look-alike when I know he’s in the city) and we exchanged an awkward glance, I was so confused…I’m so upset i said absolutely nothing! AHHHHH! This regret is killing me!

    • He’ll be hard to miss with his longer very dark Elvis-style hair that he’s got for the movie 🙂 Did you see him anywhere near where they’re supposed to be filming?

    • Thurs 3/21, they are shceduled to be in Natick, MA. Rt 135 (Central Street) at Reliable Cleaners, the empty shop next door to it and the strip mall at the corner of Mill and Central

  7. I live in the back bay/fenway area and would be ecstatic if I saw Bradley Cooper.. If anyone has info on the rest of the filming, keep it comin

  8. My business just got a filming notice for tomorrow, 3/22 from 6 AM until 8 PM at 31 Exchange St., Lynn. A lot of street closures as well

  9. Any news on where and when Jennifer Lawrence will be filming?? Trying to plan a trip to Boston or wherever for the day to see if I could meet her somehow!

          • he said he will start to work on O Russel movie at the begining of April: it’s why i wrote “next week”( after the filming has been delayed several times so…)

            • Oh, okay, thanks. When did he say that exactly? I was always under the impression that he’d start filming in March and he’s been on set already?

          • His child is due first week in April. Perhaps it arrived a bit early and he is taking paternity leave. He did say he planned to fly back for the birth.

              • Okay, now that his rep confirmed to People that Ava Berlin Renner(7lbs) was born yesterday and Elizabeth Rohm tweeted that she starts filming with him next week can we agree he is on paternity leave early?

                • Easy – I wasn’t in denial or anything. and I could say congrats and best wishes to all.
                  But I’d rather not discuss his personal life — I hear he doesn’t like that.
                  some choose to respect that and just discuss his work.

  10. Where in Boston were the pics of cooper and lawrence? Will they continue filming there this week or will they be in Medford at that pond?

  11. Thanks for all the updates! So it sounds like they’ll be in Medford til Thursday then maybe back to Natick? If anyone gets pics let us know!

  12. fugly, where did you JUST see Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence?! Does anyone know for how long they will be filming in Boston?

    Does anyone know if any other filming will be going on this summer in Boston?

  13. Does anyone have any information as to when they are filming what scenes? I would love to visit set to hustle the stunt coordinator if I knew what days they might be filming fights, chases, stunts, etc.

    Thanks so much!

  14. Any idea where any of them are staying? I know Cooper is at the Four Seasons. But I would love to meet Christian Bale! So does anyone know where he might be staying? Thank you! 🙂

  15. Any idea where any of them are staying? I know Cooper is at the Four Seasons. But I would love to meet Christian Bale! So does anyone know where he might be staying?

    • Karla keep an eye on our daily filming location posts, we’ve had Hatfields info just about everyday post there, thanks

  16. husband went by canton set while he was working and thought he saw bradley cooper with his curly hair. going by in a couple hours to see if i can see anything.

  17. Does anybody know where they will be filming tomorrow?! I don’t have school so I feel like it would be a good day to take a trip down and hopefully find Jennifer!

  18. Any update on where they will be tommorow? I think i am going to the set in canton if it is still there. let me know if u have any info asap please

    • They are setting up a large shoot behind the Hancock tower in the Back Bay. Wasn’t sure it was Abscam, but from my restaurant window I just saw a car carrier truck go by with a bunch of 70’s vintage taxis. Lots of trucks all in the Stuart St area just East of Coply Plaza.

  19. They’re filming in the Boston Copley today! Saw the catering trucks set up and black-out screens in one of the ballrooms.. as well as a very ’70’s cab sitting out on the side.

    • A lot of extras/unknowns walking around Trinity Place with 70s-style tuxedos on. Very exciting! Does anyone know if any of the more well-known actors will be around today?

  20. so exciting; I live very close to copley but I have a busy day.. I hope they will be there all week! if anyone finds out post it here!

  21. I read on here yesterday that they are filming at the Wang theatre. I live right down the street so I am going to see after class. I will post something later if I see anyone.

  22. Abscam Project is currently negotiating with the Town of Swampscott to film in a private home there in the next few weeks. Small town so shouldn’t be difficult to pinpoint exact location.

  23. Yes, they are filming at the wang theater. Just walked by and there are black sheets in front and lots of trailers near by. I work at TMC so I’m hoping ill get a sneak peak at B Cooper! YUM!

  24. There are yellow directional signs at the intersection of Staniford St and Cambridge St and that’s not near the Wang Center. the signs weren’t there yesterday.

  25. So I see from IMDB that Louis C.K. is in the cast for the David O. Russell flick. Has anyone seen any sign of him about town?

  26. Someone on Twitter just said TMNT is using Trucks as prod. name/signs, really hoping that’s not true because then I really have no idea what this set is, lol.

  27. Signs indicate that there may be a base camp at Stoneham Arena, and filming somewhere on Montvale Ave towards the Woburn end.

    I work next to Stoneham arena and the base camp sign is there.

  28. ” Will be shooting a scene at Anthony’s Pier 4 Cafe on 152 Humphrey St. Swamscott on Monday 4/8 from about 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., said Department of Public Works Director Gino Cresta. There will be police details at the corner of Redington Street and Humphrey Street, and at the corner of Blaney Street and Humphrey Street during the day. During the time of the shoot, the production’s vehicles and trailers will be parked in the gravel parking lot at Phillips Park.The production was planning a half-day shoot in Swampscott before moving over to Christie’s Restaurant in Lynn by the Nahant Rotary.”

  29. Anyone know what’s up with the #Abscam set in Lynn, MA? Is that just set up for later in week? Crews have been there for 2 days

  30. Schedule looks like they move shooting to Worcester tomorrow 4/10. Anyone know what comes after that? Are they pulling out of the Boston locations and hotels? Was hoping to catch a glimpse.

  31. Oh yea….there was also the papz outside of The Liberty for the passed few days on my walk to/from the Commons. But they could have been there for anyone. That seems to be the popular place for celebs.

  32. They are filming in Worcester, I would think tonight. They were putting up a movie sign with Richard Pryor on it on Main Street in Worcester. Right next to City Hall. I drove right by there as I live right outside of Worcester and I was in the area anyways. I drove by around 6:30pm.

      • It is the WCCA building that they were putting up the sign as well. I saw a previous post about the studio and this is where the sign was that had Richard Pryor on it. The sign read:

        Now Showing
        Richard Pryor
        Rated R

  33. Just came back from Worcester as I live 15 minutes away and decided to check it out again. They were not on Main Street tonight.

    They were filming tonight at Union Station in Worcester in Washington Square. I went there with my wife and we were across the street and a security guard told us we could not be there. They had the roads blocked off and there were alot of old cars. Saw alot of people outside that were dressed in 70’s attire.

    • I don’t think they’re filming over the weekends. Has anyone spotted Renner around Worcester or Boston over the weekend?

      • I saw Bradley Cooper at his hotel once a couple of weeks ago. He was talking to Cameron Crowe about a different movie. Right now on Imdb its just called “the untitled Cameron Crowe project” its going to be with Emma Stone.

  34. Bradley Cooper was here most of the morning around 446 Main Street as well as all of the extras. I was able to get some photos from my building of him but they’re not the greatest but was happy to get them just the same.

  35. I haven’t heard anything about him but should note I took photos of a guy who was getting his makeup done and not sure who it is as he was so far away and he had 70’s hair and long side burns that hides him some. When I get home to blow up the pics I’ll be able to see if it was him. My problem is that I was in a buidling and had to get my lousy shots through glass and distance. I am wondering who this guy was as he was getting makeup which means close ups.

  36. Anyone know how tall Renner is. This guy was short but I his eyes kind of look like Renner’s. It’s hard for me to know as he had lots of hair, side burns and a mustache!

  37. Anyone know where they were filming today? My thoughts and love to everyone caught up in and affected by the explosions xx

  38. they are back on Main St in Worcester today, not sure if that info made it here but according to a couple people they are there again thanks

    • Does anyone know if Renner’s on set in Worcester today? Just saw pics of Bale and Brad on twitter, so they’re on set today

  39. No sign of Renner but Bale was at 446 Main Street today shooting scenes from a supposed FBI headquarters. No pictures or sightings as security was tighter than yesterday.

    I do have photos from yesterday on my blog. I’m a dorky bird watcher and blog about them, but dedicated a whole post just to this as it was too cool not to. I have pictures of Cooper here too.


    • thanks! would it be ok if I reported a few of your pic with a link back to your website? thanks! also an ideas if its back on main st tomorrow?

  40. Feel free to Christine. Last I heard filming was done today, but based on how may takes they took yesterday I could be wrong. If I notice any activity while at work tomorrow I’ll post. What I do know is security was super tight today and not sure if it had anything to do with the Boston Marathon bombing.

  41. Some of those cars have been hanging out on Charles St and a bunch in the parking garage where I park my car (pehhhk meh cehhhhh?) Haha. Not because of filming, but because parking beelows. Even worse since the po-lice are everywhere.

  42. @Elliot Stockstad
    My cousin–ER doc at Boston Medical Center–texted that Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale stopped by today to visit bombing victims.

    • Everyone in Boston has been ordered to seek shelter and stay there. MBTA has shut down. Nothin is open. It’s a ghost town. Sooooooo PROBABLY NOT FILMING TODAY.

  43. Don’t know if they’ll be filming today. Boston and several surrounding cities and towns are in total lockdown, public transportation shut down totally on governor’s order, SWAT teams out in Watertown doing very close sweep. One suspect dead, another on the loose but they think he’s pinned in as of 7 this morning locally. Armed and very dangerous. I’d be surprised if movie crews and black SUVs full of actors were allowed out of the hotels.

  44. I’m sure filming will be canceled today, even if they are filming outside of Boston since transportation is limited – if anyone hears otherwise let u know, thanks!

  45. People, Boston is in a state of lockdown. I live in Fenway, miles from the suspect’s location, and my university instructed me to STAY INSIDE and lock my doors. That said, I doubt there will be filming or sightings today. I want everyone to stay safe – they will be back out eventually, but today isn’t the day.

    • Ya Maura. I’m over here in the West End across the street from MGH. Everything is closed. FBI and police are EVERYWHERE. Stay safe, girl!

  46. Apparently till the end of this week then they wrap up, according to a Worcester site. Im guessing Jennifer is done this project since she was seen in LA with new hair, and Jeremy Renner is supposed to be at the Iron Man 3 premiere tomorrow in LA so i wonder who’s still filming Abscam

  47. I believe they’re filming somewhere on Montvale Ave or in Woburn somewhere of Montvale ave. Their base camp is at the Stoneham Arena again, with signs pointing to untitled project down the street towards Woburn center.

  48. Apparently Renner was a no show at the Iron Man 3 premiere so im guessing hes still in Boston….i think shes done too Trevor it seems only the men are still filming..

  49. according to a twitter,”Just drove Batman’s trailer in Stoneham….he’s shootin a different movie tho #christianbale #nananannanana #batman”

  50. The Hollywood Kid ‏@MikeDiStasio
    ‘American Hustle’ being filmed in #Boston is pretty much done. A couple more days in boston, last exterior(s) on May 11th. #film
    Heard from a very reliable source that De Niro may be filming his scenes for #AmericanHustle in NY instead of #boston. Stay Tuned. #

  51. Kid Wild♛
    Yesterday I was working and a person came by with a “Film Notice” that they will have Christian Bale shooting American Hustle in Salem.

      • I live on Federal Street in Salem and was told we cannot park there because of filming today and possibly into the rest of this week. There was rigging and some spotlights outside today. They were putting stuff in last night, too. I called to ask about the parking situation, and someone at city hall said it was “white dog productions” filming.

  52. please when they supposed to filming in NY? and when the shooting will be done?cause bradley have to promote the hangover 3 soon..

  53. American Hustle” follows con man Irving Rosenfeld (Bale), who along with his equally cunning British partner and lover Sydney Prosser (Adams) is forced to work for wild, unhinged FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Cooper), according to the release.

    “DiMaso pushes them into a world of Jersey power brokers and mafia that’s as dangerous as it is enchanting,” the release said. “Renner is Carmine Polito, the passionate, volatile, New Jersey political operator caught between the con artists and Feds. Irving’s unpredictable wife, Rosalyn (Lawrence), could be the one to pull the thread that brings the entire world crashing down.”
    what da fuqq? well that sounds much better though!;) and J-Law and J-Renn are on set today in Salem! Yay!:D

    • I think this movie is actually based on a true story of a notorious, philandering con artist, ja? I think? Maybe? If my memory serves me well from back in the day!

      • Yes i think so, but they changed the names of all the characters and now we know what Jennifer’s will be doing lol

  54. They are shooting on Federal Street in Salem, Ma. all week, according to the residents who live on the street directly across from the old courthouse buildings. They are using all of the empty facilities there, and home base for the week is on Congress Street in Salem as well.

  55. Anyone know if they are back in Salem today? I had heard they would be there through tomorrow but just got an email they are already wrapped up there, any other news today? thanks!

    • We just got back from there, and there’s definitely filming still going on today. The word is from the residents, it will be ongoing until Friday.

    • They are at Federal Street again today according to some sightings and they are wrapping up this week in Boston according to the residents 🙂 Megan i have an easier question, how did he have his crazy hair styled? lol

    • Sounds like they will be back in Boston this week, just saw this casting call

      Seeking curvy women to work as extras in an upcoming movie set in the 70’s.

      You must be available Wednesday, May 8th, in order to be considered. The scene will shoot near Boston.

      • I live down the street from Liverpool, took some pictures (of the cars) and saw Bradley for a minute–he was in an older limo with some other people…but yeah, other than that–they wouldnt let anyone near.

        Christine–do you have a link to the casting call? how do you go about it?

    • I assume you mean Boston Casting, Christine? Is there an actual notice that I can pass along to those that might be interested? I can’t find anything on their website or facebook page.

  56. Someone in their database forwarded me an email if you register with them I’m sure you’ll get their info I know they rarely release anything on like Facebook or twitter

  57. Hi Christine,

    I’m actually on Fargo ST. Boston and there is nothing going on? Do you know where they are filming today?


  59. Hey guys,

    They are filming on Liverpool St. in East Boston today. There are about 10-20 cars form the 1970s parked on the street. Seems neat. They are filming inside though.

  60. So last night I tried checking out the set on Liverpool St. and they wouldn’t let anyone near the set. They filmed all of last night. Does anyone know where they are filming today?

  61. Like I mentioned they don’t make casting calls public, you would have to register with Boston Casting and then they’ll send you info.

  62. Anyone know where bradley is staying? I wanna see if I’m in the same hotel! And also where are they filming tomorrow?

  63. Wouldn’t Renner be going to Cannes May 15 for the showing of The Immigrant – moving he did with Joaquin Phoenix and Marion Cotillard ?

    • The Immigrant is showing on the 24 May in Cannes. I’m not sure if he’s actually attending as his part in the movie is quite small. Depends on when he finishes American Hustle as well, I guess

      • Actually, I was under the impression that his part is fairly large, since he’s part of the romantic/emotional triangle that’s at the center of the movie. Should he end up with an Oscar nomination for the role, though (not outside the realm of possibility, depending on how the movie does), I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up in the Supporting Actor category, but that’s more a matter of studio/production finagling to put someone in the category at which they’ve got the best shot; it happens all the time.

        We now return you to your regular programming… 🙂

  64. well bradley will be promote hangover 3 in LA premiere on may 20 and after he will be in europe (uk may 22,france may 25)so i think he will done soon with the shooting.

  65. They were filming car scenes in Boston today, Saturday. A cording to one of the traffic guys associated with the film, they should wrap on tuesday

  66. You have to go to the website for Boston Casting and set up a profile. You can do that for free and start receiving their emails. However, they had an open casting about 3 months back which my wife and I went to at their office in Braintree. My wife was an extra for the movie last Monday as they filmed a scene in Chelsea area. My wife said that all the stars were there. The shoot was 9.5 hours as it went from 10am to 7:45pm. She was one of about 14 extras that were there for the particular scene. Good luck!

  67. “Pretty sure I just walked by Christian Bale….And Bradley Cooper is filming by the Courthouse. Picked one hell of a time to walk home from work.” a tweet from NY


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