Despite the cold weather and long days, Tom Hardy takes time for his fans on the set of ‘Animal Rescue’

Tom Hardy deserves a celebrity gold star this week for being so generous and kind to his fans. Tom is currently wrapping up a second week of filming his new movie Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, NY and even though it’s been cold, and he’s been working very long days, he has still found the time to talk to most of the fans who’ve been waiting for him on set.

Several readers have told us that Tom has made a point to sign autographs and pose for photos, even if his security people urge him not to. @Sara__E said when she approached Tom for a photo from the opposite side of a gated lot he said “through the gate?” After explaining she wasn’t allowed inside, he replied, “True, I’ll come around!” and made the effort to meet her on the other side!

Check out more few photos of Tom on set with fans below. If you want to catch Tom filming this spring, be sure to follow our Daily Filming Locations and pick up a copy of our NYC Field Guide!

Thanks to @Sara_E, Michael, Jessica, @Amanda__Corbett, and @kimmysticks (in order) for sharing their awesome photos with us!



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