‘White Collar’ season 5 begins filming in NYC on May 10

According to White Collar star Tim DeKay, the hit USA series will begin filming season five in New York City on May 10.

As for what fans can expect in season five, executive producer Jeff Eastin says “there’s a very good chance” season five will “pick up almost immediately after” the season four finale.

But, that doesn’t mean season five will be as intense as the last. “We did a heavily serialized season this year,” Eastin added. “You had to pay attention to every episode this year, and next year, I want to relax that a little bit. I want to have some episodes with Mozzie that can stand on their own, so if you missed an episode or two, you’re not lost in the mythology.”

Typically, White Collar films all summer, into early September, making it a perfect time of year for fan of the show to plan their very own on location vacation.

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  1. To whom it concerns;
    Obviously, I am quit impatiently wondering when the next season will actually begin. There has been a lot of misguided fallacies and obscure stories, which in turn lead to tales with hyperbole. Which is usually the case, when one person passes on ambiguous stories to another individual. Then as soon as that, it never seems to fail that everyone is sure about their misguided information. Which finally brings me to my point, if you want an answer always go to the source. Hopefully, this is a reliable source, so I could get my properly dated solution to my problem. When exactly is the next season of “White Collar”, due to air? If it is all the same to you, I would appreciate it. If perhaps, you could find the time to answer my little inquiry. Truly obliged for your time.
    Matthew J. Kreier


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