New video: Tom Hanks takes time for fans in NYC

A couple of weeks ago we told you Tom Hanks has proven he is the nicest guy on Broadway, and here’s further proof!

Hanks is making his Broadway debut in Nora Ephron’s Lucky Guy and, unlike a lot of A-Listers on the Great White Way, he has is taking time to talk to fans after each performance.

Above is another video of Tom of taking photos for/with fans outside the Broadhurst Theatre, check it out!

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  1. We are going to be visiting NYC on vacation and we read your book to help prepare! We were wondering though, do you have to have a ticket to the show to stand in the area right outside the stage door like the people in the video or can anyone stand there?

  2. Hi MT thanks for buying the book, you won’t need a ticket to stand outside but they may let those with playbills to sign in the front of the crowd to get them signed. Hearing he signs a lot def. worth a try.

    • Thanks a lot for the info! Do you know where they go into the Broadhurst Theatre when they arrive? We didn’t know if we may have a better chance of getting an autograph when he arrives instead of when he leaves on something other than a Playbill. If so, how early do they usually get there before a show? Thanks!!

  3. they usually get there pretty early. I think getting there when they are leaving is the best bet. You’ll be able to find the doors pretty easily as I am sure they will have barricades outside.


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