Video of Anne Hathaway, Bryan Cranston, Blake Lively & more Celebs in NYC

In our Field Guide to Celebrity Sighting: NYC we list The Ed Sullivan Theatre as one of the top 3 spots in NYC for celeb sightings, and the the video above is a perfect example why we’ve given it such a high ranking!

The Ed Sullivan Theatre is the home of The Late Show with David Letterman which means every afternoon celebs who are set to appear on Dave’s show stop and sign autographs for fans on their way in and the way of the studio.

One of our Twitter followers, @KenNg105, has obviously had great luck meeting celebs outside Letterman based on this video he shared with us recently. The video includes sightings of Anne Hathaway, Bryan Cranston, Blake Lively, Neil Patrick Harris, and many others.

To learn more about seeing celebrities at Letterman and find out what other locations top our list of the best celeb-spotting sites in New York City, pick up a copy of OLV’s Field Guide to Celebrity Sighting: NYC now!


  1. We were wondering what time do you recommend to get to The Ed Sullivan Theatre to get a good spot to possibly get an autograph from a big celebrity?

  2. Deoending on who it is around 3 pm- I know it costs a few dollars but our guide really does have all the info you will need to see celebs here or any venue you can pick it up at the link in the post…


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