Tom Hanks is the nicest guy on Broadway

Tom Hanks has a reputation of being the nicest guy in Hollywood, and now he’s bringing that kindness to Broadway.

Currently, Hanks is making his Broadway debut in Nora Ephron’s Lucky Guy and, unlike other A-Listers who’ve recently hit the Great White Way (I’m looking at you Katie Holmes and Scarlett Johansson), Hanks has been taking time to talk to fans after each performance.

On Sunday one of our contributors, Denise, stopped by the Broadhurst Theatre where she spotted Hanks chatting with fans and wishing everyone a Happy Easter. She said he “even posed for pictures with a bunch of people.” But, not surprisingly, Hanks attracts a major crowd (complete with several NYPD officers for security) so, if you want a good spot outside the theater, it’s best to get there very early.

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  1. Jeremy Piven was the worst. After the performance I attended during his shorter-than-planned run of “Speed the Plow” he only signed programs for very young girls, who probably had no idea David Mamet was in the audience. They weren’t even pretty…just young.


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